December 6

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Jeffery Miller- Solicitor,
Mayor Tom Pickup arrived 8:10 PM

Absent - none

Gen Public - Ligonier Echo Representative- Alexander Ashcroft and spouse, Melissa Miller, Ray Brannon - New Leaf Foundation, Dan Short

Meeting called to order 7PM by Clark Baird, Presiding President

Approval of November regular meeting minutes - After review Sue motioned to approve minutes, Ron 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

Treasurer Report. After review Ron motioned to approved treasurer report, Sue 2nd. All in favor, Motion carried.

Public Comment: Boone wanted to know who was filling the two vacant seats and when other seats are up? He said going to be scary if no-one runs. Sue commented "we'll cross that bridge when it comes"

Clark asked if any other comments. None given.

Resignation letters. First one was from Beth Thompson - Clark read her letter and next one was from Aaron Bouch. Clark also read his letter. Jeffery advised Clark that a vacancy does not occur until council accepts resignation- then have 30 days to find another. Clark motions to table Beth's letter until next meeting, Ron 2nd, All agree. Ron motions to table Aaron's resignation letter until next meeting, Clark 2nds, All agree

Police Report- no one there to give a report.

Solicitor Report: Will discuss as we go along.

New Leaf Community Center Program - presented by Ray Brannon.
Mr. Brannon started out talking about the Thanksgiving dinner they had for the community. He also mentioned Thursday nights they have Addiction cafe open to the public. This upcoming Sunday, Santa is coming, they are
getting $5.00 gift cards, and a photo with Santa. They have 60 children signed up for this event. They are 501(c) non- profit organization and have received several grants to do the community service which they do. He spoke intensively about drug addiction and what they do to help people get off drugs. He also said of getting a grant to do Every Door Direct mailing to over 3000 households in the local area of New Florence, Robinson, Bolivar, Seward to explain their program.
He spoke about a Muriel artist that is looking to do a large photo in the community and not the center. Ron mentioned the Legion was looking to do one on the side of their building.
Pat asked if the grant information she had received and forwarded over was of any help. Mr. Brannon stated he was going to place his letter of intent to the foundation for the grant.
They also have on site trips here for health care. Our community for service must go 15 to 17 miles in any direction for health care. Allegany Health is looking for a space to have a provider here for health care services.

Update on the storage garage. Pat said on hold until spring.

Update on Per Capita Ordinance. -Signing of Ordinance - Clark motions to accept Ordinance, Ron 2nds, All in favor, Motion carried. Clark and Pat both signed, Pat to get the Mayor to look at and sign.

Update on Millage Ordinance - Signing of Ordinance - Ron motions to approve, Sue 2nd, All in favor motion carried. Clark and Pat signed, Pat to get the Mayor to look at and sign also.

Jeffery informed Pat to get to Tom by either Certified Mail, or in person. If he wants to object , he needs to do so within 10 days.

Update on Dirt and Gravel Grant. - Pat said had not heard anything back from them yet

Update on Comcast renewal contract. Jeffery said he has not heard back from them as of yet. We have until July 2019 to decide what to do. Jeffery said he would try to follow up with them again. He said Ligonier just got free internet service from them.

Update on the Verizon mini tower project. Pat said the Mayor signed off on the letter that Jeffery drafted up, Pat emailed back to them and have not heard anything back yet. Pat said she would ask the Mayor when she sees him. 

Mayor arrived at 8:10 PM.  Clark asked Tom if he heard anything from Verizon on mini-towers. Mayor said no one has contacted him on anything.

Update on 2019 Budget: Sue motioned to approve Budget including the 4 mil tax increase, Ron 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

Demo Fund Program- Jeffery said this is the County Land Bank. Admittance fee into group is $5,000. They assist you in property maintenance issues and with blight. Jeffery further explained the program. The program does not guarantee anything. Taxes are calculated at 1/2 price and other 1/2 paid to land bank. Council decided not to join.

Update on 4th street drain issue. - Ron said the drain has been fixed and the road is now open again. The catch basin needs to be raised up yet. The parts have not come in yet. Pat said the drain from 5th street is still pouring water into the drain that was just fixed.

Update on bid notice for Boat Launch. - Pat asked Jeffery if had a chance to go over the bid package yet. Jeffery does not remember. Jeffery said he wanted to review all the documents. Pat to give to Jeffery after meeting. Jeffery will make recommendation at next meeting.

New Business: Next meeting is January 7, 2018 at 6:30 PM for re-organization.

Sunshine Notice for 2019 - Council needs to review and make changes before Pat publishes in paper. Pat was asked to add an alternate date for every month in case council cannot make the first date. This will save on advertising costs. Ron motions to approve, Clark 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

Public meeting for fire dept taking on a municipal loan 7 pm Jan 7. - Jeffery explained fire dept needs to hold a public meeting before they can obtain a municipal rate loan. They will advertise, and be responsible for the entire meeting on the subject. Should take no longer that 5-10 minutes to do this, after our re-organization meeting. Someone from the fire company will hold the meeting and ask for public comment. Pat to send letter to fire dept.

