Bolivar Borough Re-Organization Meeting and Regular Meeting
January 2, 2018

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Mayor Tom Pickup, Aaron Bouch, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson
Solicitor Jeff Miller arrived late.

Absent- None

Public Attendance - Bill Rigby, and Dan Short

Re-Organization Meeting conducted by Mayor Tom Pickup. Oath of office was conducted for Clark Baird, Aaron Bouch, Beth Thompson, new council members. All positions on Council were appointed.

President - Nomination made by Sue for Clark Baird to be President. No one 2nd motion. Nomination again was presented by Beth for Aaron Bouch to be President, 2nd by Ron. Sue and Clark response was No. Mayor broke tie by voting in favor of Aaron Bouch.

Vice-President - Aaron nominated Beth Thompson, Clark nominated Sue. Mayor stated out of order until first nomination vote was cast. Ron 2nd for Beth to be Vice President. Mayor again broke tie by voting for Beth.

Street Commissioner - Sue nominated Ron for position Clark 2nd. Ron declined. Ron nominated Bill Rigby. Clark stated needs to be Bolivar resident and he can’t be Street Commissioner and be your own boss. Mayor states he does have right to assign the position but would like to have a volunteer first before he does this.

No one wanted Assistant Street Commissioner position.

Solicitor - Clark nominated Jeffery, Aaron 2nd, everyone agreed.

Next position is Secretary/Treasurer - Beth nominated Patricia Betts, Clark 2nd, Ron abstained and everyone else approved.

Sewage Committee Representives - Mayor states 1 opening for Sewage Committee - Pat states she had it advertised because Ron's term expired last month. Ron had position for 8 years and wanted to quit. Currently Greg Hughes and Sue Bartow on board. Aaron stated he would do it. All in favor everyone agreed.

Bank -Sue nominated S & T Bank, Clark 2nd. All approved.

Auditor - Ron nominated Rennie & Associates - Aaron 2nd. All approved.

Insurance Company - Beth nominated FWF Insurance, Ron 2nd all approved.

Vacancy Board - Ron volunteered - Aaron 2nd, all approved.

Engineer - Leave open

EMC/EMS - It was agreed that B.J. Brett was to remain in position

Tax Collector Committee - Jessica Betts Elected for position and Back up was appointed to Patricia Betts, Clark nominated and Sue 2nd, All agreed.

Jeffery arrived - and was asked the question whether you could vote for yourself or not. Jeffery stated all positions were non paying so anyone could vote for themselves.

Position for President was redone - Sue nominated Clark for President and Clark 2nd - no other votes. Position remained for Aaron

Vice President was again presented - Clark nominated Sue, and Sue 2nd, no other votes. Position remained for Beth to be Vice President.

Aaron stepped up to volunteer to oversee Street Commissioner position until someone takes the position. Pat to post for the position.
Clark nominated to close the meeting, Ron 2nd. All approved. Meeting adjourned.

Regular Meeting Minutes:

Aaron- opened the regular meeting by doing the Pledge of Allegiance.
Sue presented Jeffery's last bill to him for question on one of his charges.
Jeffery informed Pat to contact his office and inform his Secretary to issue a credit of $120.00 from his last bill. It was over charged in error.
Approval of December meeting minutes were presented - Ron motion to approve, Clark 2nd.  All approved.

December Treasurer report was presented. Clark question what the voided check was. Pat explained that the voided check number was the check that was voided- she messed up when writing it so had to void it. Beth motioned to approve, Clark 2nd, all approved.

Re-approved 2018 Budget or make changes (within 30 days) - Clark motioned to Approve, Beth 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery received noticed that the litigation with MJ construction is on track for a hearing date but he does not have the date yet.

Public Comment - Bill Rigby stated he needed surgery and a backup plan needed to be put into place for someone to take over for him during this time frame in case of snow.
Aaron asked for a pending date when this was to happen. Aaron stated "is this is an ASAP request". Also need a new battery charger. Skid steer will not start without it. Currently using Ron's because the other one down there has wires cut off. Ron fixed the cord but when tested found out the
transformer was burnt out. Clark made motion to spend no more than $50. Beth 2nd. All approved.

Old Business:
2018 Sunshine Notice dates. Everyone reviewed and agreed upon for Pat to post and advertise.

Monthly schedule for Borough worker - Bill set up projected dates throughout the year for what needed to be done in town so all council is aware of what has to be done.

Jeffery stated according to Municipalities Authority Board it says Ron is still on until Council appoints a new person. Ron said he can keep attending until a new person is found. Aaron said he would do it temporarily. Clark motions for Aaron to take position and Beth 2nd's until a permanent person agrees to position.

Next, Insurance request from Fire Dept. They responded to our letter back to them and now wishes after reviewing the information, they would like the insurance to remain the same and wanted to know if they could respond directly to FWF when they had questions on their vehicles or to make changes to the policy. Decision by council was they still needed to come to council when decisions or changes need to be made with insurance since we are paying the insurance.

New Business
Next meeting February 1 at 7 PM

Transfer of funds to payroll account and Parks & Rec Account -
Pat requested $22,700 to go to payroll account for wages, $2500 go to Parks & Rec account as stated in the Ordinance for Parks, and also suggested the engineer fees of $9,212.00 go into the Capital reserve fund to be used solely for engineer fees. Remaining balance of $11,113 to stay in General account until revenue starts to come in March. Sue requested to change the Capital reserve fund name to engineer fee account. Sue motion to transfer funds to the designated accounts, Clark 2nd, All approved.

Next 2 CD's up for renewal. On Treasurer report CD #4 and Cd #5 will mature on January 5th. Both accounts were the fast track promotion. If not renewed interest will drop down to .35 %. instead of 2%. If we change to new CD's we have a 24 month straight flat fee of 1.75%.
Sue motions to renew CD's at 1.75% for 24 months. Beth 2nd. All approved.

Next, Executive session called at 7:30 by Beth
Executive session came back at 7:45 pm. Aaron motioned to raise Pat's wages from $375. to $400 by weekly, Sue 2nd. Ron abstained and everyone
else approved.
On Bill's wages no action was taken at this time.

Council members to go on bank account - Pat stated currently we have Amy, Sue and myself. Amy is coming off and we need another person to go on. Aaron makes a motion to have President of council to go on checking accounts. Beth 2nd. All approved.

Next- Sewage report - no meeting as of yet.

Mayor report - none

Pat to read Police Report - Total incidents 5 - total arrests 0 - Accidents 0- parking tickets 0 - non traffic- citations 0 - traffic citations 3- written warnings 11- traffic stops 12- non-traffic ordinance citations 0 -
Assists - PSP 0 - St Clair Twp 0- Seward Boro 0- Fire Dept 0- EMS 2- Ligonier TWP 0 - Ligonier Boro 0
Mileage - Beginning 12553, Ending 12831 - total 278 gas 47 gallons, hours worked 72

Street Commissioner Report; Bill stated he to pickup parts tomorrow for spinner, the parts are in.

Parks & Rec. report - Beth reported the Santa and Sleigh rides were awesome. Pat said we had 46 Santa letters, 35 treats for the elderly and shut ins, and we collected $275.00 from the sleigh rides. Beth said Misty Haven is coming back again for the hayrides. The sleigh held 12 people for each trip.
Beth stated we are looking to have a dance the 3rd week in February.

No other business. Motion to adjourn done by Sue, Clark 2nds. Time 7:55 PM. Meeting adjourned.


Patricia Betts