This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Lewis McLaughlin, Council President at 7 PM.

PresentLewis McLaughlin, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Keith St.Clair, Gladine McMaster

Absent: Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance:  Zackary and Cassandra Burtop, and Dan Short, JR, Everett Saxton, Gwen Kovac, Ed from Curry & Kepple, and Jim Prisk from McCormick Taylor

Approval July meeting minutes.   

Sue motion to approve with correction of Keith last name, 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer Report.   

Sue questioned Beaufort Services - backflow inspection.  Wanted to know if this is being done every year.  Pat explained this was a requirement from Highridge.   Sue motion to approve treasurer report, 2nd by Gladine, all in favor motion carried.

Public Comment.

Boone had nothing to say.  Everett asked about the port-a-johns being locked.  He said kids use it as well as people who walk the park and boaters.  Lou said we had some people complain.  It was the parks decision.  People complained about some people stumbling out with needles still in their arms.  Everett wanted to know if council was paying for the portajohns.  Lou said Parks and Rec pay for them. 

Sue said she wants to bring up the subject concerning Parks.  It was told that since Parks is under the borough that we are also responsible for this.  Gladine said we always let them do what they wanted. 

Jeffery said this is true but if council wants to have them unlocked then take a vote on this.  We have people calling on the concern of what takes place in there. 

Boone wanted to know how they are getting cleaned.  It was explained that Welshons are using their locks so they have access to clean them and Parks also has a key to unlock and lock. 

Jeffery says does the need outweigh the issue.  Discussion was also on the subject of opening during the day and closing at night.  The main problem is the issues take place during the day.  This is why they got locked up. 

Some parks people wants them locked and some do not.  It is a public park and therefore should be kept unlocked.  Then we have the issue of finding needles in them.  There really is no solution. 

We also could inspect them for needles.  Pat said she asked Welshons if they found any needles and they said only 1 time have they found any needles. 

Keith motion to open the portajohns, 2nd by Lou. Gladine wanted to know if they could override parks on this matter.  Jeffery said since the Borough oversees the parks they have a right to override their decision.  Sue yes to open.  Gladine said no, keep closed.  Ron said no, keep closed.

Special guest speakers:  Jim Prisk and Ed from Curry and Kepple spoke about the CDBG issue with piping.    Jim started off with the storm water project.  It was established a start date.  As Curry and Kepple was getting materials for the project they ran into a problem with getting piping.  They have requested an extension.  They were given 15 to 18weeks to receive the materials which would put them into mid November before they got the materials.  We are recommending to extend the project to May 31, of 2022.  They can do some of the work up until November.  If they start they must complete before winter.  They can then come back in the spring and start again March 14 and do the paving after April 1. 

Have had several conversations with the county and they have agreed we have until June of 2022. to complete the entire project.    Sue wanted to be clear that council has the decision to say either to start part of the project now or wait until spring.  Ed explained he was informed that no matter what size piping it is still on back order for 15 to 18 weeks to receive.  Ed said we need 240 ft of 8 inch piping, 40 ft of 24 inch, 40 ft of 6 inch, 40 ft of 6 feet.  He has no pipe at all for this job. 

So basically you are asking us for an extension.  What we don't want to do is move in all the equipment and start the job and then have to move the equipment back again in March weather permitting.  We also want to make sure there would not be no additional cost to us. 

Lou made motion on county approval to start project March 14, 2021 and do the entire job weather permitting April 1 asphalt and finish May 31, 2022, 2nd by Sue, all in favor motion carried. 

Solicitors ReportJeffery states he has nothing to report.

Old Business:

Tub mill Creek Donation response from Solicitor. 

Council person Sue Bartow asked that Jeffery review the appropriation made to Tub mill Trout Club at the last Council meeting. 

Jeffery said PSAB has issued an opinion that the donation is not an authorized expense.  Jeffery looked into it has determined that it can be because of the status as a non-profit watershed association.  Lou said he spoke to rest of council and decided not to go through council but to make a private donation. 