Refund request from Jean Pahach on 1/2 per capita tax. She wants $4.90 back. Clark motions to refund, Ron 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

FWF Insurance renewal - Ron asks about the $5,311.00. Pat said the $5,311 was without the fire trucks on the policy. They want to get their own insurance coverage. With the fire trucks our policy would be $7,680. Ron motions to accept the $5,311 cost with FWF, Clark 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

Sue motions that effective December 31, 2018 to have the fire department vehicles removed, Ron 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.  Pat to send a letter to fire chief to give them the date of insurance change. Pat also to notify FWF on the date to remove the fire department vehicles.

Cancellation of Police coverage from New Florence - Letter from New Florence says they will stop police coverage per our request effective November 30, 2018.  Also New Florence Mayor requesting to use our cruiser until end of December to help them out while Chad is in police training with the police dog. Pat was asked to notify FWF to verify if this was possible. Pat said she sent FWF a copy of the 6 month contract, a copy of the letter of cancellation of police coverage and a copy of the e-mail from the Mayor requesting the usage of cruiser. Stephen, with FWF checked for any coverage issues and sent a notification back saying there would not be a problem. Both officer's are still on current policy as drivers. Ron motions to let them use the car, Clark 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

Transfer of funds from general account to payroll account to meet end of year payroll. This needs backdated as request had to be done in between meetings. Funds requested to transfer was $4,000. Sue motions to approve, Clark 2nds, All in favor, Motion carried.

GSA Surplus Program: - Clark asked what this was about. Pat said this is through the Federal Government. Clark and Pat were both authorized to be on this program. Wish list- truck with snow plow, backhoe, street sweeper, commercial drain cleaner just to name a few.

WEB request for mesothelioma posting - They are asking if we would put their web site address on our web page as a link. Council decided it was ok to do.

Mayor arrived 8:10 PM, Pat gave Mayor the 2 Ordinances for him to review and sign. He stated he has a right to veto and will do so. He wants to compare the budget, and bills from last year. It's the principle of it, he is vetoing. He has 10 days to make up his mind. Jeffery says you have 10 days to decide what you want to do and then council can set up another meeting after that to decide what to do. Let it be noted that the Mayor was handed both the Per Capita and Millage Ordinances for signing this evening December 6, 2018. He took both Ordinance's with him at the end of the meeting.

Gas line relocation request from Peoples gas at bridge reconstruction site - Pat asked Jeffery on this notice. Jeffery said we do not have any ordinance against this. Pat does not have to send anything back to them. They are just letting us know what they are applying for on the state highway. Jeffery said it might be worthwhile if they would redo that drain while they are at that location so it won't have to be re-dug up. Ron said he would call our Liquid Fuels Rep to see if anything can be done while Peoples Gas is down there.

Peoples Gas requesting any road improvement paving for 2019 Pat to send them a letter with the new Ordinance requirements when streets are opened.

Received the October Police bill from New Florence - council reviewed and Clark motioned to pay the October bill, Ron 2nd, All in favor, Motion carried.

Sewage Report: Nothing to report a meeting was held in November

Mayor Report: Tom has nothing to report.

Street Commissioner Report.

19.3 gallons gas used in Greg's truck while Borough truck was in shop.
115 miles put on Borough truck
Michael and Nash cleaned up drains and streets
We need anti-skid for the winter. Clark asked what is usually used for the winter. Ron says about 30 ton each year. Minimum order is 22 tons through Co-Stars. Clark motions to order 22 ton and Sue 2nd, All in favor, Motion passed.  Sue made motion to retroactive paying Tri-Star for truck repairs on lights and brakes. $546.57, Ron 2nd, All in favor, Motion granted.

Parks & Recreation Report:
Pat said Santa arrival Dec 22 from 4-6, K & K doing hot chocolate, and sleigh rides 4-6 also. Kids are free under 12 years. Over that $5.00 donation per person. Photos will also be taken for each child, and each child will receive a goodie bag from Santa.

Jeffery said we need to schedule a special meeting for the 2 Ordinance signing after the 17th.

Jeffery said to Tom," if you know you are going to veto the Ordinance it would save us the cost of re-advertising" Tom said, "he doesn't want to save the council money, he wants to prove a point." Jeff said, "you want to prove they are spending money wrongly, then you want to have them spend more money wrongly. What are you trying to prove?" Tom said "Let's not talk about it."

A Special meeting is set for Saturday December 22, at 10 AM because of Mayor vetoing Ordinances.

If no other business, Sue motions to adjourn, Ron 2nds. Motion carried. 8:30 PM


Patricia Betts