January 17 2018
Parks Regular

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Beth Thompson, Ben West, Pat Betts

Absent- Melissa Miller, Aaron Bouch

Public Attendance
Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Pam and Joe St Clair.

Meeting called to order at 7:10 PM. First item to discuss is appointment of another officer for voting purposes when other board members cannot attend.
Motion made by Ben to appoint Ron as an officer on the board, and Beth 2nd. Motion approved. Ron Betts accepted position for a term of 1 year.

It was suggested to make the meetings every other month instead of monthly. Pat said we can leave the sunshine notice as is, in case we have to have a meeting in the interim.

Approval of December minutes was made by Pat and Ben 2nd. All in favor. Motion passed

Approval of Treasurer Report made by Ben, Beth 2nd, all approved. Motion passed

Public comment. Joe St Clair commented on the past months parks events. He thought what the committee is doing is a fantastic job. He see's people from surrounding areas, New Florence, Robinson, West Bolivar, and so forth coming to the events and are glad Bolivar includes them.
If we can get people to come out with the weather we are currently having then we should have a bang up summer. Joe also suggested to put parks in the" Yinzer" magazine for good publicity.

Sue wanted to know how the Boat Docking Grant was submitted. Was it through the Parks, Borough, or through EIP? Pat explained it was through EIP.

Beth stated parks can do as a joint venture with the Borough. We can also apply for additional grants through other foundations.

Update on December events: We sent 42 letters to Santa, 84 bags of goodies for kids, and 35 bags of cookies for the elderly and shut-in's. Pam also updated that she has already purchased items for next year while Christmas items were on sale. Pat asked both Beth and Ben if they were going to submit the cost of their items to the parks and both said no it was a donation. Ben paid for the film and Beth paid for the ornament for prize winner of home decorating contest.

Next agenda item. CPR training is taking place on February 10th at 1 PM at the Borough Building. Beth spoke to Tim to verify he is still doing the training. Cost will be $25.00 a person, and funds going to "American Heart Association.”

Next agenda item. Beth said the dance for February did not get a lot of response. She suggested we put off until sometime in March.

Pat suggested we need to start thinking of events at Burkey Park. Need to look into bands for concerts. Ron suggested to check into CoStars to see if they have bands in their program.

Next agenda item: Broken park bench update. Ron said he fixed the broken bench that the Borough worker hit with mower. Ron will put back in the spring

New Business. Next meeting February 21, 7 PM

Petting Zoo. Update. Pam needs to contact people for May event. Put down at Lamantia property behind old Fire Department. We to get Legion and Fire department to also sell items.
Holding concert at park that evening as well. Pam to hit up Babe for the cost of the Petting Zoo.

Ron brought up the concern of the wood at the stage from woodpeckers. They are putting huge holes in the poles and need to be fixed. Woodpeckers are looking for the black wood bugs inside the posts. The posts involved are load bearing posts. Beth suggested to notify IRMC also to see if they would help with the maintenance cost of the stage for the repairs.
It was agreed that if Ron could fix it then go ahead. Beth to contact Steve Wolfe, CEO at IRMC to see if they would be willing to help with the cost.

Next agenda item: Easter egg event is out because the fire department does this every year. We don't want to step on Fire Department toes.  Let's let them continue.
Ron asked the opinion of board about putting a barbeque pit up at the park. Question was asked who will maintain it? Where to put charcoal when done? How about water up at the area?  Discussion on this to continue next month.

Beth asked if any other business to discuss?

Motion to adjourn 8 PM made by Pat 2nd by Ben. Motion passed. All approved.

Patricia Betts