FEBRUARY 6, 2020


This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Clark Baird, Council President at 7 PM.
Present: Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Gladine McMaster
Absent: Mayor Tom Pickup, Solicitor Jeff Miller
Public Attendance: Keith Vasas- CME Mgmt., Calin Gropp, Alex Ashcroft- Ligonier Echo

Approval January re-organization meeting minutes. Motion to approve made by Sue 2nd by Lou. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval of January Regular Meeting minutes. Motion made to approve made by Sue, 2nd by Clark. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer Report – Motion to approve made by Lou, 2nd by Sue. All in favor, motion carried.

Special Guest – Keith Vasas, CME Management- Storm Water Project
Keith had 18 e-mails from DCED asking questions. He said that is good sign. He also said the easements they were looking for is now also done, another good sign. Moving our two grants to the board in July for possible funding.

Project 1 – Small Water Grant - $498,425. Keith submitted for $500,000. Sue wanted to know if we could use our current CDBG funds toward our portion of match for the project.  Keith to check with County to see if we can use the current approved CDBG funds towards our portion of the project. Keith is requesting Pat to send the proof of the CDBG funds for 2019 on the storm water inlets and also the 2020 CDBG storm drain inlets which is being requested.

Project 2- 85-15%-$423,661 & $847,000 H2O grant – maybe. There is also a CDBG state competitive grant we can apply for. Council Ok’d Keith to submit for this grant. Keith recommends we take the time to call Senator Ward’s office on the importance of the project. Ron motioned to spend up to $3000 for Keith to do the paperwork on this, Clark 2nd. All in favor motion carried.

Old Business
Update on cell phone service: Tillson Corp received notice that AT & T is

not interested. Tilson is reaching out to alternative interest service providers who serve more rural areas to see if they could provide towers.

Solicitor report: Pat read a memo from Jeffery. He stated HMI Lumber will probably be providing the Borough with a road bond for travel over Lincoln Street. If HMI determines they can travel Lincoln Street out of town then they will provide a road bond of $5625.00. This amount calculated based on the
PennDot approved rate of $12,500, per mile and Lincoln Street is roughly .45 miles for the entire distance based on Westmoreland GIS mapping. If they determine that they will travel Graveyard out of town then no bond will be provided because they will not be traveling Borough Roads. We will need to
take lots of photos of Lincoln Street in case the logging company decides to use that road.

Update on Comcast Contract. - Contract is ready to be signed. Jeffery has reviewed and sent revised contract for us to decide on.

Amendment to Street Opening Ordinance. Lou dropped off the papers from PennDot and Pat has sent to Jeffery for revision. He will work on the Ordinance as he is able.

Update on Amendment to Street Opening Ordinance of 2018. Lou has the plan but left it at his brother’s house. He will bring later.

Update on ATM machine. Pat said the ATM machine is now operational. Somerset Trust completed the project this afternoon. Lou asked how much it would cost to use. Pat said if you do not have a Somerset Trust bank account it would cost $3.00.

Update on 2019 CDBG Funding. Mr. Prisk from McCormick Taylor said the cost estimate exceeded the grant funding amount. Now the cost estimate (with contingency) is coming in approx. $3,000 under the Grant amount of $65,232. He would like to know if we want them to extend the sidewalk a little further back on Washington & Eight Street and/ or extend curb repairs in some locations to make the most of the funds. If we are good with the plans we will move forward with the request for Federal wage information from the County and assemble the Project Manual for bid.  
Council decided to use the extra money to do curb repairs. Discussing 4th & Lincoln and 8th & McKinley
definitely then fix whatever areas they decide.

Update on Stump Farm Harvesting: Pat said we got our 2nd check from HMI, the harvesting company of $24,000. Will receive another $24,000 1st of April and 1st of June when half way done. Pat was told they would be starting within a week or two. 

Sue motions we take another CD out for $5,000 from the logging fund. Lou 2nd. Sue suggested to take which ever location has a better rate either Somerset Trust or S & T Bank and also a shorter time frame for their CD. Lou 2nd, all in favor motion carried.

Clark said he talked to Diane and she said she would get rid of the car parked on the street.  Lou said the green car is still sitting there. Nothing else under old business.  No other old business at this time.

