Bolivar Borough

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting opened by Keith St Clair,- Vice President at 7 pm.


Ron Betts, Gladine McMaster, Keith St Clair, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller

Absent:Lou McLaughlin

Gen Public, Zach Burtop, Sheri Burtop, Melissa Miller

Old Business:

Approval of January Minutes

Sue question: Street Commission report.  On the garage door – it says the motor is too big for the door and the bar hits the door and loosens the bar.  Pat said the repair person told us this when he came to repair the door.    We did not get a bill for this.  Sue asked if this is the same company that installed the door. Pat said yes.  Motion made by Sue, 2nd by Gladine .  All in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report

Sue questioned why I only got $383 for my pay this time when normally it is $433.  Pat said she changed her withholding taxes. 

Another question is the diesel cans.  Did we not already have diesel can’s.  Pat said we had only one that we used to put diesel in from Fairfield.  Sue asked Zach if we had other cans.  Zach replied, “He did not want to answer”. He said there was 3 yellow ones down there when Greg was there.  Sue commented, so we now have only 1 red can.  There was also a mixture of gas for the weed eater.  So now we have 4 regular yellow diesel cans.   Keith asked for motion to approve the treasurer report.

Motion to approve treasurer report made by Gladine, 2nd by Sue, all in favor, motion passed.

Solicitor Report:  Nothing at this time

Public Comment.  

Melissa - only here for parks.

Zach – Wants to know if council needs to approve the letter to get him back in sewage authority.  This question is mostly for Jeffery.  Zach asked the question again.  Jeffery said he did not know what letter he was talking about. Zach said he turned in a letter to Pat saying he wanted to continue to be on sewage board.  Jeffery stated the Municipalities Authority Act says you can stay in the position until you either resign or council appoints someone else.  He said Cindy seems to be certain that your tern is up.  His recommendation is for council to act on this now.  Pat said Cindy gave her the expiration date of December 2027. 

Keith asked if anyone has anything to say about the position. 

Clark commented if Zach is interest then give it to him.

Motion made by Gladine to put Zach back on the sewage authority board, 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed. 

Old Business

Update on Skid steer issue.

Pat said she finally got the replacement MFG Certificate of Origin from Case Construction and also the letter from Groff Tractor stating they had bought out Cambria Equipment which will go along with the bill of sale we got from Cambria Equipment.  Now council needs to decide what they wish to do next. 

We can 1.  Apply for a title in our name or 2.  We can just put on Municibid and give the buyer the documents along with a bill of sale from us.  Either way we can put on Municibid to sell. 

Gladine asked the Municibid requirement.  Pat said they are not specific on this because we can sell either way.  We just list on the site that we do not have a title for the skid steer. 

Discussion was made on this.  Decision is to: put on Municibid just as we have the documents. 

What is the estimated amount we are looking for to sell? 

Pat said we did not set a reserve amount.  If we did set a reserve we could not get rid of it. 

Pat asked what we want to start out selling for. 

Sue motions to start out at $1500, set no reserve.  Gladine said it was too much to start out.  No one 2nd the motion.  Sue rescinds the motion.  Gladine suggests $500. 

Sue motions again to start out at $1500 without reserve, Keith 2nds.  Motion to approve?   Ron and Gladine oppose.  Mayor tie breaker.  Clark says go with $1500. Motion passed. 

Update on easement rights for Cunningham property.

Pat said she got all three signatures through the email.  In the mean time I asked for the originals to be sent back to me.  When I get the originals back then I will give those to Jeffery for filing. 

Jeffery said once he has the originals then he will take to county to register. 

Pat had asked for Jeffery to get 3 copies of the filings so each person has the complete package. 

Update on 5th street repair between Lincoln & McKinley

Ron said the repair was completed.  Total cost was $4,110.00.  The asphalt was not done because the plant is not open during the winter.  Jeffery asked if while Curry and Kepple is having the road asphalted that they could also do up there at the same time.  Ron said he would check with Ed on this. 

Clark asked if the grate at Washington Street was tied in yet.  He saw the grate setting in the middle of the road.  Pat said we also got the bill from C.O.G.  Total cost was $400 for 2 hours. 

No other old business

New Business:

Workers Comp Reimbursements

Pat said we got West Wheatfield’s amount for $4261.00.  Awaiting Fairfield Twp. amount. 

