This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Beth Thompson,

Jeffery Miller- Solicitor
Absent - Brinton Scribe, Street commissioner, Mayor Tom Pickup,

Council President Aaron Bouch
Gen Public - Dan Short Jr, Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft, Melissa Miller

Meeting called to order 7PM by Beth Thompson

Approval of Re-Organizational & Regular Meeting Minutes were made by Ron, Sue 2nd. Motion carried. All approved.
Approval of January 20th Special Meeting Minutes were made by Sue, Clark 2nd. Motion carried. All approved.
Approval of January 27 Special Meeting Minutes were made by Sue and 2nd by Beth. Motion carried. All approved.

Clark questioned the bill from Hughes Excavating and wanted to know who approved payment. Pat stated she received approval from Rick Skovensky, Liquid Fuels Rep to pay with Liquid Fuels since the Mayor had declared an emergency in town? Clark stated all bills needs to be approved by council before paying. Pat apologized for the payment in advance and explained she thought only needed to be approved by Liquid fuels Rep to get paid. Clark then motioned to approve January Treasurer Report. Beth 2nd. All approved

Solicitor Report. Jeffery stated nothing new on the litigation case with MJ Construction as of yet.

Public Comment:
Dan Short had nothing to say.
Melissa Miller questioned if Bolivar Borough was doing the summer program again this upcoming summer by the YMCA. She wanted to know if Bolivar was going to ask Robinson, and West Bolivar residents if they were going to also participate. Sue questioned whether we got reimbursed last year for the

1 week we did not do. Melissa said it was only $52.00 and we were the only Borough that ask for possible refund.
Melissa not sure what the cost will be this year. She will find out. Pat stated Bolivar had approx 16 children attending this past year. Melissa also said we have more children in town now.
Times will be the same, 6 weeks - 3 times a week starting in mid- June and ending August.
Last year cost was $1,000. Council approved for Melissa to get started on the summer project with the YMCA again.

Next agenda item: Greg Hughes hired as of January 30th. Ron stated he needs to make a motion to retro- active the emergency meeting from January 27 for the hiring of Greg Hughes. Sue 2nd motion. All approved. Motion carried.

Update on parks grants. Two additional grants came in for recreation grant. Pat and Ron are going to the meeting on the Revitalizing Westmoreland County grant. We also received grant paperwork from DCNR and considered on applying for this grant. Ron mentions the rails for trails, Jeffery said the property is privately owned. One owner is Cecilia Sisitki, and the other is Florence Mining. Council would have to obtain permission from the private owners.

CPR Training Class is next on agenda. - Beth stated she has 23 people signed up for this. Beth also stated the use of the Legion is given to us for free. Ron suggested to council to have the Borough workers go to class. After discussion by council, Sue motions to pay for CPR training fee of $25.00 each, but the time spent in the class council will not pay wages for. Clark 2nds. All approved.

New Business: Next meeting March 1, 2017 7 PM.

Auditing of 2017 Books is completed. Pat awaiting for Mr. Tim Rennie, CPA to finalize the necessary documents and then pay. Audit of the books for workers comp to be completed on Tuesday February 6th.

Resolutions 2018-1 and 2018-2- destruction of old records needs approved by council. Beth read all items that need to be destroyed. Council reviewed, Sue motioned to approve and Ron 2nd's. All approved. Motion carried.
Next agenda item. Invoice for police coverage for December. Beth also wanted to discuss the destruction of a tire on the cruiser. Officer Chilcote hit the hole alongside Lear street and blew out the tire. Sue motioned to get 1 possible 2 tires at Lamantia's for not more than $300.00 total. Clark 2nd. All approved. Motion Carried.  Once we get the size then they can be ordered and put on. After extensive discussion by council, Sue said we needed the 911 reports because of several discrepancies in the December Report. Sue stated council was told to go through the Mayor to get the 911 report. We want to be cautious about payment of a bill without the 911 report to back up time. After being burnt in the past, she as a council member would like to have documents to back up their time. Jeffery said to complete a "Right to 
Know Request" for the report, or write to New Florence on our concern. Explain to them our interest in understanding the report since we have a communication problem existing where our Mayor is not responsive to our concerns. Also Council would like to have the police officer attend our monthly meeting's so any questions we may have can be answered at that time.
Beth motions to pay invoice for police, Clark 2nds. Sue opposes payment until we receive the 911 report. Motion passed.

Westmoreland Borough Association sent a request for attendance to April 27th meeting. Council decided not to go.

Peoples gas to start work on replacing gas lines phase 1- McKinley Street from 4th to Second, and up Third and 4th Street to Walnut. Their permit is costing $3202.50. Map on their work is available for viewing at Borough office. Jeffery suggested the Borough worker pay attention to the repairs to ensure proper drainage will be done.

Letters: PSAB has sent us a beautiful clock to display for being involved with not only training classes, but also an active member of the Association.

Sewage Report: Rates going up. $35. across the board. No more $15 and $20 fees.

Mayor Report: none at this time given.

Police Report was dropped off for January:
Total Incidents 5 PSP 0
Total Arrests 1 (DUI) St Clair Twp 0
Total Accidents 0 Seward Boro 0
Total Parking Tickets 0 Fire Dept 0
Non-Traffic Citations 0 EMS 0
Written Warnings 6 Ligonier TWP 0
Traffic Stops 5 Sheriff Dept 0
Mileage - Beginning 12831 Ending 13081 Total 250
Fuel - 28.9 gallons
Hours 56

Street Commissioner Report: none

Parks & Recreation Report: CPR Training on February 10th

Other business: Sue brought up request by Randy living at 4th & Washington to have a hopper to sit along- side street for renovations.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:10 PM by Ron. 2nd by Sue. Motion carried. All approved.


Patricia Betts