December 5



This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Clark Baird President at 7 PM

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Calin Gropp, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lou McLaughlin, & Mayor Tom Pickup

Absent: none

Public Attendance, Mr. Robert Malloy, from Forest Land Services, Keith Vasas from CME, Melissa Miller, Alex Ashcroft-Ligonier Echo, Pam & Joe StClair

Approval Nov regular meeting minutes. Motion to approve made by Sue 2nd by Calin. All in favor, motion carried.
Approval of Treasurer Report. Motion to approve treasurer report made by Clark, 2nd by Lou. All in favor, motion carried.

Solicitors Report. Nothing at this time.

Results of Bid Openings for Timbering at Stump Farm. Mr. Malloy opened the 7 bids he received.
Bid # 1 Springfield Lumber Co $60,389
Bid # 2 Pine Ridge Forest Products $61,567.15
Bid #3 HMI Lumber $96,906
Bid #4 Accurate Logging $ 87,250
Bid #5 Trumpco Forest Products $96,092.
Bid #6 Brown Lee Lumber Co $79,896.
Bid #7 Alleghany Wood Products $81,629
Mr. Malloy satated he has dealt with HMI in the past and has never had any problems with this company. In his professional business the top three are really good companies and the others he has not dealt with very much. Springfield Lumber he has never dealt with so not sure how they would work out. After Discussion Ron motioned to have HMI Lumber do the timbering for $96,906.00. Clark 2nd all in favor, Motion passed.

Mr. Malloy will contact award winner and start paperwork for signing contracts.
Sue asked what we actually get out of the lumber timbering. Mr. Malloy said minus 15% which is his fee equals $82,370.10 total. We will receive 1/4 when the project starts, - 1st of February, 1/4 when 25% done 1st of April, 1/4 when half way done- and he tells them when they are half way done, they do not get a say in it, 1/4 when project is completed June 1. He will ensure they have all their necessary paperwork and insurance on hand before they start. Mr. Malloy also stated we can timber again in 15 years.

Update on storm water project - Keith Vasas- CME Engineering.
CME laid out the storm water system and completed the Storm Water Project Grant Program. Keith has sent a letter of intent to Westmoreland County Development of Planning, letting them know that Bolivar is applying for grant funds to the PA Small Water and Sewer Program and the H2O PA program to replace an existing Storm sewer system that is failing in Bolivar. After they reviewed the information they determined it is in alignment with their comprehensive plan, Reimaging our Westmoreland.
Keith still need summery sheets and he  needs to get together and send along with the (3) three Resolutions for the project. Each Resolution needs to say what type of grant you will apply for.
After review of the Resolutions, motion was made by Sue, 2nd by Lou for the H2O Resolution for $1,000,000. to match total funds, Small Water and Sewer Resolution, for $425,000 and H2O PA Water Resolution for $75,000 All in favor, motion passed. Clark and Pat signed the Resolutions and gave Keith his copies, and kept a copy of Resolutions for Borough.

Public Comment.
Pam said she received a call from Highridge saying the consumption of water was over 9,000 gallons this past month at the store. The people from the tree cutting project found out Lamanta's had a rest room and they came over constantly to use the restroom. We found out they also broke the toilet. She wanted to know if the Borough could have a port-a-john available year round. Also someone came up into their yard and took out a piece of our hedge, and tore up the yard. 

Joe brought up several mistakes on the minutes to be corrected. page 1- says $1,800.00 and should say $1,800,000. Page 4 under parks flag need to be replaced with wreath. Joe also wanted to know if the state would put speed bumps along that section of highway. Lou commented they would not do it because of the plows.

Approval of 2020 Budget. Lou motioned to approve 2020 Budget for $93,904.05 with a 2 % increase.in real estate tax.  This brings the mil's up to 16. Motion 2nd by Clark, all in favor motion passed.

Approval of tax increase Ordinance by 2 mils.
Motion to approve the tax increase by 2 mils made by Lou, 2nd by Clark. All in favor motion passed. Ordinance was signed by Clark, and approved by Mayor.

Update on drain issue at St Clair's and right of way signed document still needed from St Clair's. Pam said they have not signed right of way yet. Her lawyer is out of town and will get to him when he returns. She also explained what her contractors had to do to fix the problem of the water seepage into their basement.

Update on cell phone service tower

Pat received an e-mail from Alda Licis -TilsonTech. They spoke to Mr. Stull and made contact with At&T. Their engineer is reviewing the tower location and height for potential deployment. She will keep us posted of any new information received.

