November 2, 2017
Regular Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Sue Bartow, Clark Baird, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Amy Lickenfelt

Absent- Mark Scribe, Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Pam and Joe St Clair, Beth Thompson, Bill Rigby

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy
Approval of Oct 5 Regular meeting minutes. Sue motioned to approve and 2nd by Ron. Minutes approved with corrections concerning comment about Mayor Pickup. Should state Pat was informed by Mayor not the Mayor reporting himself.

Treasurer report October - Sue asked about breakdown of charges from Lowes. Pat explained the total charges for each item. Sue also asked about Bill's wages. Wanted to know total hours whether his fees were for 1 week or two. Clark asked about Lamantia charges for skidsteer. Pat also explained charges for this item. Clark motion to approve and Sue 2nd. Treasurer report approved.

Solicitor Report there is an Ordinance that has to be approved and signed as we go along.
Ordinance pertained to Police Ordinance that needed to be advertised.

Public comment - Mr. St. Clair asked about the cable lines whether the lines were updated or not and who owns them to get this done. Pat informed him Comcast owns the lines and we have already spoken to them on the contract renewal.

Update on Garage ligation - nothing yet.

Update on 5th street drain. Ron explained it was crushed in three places and also the line was clogged solid and needed to be unclogged by Router Rooter. They got the line opened by going from the bottom up. It was recommended that all the drains in town get camered and fixed and then put a liner in all the lines to re-enforce the old piping.

Police Ordinance next. Sue questioned about the contract wanting to know if this is now no good because the ordinance was not done first. Jeffery said New Florence was awaiting the Ordinance from us so the DA can approve necessary documents to be able to start.
Amy signed off on Ordinance, gave to Pat to get Mayor's signature and deliver to New Florence to finalize the paperwork.

Tri-Community Sewage Board letter. Sue is resigning from her old post with Fairfield Township and applying for the Bolivar position replacing Tom Pickup. Clark motioned to accept Sue and Ron 2nd. Approved.

Budget for 2018. Everyone has had a chance to oversee the new budget. Is everyone in agreement? Sue asked if we could take any money out now to get another CD or would we have to wait until next year. Clark motion to tentatively approve. Amy seconds. Ron abstains.

New business - next meeting to be held December 7th.
Ron put a call into Mr. Powell from Applachian Forestry for possible logging of more property we own. He had not received an answer from them yet.
Sue mentioned Charlie has an idea of where the boundary is.

CD rates for maturing CD. Pat checked with bank. Was informed that our one CD which matured on the 30th of October is at a rate of 0.50 for 10 months. The new CD price would be 0.75 for 12 months with no penalty for early withdrawal. Sue motioned to renew CD #1 Clark 2nd. Pat said that is the only one maturing right now.

Letters. Charlie Boring submitted a letter of resignation as assistant street commissioner. Clark motion to accept, 2nd by Ron. All in favor.

Fire Dept is asking for us to instead of keeping their vehicles on our insurance policy they want us to give them the money so they can get their own insurance for the vehicles. They no longer want to go through us if they have an accident or the insurance company requests additional information on their drivers.
Pat is to check with insurance company to find out the rates we are paying now and what the rates would be if we dropped them. Would it go up or remain the same? They want us to pay them directly for their insurance rather than pay the insurance company directly and keep them on policy.
Clark makes motion to approve Bill Rigby to pay for hotel expense for the dirt and gravel training program in state college on Nov 8 and 9th. Ron 2nds. This was a telephone approval prior to today so the hotel could be booked.

Sewage Report = no meeting yet.

Mayor report - nothing

Street Commissioner Report - Ron said just the 5th street drain is complete. Bill also had a report from Mark.
1. Replace hoses on spreader, plus need a new one on plow - will replace next week. Fix tailgate bar. Still needs plug.
2. Truck been inspected.
3. Salt and anti-skid delivered
4. Fix sensors on garage door and got remotes. Garage door still has some issues. It goes back up after it comes whole way down need to adjust sensors again.
5. 5th street storm sewer fixed and flowing
6. Still need lights for garage.
Pam spoke up and said Sam's club has the lights to put up in garage. Lamantias got them for their building. They are $35.00 per light can hook up several together. Joe and I are going again on Wednesday. They are hung with chains in the warehouse. They can be hung in the Quonset hut with chains also. Everyone agreed for Bill to check out the fixtures to see if they will work in the Quonset hut also. Bill to let Mark know if they will work.
Pat said, Mark went to Tractor Supply and could not use the credit card. She called the company and was told that if the card was not used within a two year period the system automatically closes out the account. Do we want to re apply again? Everyone agreed to reapply after the first of the year when we have the new council and know who the Street Commissioner is.

Parks & Rec. Beth said everything went well with the hayrides. Got positive response from everyone. Getting ready for Christmas season now. We are checking on sleigh rides, and doing house decorating contest and charging $5.00 entry fee. Also working on events for next year.
Decorating for Christmas at the park on Dec 3rd. Pat said she had a complaint about the starting time since it is on a Sunday. We had it set for 11 am, wants it changed to a later time frame so more people can help.

Motion to adjourn done by Sue, Ron 2nds. Time 7:45 PM.

Patricia Betts