February 21

Regular Parks


This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Beth Thompson, Ben West, Pat Betts, Aaron Bouch, Ron Betts

Absent- Melissa Miller

Public Attendance No one

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Beth Thompson

Approval of January minutes was made by Ron and Aaron 2nd. All in favor. Motion passed

Approval of Treasurer Report made by Beth, Ben 2nd, all approved. Motion Passed.

Update on Any January events:

First item. Petting Zoo. Update. Original date was May 12th. Note: after the meeting the date was changed to May 19th next to the Legion because of conflict with Aux. having a Basket Party that day. 10-5 PM and then concert 5 - 7 PM

Pat wanted to know if we could get the Fire Dept to do a demo of some type. Aaron said they have a fire extinguisher demo and also have a Fire Truck on display for the kids.

Pat suggested to get the Police Dept do fingerprinting and a bike safety training for the kids. Do corn hole contest around 11:30 or 12 PM. Have sign up for teams.

Ben said he could get corn-hole trophies for the winners. He just needs a couple weeks.

At the concert we can sell Bottle soda and get Pizza from the Pizza Post since we will not be making the Pizza.

Aaron asked about the popcorn machine and snow cone machine. Pat said the old Parks committee gave the machines to Fairfield Fire Dept.

Beth said Face Painting also for kids during the day. Pat asked if everyone was in agreement for her to ask the police dept to do fingerprinting on the kids. Everyone was in agreement.

Pat to ask John Kovac about the cost of a tent and bouncy house for the kids as well.

Josh Crusan is willing to do a concert for us for $200. He also gets his parents up to do a song or two.

Beth will get a date for a dance from John and let everyone know. 

Ron said he needs to talk to Highridge about getting water up at the park.

Possible fund raisers. Beth to talk to Seward on a comedian night event.

Possible pizza fund raiser. Pat to talk to Kathleen on this.

Beth also to notify the "Yinzer" magazine about doing an article on us.

Next meeting April 18, 7 PM

Beth asked if any other business to discuss?

Motion to adjourn 7:30 PM made by Pat, Aaron 2nd Motion passed. All approved.


Patricia Betts