Brick Fest 


# 2

June 27, 2018

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Melissa Miller, Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Ben West
Absent- Beth Thompson, Aaron Bouch
Public Attendance, Joe St Clair, Pam St Clair , Sue Bartow

Meeting called to order at 7PM by Melissa Miller
Sue asked whether we could talk about Parks meetings during the brick-fest meeting without advertising. Pat explained this is the brick-fest meeting and not parks.

Discussion was made on the mailing for the brick-fest and events through the post office. Everyone went over possible flyer and corrections were made and suggestions as an eye catcher. Pat said if the cost was not too expensive she will have it printed outside, otherwise Pat would do herself. Mailing will be done as soon as possible. Hopefully by the first of the week.  Pat said just to have Robinson, West Bolivar and Bolivar residents for a total count of 1011 people for a cost of $179.00.

Discussion was made on issuing a ticket for everyone who comes and everyone who buys something. This way everyone gets something and is fair and legal under SGOC.  It was decided to put the free ticket over the postage paid stamp.

Event list needs to be done.

DJ play noon to possibly 4 PM
Tug of war 9 AM

Brick-toss 10 AM 
Sack Races 11:30 AM 

Balloon Toss 12 PM 
Dunking Booth 12 - 5 pm
Corn Hole contest 1 pm
Pie Judging event 2 pm
Water-melon seed spitting 3 pm
Hula-hoop contest 3:30

Basket drawing 4 pm
Concert 5-7 pm

Movie starting at dusk
Craft vendors 9-5 pm
Various food & drink all day
Face Painting all day
Bouncy Houses all day

Having the goofy golf ended up costing too much money. Melissa said after reading the fine print it was not a good idea.
Ligonier theatre willing to have a Bolivar night at their location. They also willing to have a show at our location.

Movies $250 to $300 depending on what is picked. Criterion Pictures (Brian Fox, contact person) - is the name of company. Melissa was to have the kids in summer program to choose the movie. You get the movie for 1 day.

Pat asked about the food. She wanted to know if there would be a problem if we sold popcicles or ice cream sandwiches during the event.
Melissa said we also have a hot dog machine, nachos machine, popcorn machine from her brother. She has to get from Pittsburgh.

Pam said Joe and she will provide the eggs and hula-hoops.

Pie contest- Pam to ask Keri-Deane to handle pie contest.
We still need to get volunteer's to help.

Pat also asked about prize winner awards. What are we going to do. Melissa mentioned to use wooden nickels. Pat to check on the billing to check the cost.

Melissa brought up the books again. Wants to pre-sale the books. Ben said that is a parks thing not the brick-fest. Pam asked the price. Melissa said $30.00 We take pre-orders until we have enough. 50 books $24.50 100-$17.00
Pat asked about the bouncy house all day tickets. Any particular color. Any color you want. Tickets can be pre-purchased before hand and surrender the ticket for wrist band day of event.  $5.00 all day usage.

Melissa asked about the band. She asked if she could get the band for $250.00 do we want her to book them? Everyone agreed to book for that price.

Meeting adjourned 8:30

Patricia Betts