January 20
​​​​​​​Parks Minutes

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Aaron Bouch, President at 7 PM
Present: Brittney Miller, Michelle Bouch, Ron Betts, Aaron Bouch, Pat Betts
Absent: Melissa Miller
Public Attendance: None

Approval of November meeting minutes.
Motion made to approvel November minutes made by Michelle, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passes.

Approval of treasurer report for November and December

Motion made to approve treasurer reports made by Michelle, 2nd by Brittney, all in favor motion passed.

Re-Organization meeting positions.
Ron motions to keep all positions the same, 2nd by Brittney, all in favor motion passed.

Aaron- President term expires Dec 2022
Michelle - V President term expires 2024
Melissa - board member term expires 2025
Brittney - board member term expires 2023
Ron - board member term expires 2026

Old Business
2022 Entertainment schedule
Pat stated most of the 2022 schedule was made during the last meeting. Craft vendors start up time needs to be discussed. Time will be from 10 AM to 5 PM. Can start set up around 7:30 to 8:00 AM

Aaron said he talked to fire dept on the vendor booths at the fire dept for October . No-one will give an answer so Aaron said he will talk to Brian and get back to us this upcoming week.

Sponsorship letters
Melissa did not get done, so Pat gave a sample of a revision letter to Sponsors. If all is ok then will print around 50 for Melissa. Pat to correct a misspelled word. Input from others. Discussed and letter is acceptable. Pat said last year we collected over $4,000 that covered the majority of all our events.

Rippy Party update.

Aaron said apparently they are going. We have sold some. Pat said we have quite a few people selling but haven't had any turned in yet. Aaron said if we don't sell them all then we will sell at the door. It's all profit either way.

Discussion on other organizations and how they hold such successful events. Aaron said if we can get 30 or 40 people in the door then it will be a success.
Ticket sales are just to know how much food to get.

Food Items - Hot Dogs, Burgers in sauce, Mac & Cheese, cookies , cakes, and chips, pretzels, fruit punch, coffee, water. or beer cans from Legion. Aaron said he will talk to Lucetta. She usually will make cakes and cookies.
We look at the tickets a week before so we know how much food to get.

New Business
Pat said she talked to Kathleen and she has had to raise the cost of pizzas. She is selling to us for $11 and we can make $3 this year. People will still save $3 per pizza. Kathleen is selling our pizza for $17.00 this year.
Pat also said to look at profit and loss report for 2021. We did quite well this year. We made $534.00

Hometown Hero Program we made $130.77 and Legion made $130.77
Sponsorship we made $4,925.00
Vendors from Brickfest $510.00
Car show proceeds $165.00
Donations $3,231.54
Food Sales $2.,749.42
Food Expenses $1,222.73
Misc expenses $16,193.67
Upper park lighting $-207.94
Basket giveaway $2,487.00
Bouncy house $450.00
Dunking Booth $255.00

Aaron said the car show needs to get out early. He will make a flyer and anything with wheels can participate. We will classify when they register. We can set registration fee at $10 We can block the entire park off for parking for car show. He will hit poker runs, car shows that start up in March.

Misc expenses also includes the $5000 on hold for electric upgrades at upper park and $1920 from Legion not designated yet for a project. The remainder in project fund is from movie money.

Petty zoo update
Pat said Melissa did not do anything with the Petting Zoo lady. She was waiting on Ron to make a decision. I told her Ron said it was ok so she said she will get the petting zoo for 3 hours for $500

Grant Progress
Brittney said she and Myers have sat through the DCNR grant classes and is very time consuming. They are looking more toward Ligonier Endowment Grant. Brittney needs some information from me.

Aaron talked about the Community for the Allegany Grant. Aaron to get the information from Lee on it.  
Aaron also said the Fire Dept gets one from Scott Electric. They give us a grant every year for the fire hall.  He will also check with Lee about this grant too.

Sunshine Notice for Parks.
Pat gave the notice for upcoming meetings for the year so she can post.

Vendor price for 2022 Brickfest
Discussion was made on the cost and was decided that w/o electric will be $30 and with electric $40.00

Brittney asked if Fairfield Boy Scouts ever come down for Brickfest? Was told they were asked but never has come. The vendors liked this past year having their vehicles beside their booths rather than having to move the cars to another location.

Michelle asked how the basket raffle went this past year. Brittney said the issue we had was the hill for the older people. If we moved the basket area then the people would not be able to get to food . If we can figure a way to get the basket s and food closer together so the elderly doesn't have to walk up and down the hills that would be great.

Pat to get Aaron a list of the estimate from Beaufort's for the upgrades and he to give to Scott Electric.

Any other business to discuss?
Next meeting date March 17, 7 PM

Motion to close made by Aaron 2nd by Michelle, all in favor motion to adjourn at 7:50 PM


Patricia Betts