New Business: Next meeting will be held February 6th ad 7 PM

2018 Edition of the Borough Code is available for $12.00. If anyone interested in purchasing please see Pat and give $12.00 for your book.

Grant for lower- park. Pat said she applied for a grant through the Pittsburgh Foundation under the Wagner funding. We were approved for $4700 and still need another $4700. This will cover the security cameras, and lighting. Pat wanted to know if the Borough will come up with the additional $4700 to
cover this project. We have had the citizens in town complaining of the drug dealings going on all hours of night. This project will hopefully stop the selling of drugs in that area. Pat explained where the cameras and lights will be located. Pat will then be able to monitor the camera’s from the office computer 24 hours a day. After discussion Clark motions to cover the additional $4700 for the camera’s and lighting from the General Account, Gladine 2nds. Lou approved, Ron approved, Sue opposes. Motion passed.

American Forest Consultants - Mr. Ostheim with American Forests is in charge of the Estate of Louis Emanual Property. He sent the Borough a letter asking if we wanted to purchase 8 Acres of the property next to ours at Stump Farm.  He is asking $30,000. Mr. Malloy our Forest contractor for the Stump Farm said it was not worth that amount since the trees have been cut completely down to the ground. Even $10,000 was asking too much. Several other people were offering $10,000, $15,000 and $20,000. He also said the
way it was cut up there we would not even be able to do any cutting for over 20 years. Council said not interested.

Fund drive from Bolivar Fire Dept. They requesting us to donate. Since the Borough pays for their workers comp we normally do not give a donation.

Clark asked about the police car still in Jeffery's garage. A decision needs to be made do we sell the car or not. Discussion was made on different ways to either keep the car and hire a police officer or sell the car and use the State Police. Ron makes the motion to put out for bid, Sue 2nds, Gladine yes, Clark and Lou opposes. Pat was asked to put in paper to sell but to also stipulate we have the right to reject any and all bids.

No other business.

Sewage Report: Ron said meeting is next month. At the last meeting the sewage authority went back to the old way of signing checks. They wanted two board members to sign checks and not the Treasurer sign checks at all.

Mayor report: Nothing to report other than he to attend the Fireman's Banquet this upcoming week.

Street Commissioner Report. Ron asking for council to open an account at Bergman’s Hardware in Blairsville. Bergman’s has the street brooms that is needed to clean the streets with. Sue wanted to know if there was a life time warranty on them. Lou motions to open an account and Clark 2nds, all in
favor. Motion passed.

Greg put 60 miles on truck used 35 gallons gas. Skidsteer needs new rim. The tire came off because of the bad rim. Clark asked to get a price for another rim.

Sue said at the last meeting we had an ordeal about the gravel being put up at Walnut. Street. She wanted to know why we got a tri-axel delivered instead of Greg to haul the gravel with the borough truck. Sue said between Greg and Charlie they could have hauled the gravel and get a smaller amount.
Sue said it was improperly put in the ditch. Sue said we still need to watch our spending.

Parks & Rec.
Pat said our new coupons for Pizza Post is now done and will be starting that again. The flyers for this year’s activities is almost complete. We also are doing the Home Town Hero Banner Program. Lou asked where in Bolivar were we going to put the banners. Pat said we can put anywhere in Bolivar. We already have approval for the poles in town. We are also working on approval for Robinson and Fairfield Twp for West Bolivar. Gladine wanted to know if Merchant Marines count. She said Glen asked but no one answered. Pat said she gets all the emails and never received.

Also the little league from Seward is coming to Bolivar. They would like to know if Borough would be willing to help cover the cost of setting up the field for playing. Council wanted to know about the insurance coverage if someone got hurt. Council also wanted to know if people from Bolivar are playing
on the team. They also wanted to know if they would check with the Legion to cover the Baseball issues, since the Borough pays $1000 for the summer program with YMCA. Sue also wanted to know about restroom issues there. Pat said parks has $1200 already set aside for port-a-johns for this year.

No other business to discuss, motion to adjourn made by Lou, Ron 2nd, all in favor motion passed to close out meeting at 8:25 PM


Patricia Betts