2, 2021

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Keith St.Clair, Council Vice-President at 7:00 PM.
Present: Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Keith St.Clair, Gladine McMaster, Ron Betts, Mayor Tom Pickup.

Absent: Lewis McLaughlin, President

Public Attendance: Dan Short, JR, Zach & Cassandra Burtop, Sheri Burtop, Clark Baird, Greg Hughes, Charlie Boring

Approval Nov meeting minutes.
Sue commented on an error made to the minutes. She motioned to not give a raise to secretary, 2nd by Gladine. Ron abstained, Keith said no, Lou said no, Gladine said yes. Sue would like it corrected to say no. With Sue and Gladine both saying no to a raise and Lou and Keith saying yes to raise, and Ron abstains, we now have a tie breaker that needed to done. Ron motions to accept November minutes 2nd by Gladine all in favor motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report.

Sue questioned expense on 11-11-21 electronic withdrawal from Lowes. She stated the tarp should be listed as a separate item since the light bulbs are for the parks. Pat stated the light bulbs were also for the Borough because they were needed for the Santa and Reindeer display which the borough has.
Sue said she also saw light bulbs in the parks expenses for Lowes. Pat said the parks pays for their own items. Motion made by Gladine to accept the Treasurer report 2nd by Ron, all in favor motion passed.

Solicitor report. Jeffery said he has nothing new. We have the Ordinance for tax increase, the animal Ordinance was done last month and the Resolution for Secretary/Treasurer position he does not have done yet.

Public Comment.
Clark none, Sheri Burtop - questioned her per-capita tax bill. She received 2 weeks ago and said she knew nothing about it. She wanted to know why it took from March 1 until now to get it? The paper is stamped March 1, 2021. Pat said the Tax Collector sends the per -capita tax bills with the March tax bills. Gladine stated asked how long she was in the town? Sheri said over a year. She was willing to pay the $10 but should not have to pay the penalty fee. Gladine said you have to take that up with the tax collector. Jeffery said it is only a $1 just accept the $10 and let it go at that. Sue motions to accept the $10. Sheri asked if she should pay it here. Gladine said it needs to go to the Tax collector. Pat said if they want a receipt they need to enclose also a stamped self addressed envelope to get a receipt back. Gladine 2nd motion to accept the $10 fee. All in favor motion passed.

Charlie asked if anyone did the research on the truck to see exactly how much it was going to cost to maintain? Keith did not do the research. Gladine has done the research. Charlie said you need to have it plugged into a heater, which will run another $75.00 per month, diesel fuel fluid so the diesel fuel does not gel, tires for the truck which will cost more than a F350, the tires need to be special made and you will need to buy chains to get the truck up the hills in town. I think you need to stay with a F350 and a gas engine.

Keith said Gladine is going to give us a presentation on the truck. We will take the rest of the public comment first.

Charlie said the converter on the truck needs to be kept clean with all the traveling around town. The blue-def needs to be purchased for the truck. How are you going to get diesel fuel, are you going to put another tank in. You should be able to get diesel fuel tax free. You should drain the gas out of the tank you have and put diesel fuel in it. That would be the way to go.

Greg- when you talk about the cost of diesel fuel and treatment for it, has anyone watched the fuel prices lately on TV. The borough truck currently gets 4.6 miles per gallon with the Triton 10 engine.  It doesn't matter if you have it idling, running you will not get it any better with mileage. The diesel will provide more torch to get the job done. As far as the tires are concerned he cannot dispute what Charlie said. If you look at the truck outside it has 3 different tread styles on it. We also have a broken spring on the truck now and Greg was told by 2 different mechanics, Sowers and Lears. If the spring brakes the whole rear end will be coming out of the truck and nothing can be done about it. The entire front end is bad according the both mechanics. Both recommend not to take the truck onto the highway because if the rear end comes out there will be an accident.

Discussion was made on the replacement of both springs because of the danger of the vehicle. Continued discussion also on the replacement of all the tires instead of having 3 different types of tires on the vehicle.

Zach gave a copy of another vehicle to each council member to discuss. Keith said to discuss when we get to the truck issue with Gladine.

Clark, Boone, and Cassandra have no comments.

Old Business:

Approval of 2 mil tax increase ordinance
Gladine motions to adopt the Ordinance # 3 of 2021 and 2022 accepted final budget, 2nd by Ron all in favor, Sue opposes, motion passed.

