January 11, 2022

Special Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin 7 PM
Attendance, Keith, Ron, Lou, Sue, Gladine
Absent - Jeffery, and Clark
Public - Zach Burtop and Sheri Burtop, Cassandra Lester came late.

Appointment of Tax Collector. Zach Burtop presented the documents for Cassandra to Council as she was running late from work.
Pat reviewed to ensure all necessary documents were presented. She informed council all documents were there.
Pat asked Zach if Cassie was going to be able to make the meeting. Still need w-4 from her to put into payroll.
Lou motioned to appoint Cassandra Lester as tax collector, 2nd by Sue all in favor motion passed.

Motion to have Sheri Burtop as backup tax collector committee member made by Lou 2nd by Sue all in favor motion passed.

Time clock repair. - Pat said she took time clock to Mr. Newhouse. He looked at it and took apart the hands and reset the hour hand so it would not rub the minute hand. No charge for us. Mr. Newhouse said the hour hand sometimes pops up and catches onto the minute hand and make it seem like the time is not moving at all. The minute hand drags the hour hand until it releases.

Wex card information.
Keith said after review of the information on the card he sees no fees involved with getting the card. Pat said we have no monthly charge of $4. because we are a municipality. Also we do not pay the $2 fee for monthly reports. We also because we are part of co-stars we get 15% off the top of fuel and no taxes on the fuel as well as an additional .24 cents per gallon for fuel usage. Pat said she did have a question for the type of card council would like to have.

Options are:
Fuel only
Fuel with service - such as an oil change
fuel with fluids and road service - towing is through National Auto Club- free to us since we are government agency - fluids- such as windshield washer, oil, brake fluid, and anything else that comes as a liquid we may need.
Fuel with just road service

Lou asked what gas stations take the wex card. All the service stations are listed which is all stations we have, Griffins, Sheets, Exxon, Sunoco, are just a few. The list is over 50 different stations. It was also suggested by Gladine to get 2 cards.

Discussion by council agreed to go with duel, fluids and road service. Motion made by Gladine 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed.

New contract for Auditing.
Pat handed everyone a copy of a new contract which council discussed the costs involved for the next three years. Sue asked what was budget for the auditor. Pat said we budget each year the cost of auditing. Keith motions to accept Singer Accounting as auditor, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed.

Power washer information.

Ron said Lowes has a craftsman 2100 PSI cold water pressure washer, comes with 4 nozzles, including a turbo nozzle. 35 feet of cord, uses 1.2 gallons per minute of water 1/4 inch hoses, 10 in wheels.
3 year warranty for $199.00
Harbor Freight has a Bauer 2000 PSI, pressure washer, comes with 4 nozzles 10 inch wheels, 25 feet of hose, 35 foot power cord.
90 day warranty $199.99
Lou says the one from Lowes would be a better deal.
Keith motions to get from Lowes, Gladine 2nd to be from Lowes, all in favor motion passed.

CD rates:
Pat got CD rates from both banks S & T Bank has .0145 % for 12 month penalty free
Somerset Bank is 0.25 % for 13 month penalty free.
Sue question both percentage rates. Current rate from S & T was .0195 from last year and went down
Somerset also went down from Somerset.
Pat said we only made $7.59 for the entire year.
Sue motions to switch S & T 12 month CD and move to Somerset Bank of 0.25 %. Lou 2nd all in favor motion passed.

Also have a bill from Cassandra for $200 for tax collection certification. Council usually paid for the Certification fee. Lou motions to pay the $200, Sue 2nd motion, all in favor motion passed.

Sue asked if that includes the background check. Pat said council has never paid the background check fee. Gladine said we are not supposed to pay. The book said tax collector is self employed and pays for their own classes.

Pat asked Zach if he brought his keys to turn in.
Zach mentioned we need to have a letter from council saying Jessica comes off and Cassandra goes on the account. Pat said nothing can be done until the Auditor audits the books. Jess needs access to the account reports for the audit.

Sue questioned why Somerset Bank would be taking the check being made from our Checking Account and not the Tax Collector account. Pat explained the funds in the tax collector account is funds for the borough, county, and school. No costs can come from that account.

No other business to discuss. Keith motions to adjourn 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed at 7:30 PM.

Patricia Betts