This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Melissa Miller, Ron Betts, Pat Betts, Beth Thompson, Aaron Bouch, Pam and Joe StClair

Absent: Ben West

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM.
Approve December and January Meeting Minutes

Aaron questioned the fire department carnival. Aaron said the carnival is July 10-11-12-& 13th. Always the Wednesday after the Fourth of July. Pat then questioned the concert date of July 21st. Aaron suggested to talk to John to set up a donation jug for people to drop money into for parks. These are questions to bring up at next meeting for Fire Dept. Aaron said he would bring up. Aaron motion to approve Dec minutes Ron 2nds, All in favor motion carried.

Treasurer report - Melissa motion to accept Aaron 2nd, all in favor motion carried.

May 18th Date: - Do we keep community Awareness Day or not.
Also we could move the petting zoo to the BrickFest . May 18th use for clean- up day at the park instead of community awareness day.
Melissa will ask the football team to help out on cleanup day. If organizations show up that day we can feed the people for coming. The fire dept has sub day that day according to Aaron. Melissa said she will donate hot dogs and soda.

Update on potential sponsors. Melissa said she did not send anything out yet. We need to make sure we have good dates that we are not changing.

Aaron will check with Greg Lewis - Long Road Home Band - Greg is with Clyde Fire Dept. for June 23 concert date.

BrickFest events.

1.  Pat brought up Cathie Rhodes who does Patsy Cline impersonator. She charges $275.00 per hour. And Elvis - Kelly Hylton charges $250.00 per hour and $200 each additional hour. It was decided to try to get both for BrickFest.

2.  Also car show for BrickFest. Pat will check with Luck Garland to see if he will sponsor.  Need streets closed surrounding the park

3.  Additional Items for Brick Fest.
Bouncy houses and dunking booth, corn hole. All day wrist bands for bouncy houses. Dunking booth again, Yes.
. Also get a temporary license for a beer and wine tent and council approval for us to get a 1 day license.

4.  Also for BrickFest - Get Wayne again and Sondra Boring and her ladies wanted to perform again. Everyone agreed to let them do it. Beth suggested Uncle Chris again to also perform.

5.  Pat needs to get Aaron the list of the winners who did not get their award from the BrickFest last year. Try to do pre-registration to get more people.

6.  Aaron also mentioned Toni Percuri from Seward as DJ for Brickfest.

7.  Do we want to do pies again? It was decided to not do the pie's .

8.  Basket Party for BrickFest - Do we do donations again. It was decided to do Basket Party again however, we are taking a Karaoke machine with us directly to the table so everyone can watch and be assured they get what they were trying for.  
9.  Check on Kona Ice of Canamaugh Valley to come. They also do fund raiser proceeds.

10.  Ask Neva to use New Florence police and police dog have a booth at BrickFest again.

11.  Ask Game Commission to come in with their Pelts and Skulls

12.  Pirate Parrot huge success. for 1 hr. $300

Beth to show up and present to council. about the beer tent and closure of streets.  

---Check with Waterford since they have a beer tent for blue grass festival. -------Check with John on who to get the 1 day license for outdoor beer tent.

Re-Organization of positions.
Ben's term is up and he sent us a notice on this. Ron expired in January.
Do we want to keep same positions?

Beth President - 5 years
Aaron 4yr term,
Pat 3 yrs term,
Melissa 2 yr term,
Ron 1 year term.
Need another 1 year term member. Pam and Joe both said no to the position. Pam said if we cannot get anyone else to hold the position then she would do it by next meeting. Aaron texted his wife to see if she would do it.
Michelle said she would do the 1 year term.
Motion by Melissa and Beth 2nd. All in favor, Aaron abstains everyone else approves

March starts pizza coupons again. This year they are numbered but also have seller's name and buyers name. Spoke to Kathleen she also liked this new idea for the coupons. Better way to keep track of coupons. Everyone needs to take several to sell. Pat said, Kathleen several times during the year  donated money back to the parks for giving her additional business.
Beth wants 10, Melissa wants 10, Pam wants 10, Aaron wants 10

June 8th movie night.
Pam said she will sponsor 1/2 a movie and Aaron will also sponsor the other half. 

Melissa wanted to know if we are doing the summer program? Pat said the Borough has the money in the budget for the program.

Need a band for June 23 - concert. and July 21 concert.

Update on Misty Haven for hayrides and sleigh rides.

October Misty Haven - Sunday Oct 20th 4-6 and pumpkin carving 3-4 pm
December 21 sleigh rides 4-6 pm $400 each time. Misty Haven dates confirmed.

Pat asks if we are going to do Every Door Direct Mail again this year? It was pretty expensive last year to do. Everyone agreed not to do.

Melissa said she has a list for sponsors
Gold sponsor $500
Silver sponsor $250.00
Regular sponsor $100.00
Add Mike Stewart running for Judge.
Watson Chevrolet
Tri-Star Motors
Add Real estate company
Erie Insurance

Motion to adjourn made by Aaron 2nd by Beth all in favor motion passed. Meeting adjourned 8:15 PM

Patricia Betts