Conservation District Round Table interest

Pat said each year the Conservation district has a round table discussions on various items.  This year it will be held on February 24, cost is $15 per person. 

Topics are:

New funding for Agricultural Conservation

Storm water + MS4 Topics

Dirt, Gravel, and Low Volume Road Program

Conservation Partnership Agreements

Is anyone interested to go to this?  Keith asked about the Dirt, Gravel, & Low Volume Road Program.  Pat said there is nothing locally yet.  The closest is State College.  If they have closer then will let you all know.  Ron, Greg, and my certifications are now expired.  They last for 3 years.  Someone else needs to go to 2 day training class to get certified to apply for this program again. 

Also the Westmoreland County Boroughs Association is holding their 71st annual banquet on Friday April 28, in Greensburg.  Also want to know if we wanted to put an ad in the Association booklet.  Various sizes of ads are available.   No one responded to have interest in attending. 

Is there any other business:

Mayor report:

Clark said he spoke to approx. 4 to 5 people about their vehicles being parked on the street without tags and or inspections.  Most took care of them.  Clark asked Jeffery about a vehicle on Lincoln Street.  His vehicle was parked on the street.  He took the car and put it on a car trailer and parked the trailer on the street.  The trailer is licensed.  Can he still do that?  The trailer is legal.  Jeffery said yes it is ok to do. 

If someone has a complaint, he is no longer going by he said, she said.  If someone wants to complain they need to put it in writing.  Gladine commented that we do have complaint forms here.  If anyone wants me to correct a violation then they need to fill out the form.  I’m not going to be made out to be the bad guy. 

Jeffery also suggested that high grass violations be dealt with right away rather than waiting until the grass is really high.  This seems to be an issue all the time. 

Sewage Report

Sue said meeting next week.  Keith said he has a serious report.  For the past year all he hears is there is a meeting next month and nothing to report.  Should we not get minutes each time you have a meeting.  Sue asked Pat if she got the minutes. Pat said this past year she has gotten only 2 reports.  She gave to Keith for him to read. 

Jeffery said what was discussed at the last board meeting was that the board will be meeting each month.  We should start to get monthly starting in March. 

Street Commissioner Report

Ron said we put 115 miles on truck this past month but did not put any gas in the truck. 

Zero turn – o miles 0 gas

Mower- o hours  0 gas. 

Truck shows 1,778 miles on speedometer

Curry and Kepple working on side- walks and hope to pour this upcoming week.

Jeffery asked about the site by bowling alley.  Ron said they did not take a side walk out so they will just be seeding there.  No sidewalk to go in. 

Parks & Rec

Melissa said she has 3 things.

  1. Need permission to block off the road between 4th & 5th St on June 11th for a Polka dance from 3 to 8 pm.  Sue motions for permission to close the street, Keith 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

  1. Trees in the park are not good and needs to be cut down and some need trimmed.  Melissa is getting several bids to do this.  1 for the upper park and 1 for Lower Park.  Requesting permission to have trees cut down if need be.  Also is there anyway the Borough could possible help out with the cost.  Have no idea on the cost yet.  Melissa called an arborist but still does not know the cost. 

  1.   The tee ball team would like to start using the ball field but it needs a lot of work to get it ready.  Paul would be 1 person and Myers the other.  Parks would also like permission for Paul to use the Kubota and possibly Myers also.  They would be taking off some of the top layer of grass.  The cost of the usage of gas for the Kubota.  The whole idea is to bring people to town. 

Keith asked if someone who volunteers to help at the parks would they be covered. 

Keith said he doesn’t even care about the cost of the diesel fuel. It’s just being covered in case of injury. 

Keith motions to allow the tee ball team to use the lower park, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion passed.

Jeffery suggested to call FWF to see if we need a rider to cover volunteer workers at the park and what the cost would be for a rider. 

Lou came in at 7:50 PM. 

He mentioned that he talked to Katie from Apex.  Apex is going to slump test the concrete. It will be 2 cores.  Each cost $18. To test the concrete mix.  Curry and Kepple is on time and budget for the 5th Street project.

The road on 5th & Shaffer is tore up pretty good from the large machines.  We are getting just half the overlay on the street.  Katie said it is not in the bid to do a full overlay on the street. 

Lou said he will talk to Ed about the overlay of entire road. 

Motion to adjourn made by Gladine, 2nd by Lou at 8 PM. 


Patricia Betts