Borough building lighting update.

Keith said at the last meeting no one seemed to want to order on line.  Lowes has the best price to get from.  They had 2pack 2x4 for flat panel light of $99.99.  Keith's concern is the ceiling light panels will they break or not.  Pat said we have extra in the back.  We need 22 lights.  The other concern is the lights flickering off and on as we set here.  We will need an electrician to check the lighting out. 

Lou said Larry Nanna's does a lot of electrical work around here.   Gladine makes a motion to purchase the 22 lights so the electrician will already have on site.  Cost not to exceed $1000.  Ron 2nds motion all in favor motion passed. 

Get Mr. Nanna to look and get estimate for wiring.  Also get Beaufort for a quote. 

Skid Steer update.   

Brakes are now working.  We just need the bucket welded.   Lou said he went up to Pristows.  They have a Kubota up there and if we traded in the skid steer they would give is $1500 as trade in.  Everyone has a copy for review.  Final cost would be $18,753.63 this is the price for an automatic.  The standard is $1000 cheaper.    Jeffery said we still need several bids because of the cost. 

Update on request for Ordinance on farm animals.

Gladine said the feedback she got was we do not have anyone to enforce the Ordinance.  The animals have moved in.  We have pigs, goats, chickens and the pig has gotten out several times already.  Lou said we have a copy of Seward's Ordinance on farm animals to use as a guidance.  Discussion was made on the Ordinance.  Gladine motioned to do farm animal Ordinance, Lou 2nd, all in favor motion carried.

Jeffery said Seward, New Florence, and StClair are all going together to have a code enforcement officer.  It may be possible they could come down here also. 

 Update on salt and Anti-skid bids. 

Ron and Keith went down and did measurements.  His recommendation is to cut the proposal in half and just put the salt outside and just cover with a tarp.  This way the salt would not be drawing moisture.      It will take 26 blocks that run around $90 apiece from Marion Supply.  From Lee Concrete it is $88.50 per block. 

Sue said she called a guy in Johnstown that she saw while out.  She said they are $75.00 a piece. They will deliver and set up.  Sue said they sent her an email with 4 attachments and she forwarded to Lou. 

Sue wanted to know if we want to pour concrete first.  Discussion was made on this.  Need to check with others to see if their municipality concreted first. 

Keith asked if we are to do both sections and just the one.  If Fi-Hoff is cheaper and they are the same we can order them.  Keith said whichever place is cheaper can we approve up to $85. A piece

Gladine motions to get updated prices from both places and on the cost of just the one bin.  Motion 2nd by Sue all in favor motion passed. 

American Rescue Plan Funds Update.

Pat said we are classified as a non-entitlement unit of local government because of our population under 1,000.  We must use the funds on water and sewer infrastructure as how we applied.  Our project was 5th & Washington St to 5th & Market Street storm water replacement Program.

We are required to do our 1st report by Oct 31, 2021.  and then annually by Sept 30 each year.

Our 1st report must include signed award terms and conditions agreement that was submitted to get the funds.  Copy of assurance of compliance also that was submitted to get the funds.  Copy of actual budget that was submitted to get the funds.

After the first year we are required to produce summaries of actual expenses of the fund monies toward our initial project.

We are exempt from filing quarterly. 

New Business

2022 CDBG program is now open for applying.

Does council want me to contact Keith Vasas with CME Engineering to continue to apply for phase two of the storm water grant or someone else? 

Sue motioned to continue to file with Keith, Lou 2nd motion, all in favor motion passed.

Time Clock requires new ribbon cost $20 purchase from Gary Newhouse in New Alexandria.

Pat said we bought the time clock in 2015 and ribbon has never been replaced.  It is difficult to see the time stamp. 

Gladine motion not to exceed $100. Keith 2nd all in favor, Lou voted no, motion passed.