Update on Resolution for Secretary /Treasurer .

Jeffery said he does not have it done. Will have it done for next month meeting.

Update on new truck progress- Gladine
Gladine said she has met with Brian from US Municipal who is a Co-Star vendor which we must go through since we are a Co-Star provider. He came to Borough and met with Ron, Greg , and myself. Gladine tried calling Zach but he was out sick and Keith was working. Gladine said Zach, you and myself were on the committee.  We talked about what we needed, and what we were doing. He explained that trucks are very hard to find due to the ongoing nationwide shortage of microchips.  We showed him the truck we currently have and he agreed that we are desperate. Initially he did not think we could find a truck. Brian buys trucks for the government which is different process from the private sector. We had discussion on what we needed for each issue. We did have preferences, we wanted gas, F350, 4 x 4, type of bed . If you could find a F350,F450,F550, gas or diesel, auto or standard transmission. Then it was his job to find a truck.

While he was here we talked about several trucks we saw at Tri-Star. We discussed those trucks and he called Tri-star and talked about the trucks. They discussed whether they would work for us of not. Several days later Brian called and said he found a truck for us. If was a 4x4 diesel , auto transmission and everything that we wanted and needed. The truck was the last one that he was aware of in PA, Maryland, West Virginia.

Jeffery had a question on the paperwork that Sue had Zach handed out to everyone. Jeff asked Sue on the availability of the truck at Tri-Star. Sue said the truck is down there right now and they will take our truck on trade-in. All they are requesting is a photo of the front, back, sides and inside of truck. The truck was almost $60,515 and with co-stars discount of $12,994. Council has heard some of the features between the two.

Sue asked Charlie approximately what would we get from our truck. We could get around $5,000 for the truck. Charlie said.

Gladine said we were very interested in the truck if they could give us time to get our financing in order and everyone on board with council. We can have the truck here and ready to run by the middle of January.

Keith wanted to know if Brian from Us Municipal then how did he not find this truck from Tri-Star. Brian feels the vehicle there is sub-standard . They do not have OSHA standards with the truck at Tri-Star and they are more toward landscaping trucks than Municipal trucks. The hydraulics also are not enclosed inside the vehicle for safety purposes. If the line breaks it puts the driver in danger of being badly hurt and/ or burned. Brian did call Tri-Star and was aware of the vehicles they have and are not set up to plow and extra. They would have to be re-modified again to meet OSHA standards.

Sue said those trucks are not just landscaping trucks they also plow.

Jeffery said we should contact several co-star vendors and not just one.

Keith asked Sue "you are telling me the F350 with plow and spreader is the same as the F550 just cheaper."

Sue stated to  Jeffery " you are to do the best you can for the tax payers money."

Greg spoke up and said you should compare apples to apples and not apples to pears to discuss the differences.

Sue motions to by the vehicle from Tri-Star. Taxpayers money here. We should go with the cheaper truck and same money. No one 2nd the motion. Sue said she will re-sind her motion until next week when they look at the other vehicle.

Gladine asked Tom if he was appointing himself to go look at the vehicle at Tri-Star. Tom said yes and he will take Charlie and Zack with him since he doesn't know too much about it.

Gladine said she motions to go with Laurel Ford and US Municipal. The research has already been done, financing is being worked on. Keith asked if there is a 2nd on the motion. Gladine asked Ron if he was going to 2nd the motion. Ron said he would like to also look at the F350. Ron then decided to 2nd the motion to accept the F550. Keith asked all in favor to go with Gladine, Sue opposes, Keith opposes he would like to look at vehicle also. Tie needs broken by Mayor.

Tom wants to know if we have a payment for the vehicle yet. Gladine said we have a 7 year payment for 3.2% and we already included a truck payment in the budget. Mayor said he would like to look at the truck first before he decides.

Gladine said if we do not take the truck we currently are working on then we would not be able to get another vehicle for at least 18 to 24 months because of the current market shortage. You are comparing a scooter to a motorcycle. We can also get a fleet vehicle gas card to get diesel fuel which will not have any taxes on the gas.

Further discussion was done back and forth on the two vehicles. Keith is giving Tom 5 minutes to discuss and make his decision. Tom to go in back room with Charlie to discuss and come back out in 5 minutes with an answer. Time is 8:30 PM

8:35 PM meeting reconvened.
Tom wanted to know the repairs we have made on our existing truck. At this time Pat said no but can get information put together .

