This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Lou McLaughlin, Council President at 7:00 PM.

Present: Lewis McLaughlin, President, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Keith St.Clair, Gladine McMaster, Ron Betts, Mayor Tom Pickup.

Absent: none

Public Attendance: Dan Short, JR, Clark Baird

Special guest: Chuck Jefferson, Laurel Auto Group

Update on new truck progress
Sue passed around information on another F350 vehicle she found at Shultz Ford . Gladine looked over vehicle information and stated the price has gone up another $10,000 in a week. Sue stated the truck from Tri-Star is gone, and a truck from Allegany Ford is gone and the price is $7,000 different not $10,000.

Lou asked who was finding these trucks? Sue commented me. Lou informed her that he appointed a committee to do this not her. Sue said Zach is not here. Gladine stated she does not know where he is but yes you appointed a committee.

Lou said, so this is a truck you found, Sue commented, well Zach found it and he is not here.  Sue stated she talked to Chuck from Laurel Ford today and a Brian or Ryan. Chuck interrupted and stated he did not talk to Sue. Sue stated whoever the co-stars guy is. Chuck again stated he is co-stars for the chassis, and Brian is US Municipal for supplies( body and such). She wanted to know the time frame on the body being built.

Discussion was made on the truck bed spec's between Chuck and Sue. Chuck explained the difference between landscape vehicles their functions, and municipal vehicles and their functions.  Chuck explained the oxidation of salt between steel and aluminum beds.

Tom asked why Chuck suggested a diesel over a gas vehicle. Chuck explained the longevity difference between the two vehicles. Chuck also explained the newer type of engine between the F350 and F550, between gas and diesel . The older diesel vehicles have regeneration issues and the newer diesels have an operator command regeneration module installed in them. This module burns the soot out of the catalytic converters. The cost is $265.00 as an option item. A lot of dealers who do not sell many diesel vehicles to municipalities think they are saving you money but in the long run they are not because of the issues it creates without one. With the program the operator knows when to do the regeneration mode.

Another item is the Federal gov't mandates that all diesel vehicles now have a eura part on them to burn off the exhaust . The vehicle has to be 97% pure free. The older diesel vehicles do not have this and that is why they smell. The gas engines put out the smog.

Maintenance on a diesel vehicle is no different than a gas vehicle. Twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. A gas engine is every 5,000 miles. Oil and filer twice a year on a diesel. Diesel holds 10 to 12 quarts of oil. the gas vehicles hold 8 to 10 quarts depending on the size of the engine.
At a dealership the diesel vehicle oil change is $150 on a gas vehicle the cost is $100.

Further discussion was made on the difference between an F350 and F550 max GVW with 4 ton of salt in the vehicle with a spreader and plow attached.
Tires on a F550 comes with 19.5 inch tires and F350 comes with 17 inch tires.
Lou asked about a warranty on the truck Sue located. It was stated the standard warranty is 36,000 or 36 months, power-train 60,000 or 60 months, corrosion perforation unlimited miles or 60 months, roadside assistance 60,000 or 60 months.

The warranty on the F550 is the same as above but also includes warranty on the diesel engine of 100,000 miles or 60 months.

Sue commented that our current truck has a 11,000 GVW and her truck she got information on is 14,000 GVW. Sue said it lasted 19 years for us. The maintenance records on our truck over the past 6 years has been over $11,000.

Chuck said with the plow and spreader and a load of salt we would automatically be overloaded still.

Lou said we are going to vote on a truck. We are done battling on a new truck for over 3 years. He asked each council member if they had any further questions for Chuck. Keith asked about ball joints, brakes, drums on the F550. Chuck explained everything on the F550 are heavy duty opposed to the F350 which has light duty parts.

Lou asked if the truck had air brakes on it and Chuck said no. No CDL license is required, therefore no medical card is required.

Sue asked the question to Jeffery on the funding requirements. Jeffery explained how we need to go through DCED for approval because we are a government entity.

Sue motioned to purchase the F350 for $70,000. no-one 2nd the motion. Motion failed.

Gladine motions to purchase the F550 from Laurel Auto Group and US Municipal for a grand total amount of $91,860. Ron 2nds the motion. Keith voted yes, Ron -voted yes, Gladine - voted yes, Sue-voted no, Lou voted yes. motion passed.

The vehicle approved to purchase is the F550 Ford Chassis Cab Serial # 1FDUF5HT1NEC27652 for the amount of $51,550 from Laurel Ford in Windber PA and the body, plow , spreader, and hydraulics from US Municipal for the amount of $40,360.

Council also approved the following :

S & T Bank- 111 Resort Plaza Blairsville PA 15717 is the lending institution with Wendy Smith Branch Manager. Term requested is to be 7 year term at 3.20%

Lewis McLaughlin, Council President, and Keith St.Clair - Council Vice President as authorized signers for the loan.

Council is requesting two checks to be made out as follows.
1. Laurel Ford Inc. in the amount of $51,500
2. Us Municipal in the amount of $40,360.00

Lou asked Chuck if the dealership takes trade in's . Chuck stated we do but we would be better off in selling our old vehicle on Municibid.

Lou motions to post old truck on Municibid with a starting value of $2500 to be "sold as is condition" with the old plow and spreader, Gladine 2nds, all in favor motion passed.

Career Link Contract
Career Link contract. They come every Monday and we no longer have a truck and the Borough worker is laid off until April. We need to revisit the original vote. Our contract with Career link is until April. If we cancel the contract we lose the workers and we probably will not get them back again.

Gladine said we need to bring the borough worker back and work 1 day a week so we do not lose the contract with Career Link. He needs to supervise the workers. Greg can use the skidsteer to haul items such as branches, clean drains, work on signs. If it snows then they cannot work since we cannot plow. 

Pat said the funding and contract ends in April.

Sue asked about the kids driving the truck. Pat said the only person allowed to drive the truck is the kids supervisor. Greg has to log in and verify their hours of work and instructs / oversees the kids what to do and how to do.

Ron motions for Greg to work 12 hours per week. Lou suggested to work 8 hours since Greg is to be called in for plowing and will end up getting more time. Gladine 2nds the motion for 8 hours per week all in favor , Keith said yes, Lou yes, Ron, yes, Sue no. motion passed.

New Mayor appointment.
We cannot do at this time because we still have a Mayor until January. Pat spoke to election bureau today and they gave me the results of the write in votes. Keith received the most votes and won the election as Mayor but has declined the position. Clark Baird votes were 26, and Myers Miller votes 7. Council can decide at next meeting on the vacant seat of the Mayor.

Secretary/Treasurer Ordinance
Lou motions to advertise, 2nd by Keith, all in favor, motion passed to advertise the Secretary/Treasurer Ordinance 1 of 2022 which will be signed during the January 2022 re-organization meeting. The ordinance states the Borough can appoint a single individual to simultaneously hold the office of secretary and treasurer and if the Borough desires they can also authorize both positions separately.

Motion to close meeting made by Lou, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion passed 8 PM.

Patricia Betts