Update on drain issue on 2nd and McKinley.
Ron spoke to Bill and said he needed to do another estimate on the project because the pipe size change from 6 inch to 10 in.

Comcast Renewal contract. Jeffery advised not to sign yet.

Update on street opening Ordinance. Lou did not check into it yet but will do so. Problem was the curb to curb. Lou to stop and see Calvin and find out exactly what the issue of the Ordinance is.

ATM Contract with Somerset Bank.
Pat received a text message from Sean yesterday and she to meet with Comcast this upcoming Monday for the internet service for the kiosk.

Update on the 4th & Walnut St dirt and gravel project.
Pat said the closing project paperwork has been completed and awaiting for the final review and final payment from Conservation District. Lou said we probably should put a "no motorized vehicles sign" up there because of the way we had to do the project with the drain.

Update on 2019 CDBG. -
Pat received a message from Terry Antonacci. He said the funds should be released by first week of December. He also suggested we probably should wait until spring to start the project but we could do the bids and have that completed over the winter.

Update on EMS backup service. Jeffery said as of several days ago Laurel Valley Ambulance Service is done. It looks like New Florence will go with West End Service. We still have Citizens. Ambulance Service.

New Business:
Approval of Sunshine Notice for 2020
Sue motions to approve the dates, 2nd by Calin, All in favor motion passed.
Meeting dates for 2020 are as follows:
Monday January 6, re-organization meeting 6:30 regular meeting 7 PM
Thursday February 6th 7 PM Alternate February 13th 7 pm
Thursday March 5th 7 pm Alternate March 12th 7 pm
Thursday April 2nd 7 PM Alternate April 9th 7 pm
Thursday May 7th 7 pm Alternate May 14th 7 pm
Thursday June 4th 7 pm Alternate June 11th 7 pm
Thursday July 2nd 7 pm Alternate July 9th 7 pm
Thursday August 6th 7 pm Alternate August 13th 7 pm
Thursday September 3rd 7 pm Alternate September 10th 7 pm
Thursday October 1st 7 pm Alternate October 8th 7 pm
Thursday November 5th 7 pm Alternate November 12th 7 pm
Thursday December 3rd 7 pm Alternate December 10th 7 pm

Next meeting Date - January 6th 6:30 PM for re-organization and swearing in of new officers

Sewage Report: Nothing to report.

Mayor Report: The only thing Mayor has is attending the EMS meetings

Street Commissioner Report Requesting a new gauge for the gas pump . After checking it out, the salt got to it. Cost will be $150 Sue motions to approve spending for up to $150, 2nd by Clark, All in favor, motion passed.

Sue spoke with a concern for phoning for approvals for signs if not at a meeting. This needs to be done at a regular meeting if not an emergency.

Ron said when he requested approval for signs from last meeting he was not aware the company that quoted $9.06 per sign did not meet Penn Dot spec's. When he went to order the signs through PA Municipal he was informed the cost would be $1488.50. He apologized for the incorrect figures from last month. Clark made motion to approve for the $1488.50, Calin 2nd, motion passed.

Truck put 179.7 miles in November and used 73 gallons of gas.

Parks & Recreations
Pat said Santa coming Dec 21st 4 to 6 pm, K & K coming also- doing hot chocolate Trying to finish up the display at the park, weather permitted.
We also started the Hometown Hero Banner Program. The Legion agreed to go in on it with us. They to send off to District to see if they would do the mailings for the Post members. Pat also went to Fairfield TWP and West Wheatfield for them to try to get Penelec approval to use their poles for the Banners. If they will not approve then the people can put their banners on the front porches, trees or where ever they wish.

Also the Legion purchased a large wreath to place at the Bolivar Cemetery. They to do a special ceremony on Saturday 14th at noon for anyone who wishes to attend.

Clark asked if any other business.
Clark wanted to thank Calin for his service to council. This is his last meeting on the board.

Jeffery spoke up and mentioned the police car in his garage. Council needs to begin to think about getting it out of there. I really don't want to keep it indefinitely. Hopefully in 2020 you all would come up with a solution for relocating the car.

Pat wanted to know if council will permit the removal of the AED unit from the cruiser to be placed in the Borough office. Tom said he could get replacement  batteries for it . Clark approved the removal. Tom just needs the model number to get the batteries.

Motion to adjourn was made by Calin, 2nd by Lou. All in favor, motion passed.
Meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Patricia Betts