January 18,2024

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Brittany Miller, President at 7:30 PM

Present:  Brittany Miller, Melissa Miller, Jessica Betts, Ron Betts, Larry Lute

Absent:  Brittany Hughes, Everett Saxton

Public Attendance:  none

Re-Organization meeting positions.

Melissa motions to keep all position the same, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Brittany Miller- President term expires 12-31-2027

Brittany Hughes V-President term expires 12-31-2024

Melissa Miller- board member term expires 12-31- 2025

Jessica Betts - board member term expires 12-31- 2023

Ron Betts- board member term expires 12-31-2026

Pat Betts - appointed Secretary. / Treasurer

Motion made by Mellissa, 2nd by Brittany to recommend reappointment of Jessica for her new term of 5 years. All in favor motion passed.

Mellissa to check with Jeffery on the term period.  She seems to think it should be now a 5 year period and not a 1 year period.   

Approval of Dec meeting minutes.

Motion made to approve Dec minutes made by Brittany, 2nd by Jessica, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of treasurer report for December

Mellissa question why the $84 transaction was put on treasurer report twice.  Pat said she had not realized she logged it twice but the grand totals are still correct.  Will remove the 2nd transaction from the report. 

Brittany asked what the bottom line was.  Pat said as of today the check book has $7,673.87 and project fund has $30,518.24.  Pat has not transferred the 4 sponsorship figures over yet. When this happens we will have $6,473.87 in checkbook.  The bands need to get squared away so the sponsorship funds can be linked to the event.

Discussion was made on a sponsorship fee this year that Mellissa could not get last year. 

Was glad we received the large amount from them. 

Pat said the donation from the Methodist Church, the proceeds from the gun bash, and proceeds from BricKfest are not assigned to anything as of yet. 

Motion made to approve treasurer report made by Jessica, 2nd by Brittany Miller, all in favor motion passed.

End of year Report

Pat gave everyone the profit and loss report for the entire year of 2023 for everyone to review. 

Everything that was taken in and gone out is showing on the report. 

Old Business

Update on any grants:

Brittany said we did not get the Robert Shaw grant.  Pat gave Brittany the letter from them.  They did state we should apply again for the next quarter.    They said the project is very worthwhile and we should apply before June 1 deadline. 

Pat gave Brittany an email for a DCNR grant that just came in. 

Brittany is still awaiting on the 3rd bid for the upper park thru the Wagner Foundation.  They will match half the fee. 

Mellissa suggested to name the basketball court after Andy Pohach.  Mellissa asked Jean Pohach if that was ok to do.   

  Brittany said it is cheaper to do concrete instead of asphalt.  If rest of you approve we could outline the court with bricks commemorating important people from town.  We could sell the bricks for $40 we need approximately 180 bricks to go around the court.  The bricks would go into the concrete so they could be done the same time the court was being done.  The bricks for engraving and shipping cost

would be $19. The remaining proceeds will go into new hoops and benches around the upper park. 

Also put up a memorial in memory of Andy Pohach.  We should try to start selling them as soon as possible so we can have the court completed by Memorial Day weekend. 

Mellissa said she will go to council meeting February 1 and let council know what we are looking to do. 

Brittany will do up a flyer so we could start selling right after the council meeting. 

Update on the steps beside the slide.

Is was supposed to be started this past weekend but the weather did not corporate.    His price went down some. The new quote was $4310.  He would rather work while the ground is frozen so not as much damage is done to the hillside. 

Update on 2024 events.

Mellissa asked what bands are needed.  Pat said we need a May and June band.  July band is Krazy Kat Daddies, and August Brickfest is done.  Pat also said to Mellissa that she was going to try to get Anything Goes Band and possible K-4 Band. 

Mellissa stated that K-4 is expensive. Their price has gone way up.  Milestone has called several times and would like to come back. 

Is was suggested to try to get "Long Road Home" for the May concert.  Pat to contract them for availability. 

Melissa will try to get June 23 band.  Mellissa has 50% off shutter fly to put in order for events this year. 

Mellissa wants to know if everyone wants to do a Basket party on March 9th with the Cemetery and also a ticket to go off the same time.  We split the profits.  Mellissa said no one is doing a lottery ticket at this time.  Jessica said the Auxiliary is doing one. 

Discussion on the time frame - We could do over Easter Sunday / April 1st.  We should try to do a $10 ticket. 

Discussion was made on where to hold the Basket Party.  Possibly the new FAVOR location, (Methodist Church) or the Legion. 

At the church not sure if they have a kitchen and whether the rooms are large enough to hold a party.

Discussed on when the New Florence Library is to have their party.  That is a very large event.  Mellissa to check on the date. 

Pat said we should have enough tickets left over from Brickfest to use for the basket party.  Just need to redo the label on the back of ticket stubs. 

The ticket let's say goes off April 1st.  Will get together with Pat on Tuesday to finalize what goes on the ticket.  Decision was to do 500 tickets @ $10

New Business:

Comedy Night

This is out for this year.  Just don't think we have time to pull it off with the other things currently going on.

The possibility of having a circus:

The company Mellissa had been in contact with just doesn't seem to want to get back to her.  Apparently they don't go any farther than Bedford. 

We could put a message on Facebook to see if anyone knows of a circus that would come here.

Sponsorship letters

Pat said she sent out 52 letters for sponsors, received 4 back so far with funding and 2 returned for wrong address for business. 

Vendor Letters

Pat sent out 22 email and 30 letters for potential vendors for Brickfest this year. 

Also emailed Brittany Hughes to get her alcohol vendors so their letters could go out.

Any other Business?

We need to get a sponsorship board that we can slide in and out the sponsor names.  Mellissa will call Richland Plastics on the cost. 

Ms McCrae wanted a vision of what we would like to do at the upper playground.  Technically we have enough money in our account to finish off the playground.   So my point of this is we need to go through and order the playground in memory of the Church. What does everyone else think?  If we purchased everything right now we would still have around $11,000 to start off the year.  The lowest bid right now is $14,000.  We would only need to put in $7,000 and the Wagner Foundation will put in $7,000.  Brittany showed everyone what new items will go up. 

Brittany motions to adjourn, Jess 2nd, motion at 8:45 PM


Patricia Betts