Road closure Aug 14 & 15th for Legion between 3rd & Washington to 3rd & Market including the alley between 2nd & 3rd Street and alleyway between 3rd & 4th Street. 

Lou motion to close streets, Gladine 2nds, all in favor motion passed. 

Received request from Board of Appeals for property belonging to Darlene & Sue Bartow for August 17th to reduce property taxes.  Would council like to appeal or not

Lou made a motion not to contest, 2nd by Keith 2nd all in favor, Ron no, Sue abstains

Lighting at upper playground and electricity - Parks decision on the matter. 

Pat said Beauforts is coming out in the morning and bringing a pole from a company in Laughlintown to set the pole and install the wiring and plugs.  Penelec is taking the power from a pole across the street by Ben West house.  Since we wanted electric plugs plus the lighting for the playground we had to purchase our own materials.  Gladine asked if there is going to be a shut off for this like the other lighting is in the park.  Pat said yes, we will have the box locked and can turn the power off and on as needed.   Lou asked if parks is paying for this.  Pat said Parks is paying for the entire project. 

PA Act 33 bill- effective August 29, 2021 bidding requirement for tax sale of properties.

Anyone who intends to bid at a scheduled tax sale must pre-register and pre-registration ends 10 days prior to the sale.

Lou asked if any other business.  

Lou said there is a vehicle at 767 Lincoln Street with no inspection or plates on vehicle.  Vehicle belongs to Santos.  Pat is supposed to send a letter requesting them to move.   Jeffery said it is in our nuisance ordinance.

Sewage Report:  Sue said not to report. Meeting was last month. 

Lou wanted to know how we are doing with storm water going into the sewage system.  We still have 1 additional home that is refusing to get fixed. 

Mayor report:   Pat said he claimed he was going to be here but he is not.

Street Commissioner Report

 Truck put 133.6 miles on truck and used 2.35 gallons of gas per mile.  He got a load of gas from Accent fuels.  Got 300 gallons of gas.  Zero turn put 13.7 hours and used 23.69 gallons.  Garage door issue again- won't stay down. 

Request to by new chain for Greg who had to use his chain to pull skid steer.  Cost is 5.18 cents per foot.  Need 12 feet.  

Sue wanted to know if we could get several links to fix the old one and keep it, and also to get a new chain to replace Greg's. 

Keith suggested to motion to approve up to $100 for replacement chain for Greg and fix the chain that is broken.  Lou will come get the chain and fix it.  Gladine 2nd, all in favor motion passed. 

Need new opener for garage door.  Ron said it cost around $1200 for a new opener.  Need price from several places.  Let's call the original company also to get an estimate.

Parks & Rec.  Report

Pat said Brickfest coming up this year.  We have over 25 vendors coming, have the bouncy houses for the kids, and Beer tent at Legion as well as games for all ages.  The Auxiliary and Fire Dept will be selling tickets under their SGOC licenses.  Have various food vendors, and concerts.  We also are having a car show.  We are hoping for good weather. 

Pat also said we just got done replacing 8 boards on the benches and we have 5 sets of concrete sides to get replaced.  The concrete is crumbling because of poor mixture.   Each concrete slab is costing $60 each.  

Boone said he spent 5 hours bleaching and staining and polished Ed Speidels bench and he wanted to know if we are going to do the others.  Boone continued to complain about the benches.  Lou stopped Boone and said he is to bring up any questions he has to a parks meeting.  He was told to talk to parks and not council.  He wanted council to stop Greg from turned over the benches.  He said he weed eats his mom’s bench at home without turning over and Greg can do the same here.  Again Lou said to bring up at parks meeting and not here.

Sue asked about gas usage She calculated we used 185 gallons since January.  We got 300 gallons and wanted to know if the tank is full.  Maybe you need to check on this.  Pat asked Ron when the last time gas was gotten.  Gas was last gotten in October 2020.  That answers your question where the other gas went to.

Lou motions to close meeting at 8:45 PM 2nd by Keith, all in favor motion passed. 


Patricia Betts