Keith again asked Tom what his answer is. Tom feels we should go with the F350. He is worried about the cost down the road.  Keith wanted to know if Zach can go tomorrow along with Charlie to look at the truck at Tri-Star. Going tomorrow the process needs to start again. Votes may go differently. Tom's input may be relevant or may not. Council final decision will be made at Thursdays meeting on the 9th. 

When you decide on what truck you wish to purchase. An ordinance needs to be done and approval from DECD to purchase the truck. It will probably be until February before we can have another vehicle.

Update on truck repairs to pass inspection.
Keith question to council, we do not have a truck and we send to be inspected and we don't have it fixed. What do we do if we get a snow storm? How do we clean our streets? If the cost of snowplowing for the year is under $11,000 for the year then you do not have to contract out for bid.

Keith needs a motion on what to do with truck repairs. Keith makes a motion we do not put any money into the truck. When the inspection runs out we do not move it. Gladine 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

Update on possible proposed wage increase
Gladine motions to give raises for both employees, Keith 2nds, Ron abstains, Sue said no, motion passed.

Keith wants to say something. It was two to two for both. Jeffery said you can make another motion again.  Keith makes a motion to revisit and make a final decision on both the Boro worker and Secretary. Keith said his thought has not changed on the matter. Gladine said she would like to give both employees their raises. Greg asked for 50 cents until June and July another 50 cents. Pat asked for $50 per pay and she feels both deserve their raise request. Gladine motion again to give both raises, Keith 2nds the motion. Sue opposes, Ron abstains, motion passed.

New Business

2022 Sunshine Notice proposal of dates.
Everyone was given a copy of proposed 2022 sunshine notice. Council decides whether to keep the alternate dates or change them. Sue motions to accept the 2022 alternate dates of the sunshine notice, Keith 2nd, all in favor motion carried.

Legion requests letter from Borough about using their upstairs hall as a backup meeting place. They are applying for a grant for a generator. Motion made by Sue 2nd by Keith to issue letter, all in favor motion carried.

Any other new business.

Sewage Report: none

Mayor report have none. I do want to say it has been an interesting 12 years. Keith thanked him for the time he has put into the borough.

Street Commissioner Report
130.9 miles on truck. used 59.13 gallons gas
zero turn 3.4 hours used 3.5 gallons gas.
Ordered salt yesterday and new company called yesterday. The county lost the contract this year from co-stars and now have a new company.

The blade on the truck only has 2 inches left and should have 6 inches. Needs a new blade. Keith asked if we purchased the new blade? Ron said no

Jeffery stated we should not be driving the truck anyway because of the safety issues.  If something happens to the truck and someone gets hurt, his opinion to council is to seriously consider not driving the truck any longer.

Keith said if the recommendation is coming from both mechanics then we should de-commission the truck effective immediately.
Keith motions to decommission the truck, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed. If we have a snow storm we then can contact someone for plowing.

Keith asked Greg to take the truck down to the Quonset hut and park it. Sue would like a copy of the owners card and photos of the vehicle to take with Tom tomorrow. Disconnect the battery and take it out and leave it set them until we know what we are doing.

On that note Ron said we need to lay off the borough worker because if we don't have a truck then he cannot work. Sue 2nd the motion, all in favor motion passed.

Greg said if that is the case then you can take the truck down to the Quonset hut on your own , since he is laid off.

Keith said , other business section he was handed a letter from Zach Burtop, asking council to consider him as the Mayor of the Borough at our next meeting. He would like to have more input in the community.

Jeffery said at the re-organization meeting we will have 30 days from that date to appoint a new mayor.

Keith informed Zach that the write-in's will be public knowledge after the winners have been notified.

Parks & Recreation Report
Pat said we have Santa visit coming up on the 18th with hot chocolate and sleigh rides from 4 - 6 pm. Santa mailbox is up now for the kids to put letters to Santa.
We could also use help to decorate the park this weekend Dec. 4th around 1 PM.
All the candy canes and wreaths are up around town.

Sue said the Legion is having Santa on Dec 17th from 6th to 8 PM.

Next meeting is Dec 9nd at 7 PM.

Motion to adjourn made by Sue , Gladine 2nds all in favor meeting adjourned 9:20 PM


Patricia Betts