Brick Fest

Meeting # 5

​August 8th 

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Present: Melissa Miller, Pat Betts, Ron Betts, Ben West, Beth Thompson, Pam StClair

Absent- Aaron Bouch

Public Attendance, none

Beth questioned whether the Fire Company is going to do their demonstration. Pat said Aaron informed her they were not because of prior commitment to Knotweed Festival and poor turnout last time they did it. Aaron also mentioned that John told him he would try to get back in time to do the judging. If so we will have 4 judges instead of three.

Beth asked if the map of vendor locations was finished and whether Kathleen stopped in for her vendor booth. Pat said both have been done. Pat explained the location of each vendor and how each would flow.

Melissa said she has 12 pies coming. The majority of pie makers had no problem selling rest of pieces of pies for parks. Melissa also said she has approx. 17 baskets. Melissa also had extra tattoos for the cheerleaders doing face painting.

Pam wanted to verify games and times. She to put information on her large sign in front of store.

Pat wanted to know a definitive answer on selling pizza at the Brick Fest. Everyone agreed not to do this time
because of all the other food we are doing. Pat was told, Kathleen was assuming she was doing pizza's. Pat did insist she did not ask this time. If we sell out then we can call and ask for pizza but otherwise not at this time.
Pat also said that if we do a Halloween movie and weather is bad then we can use the Legion to show.
It was decided not to do the tug of war. We were having a hard time in finding a large rope.

Sack races, Melissa asked the school and the Y and no one has them. Her son says we have them at the farm.
Baskets. Pam said she was making one from Lamantia. She will be doing a gift certificate in the basket.

Melissa said she was donating the Huluski. Melissa also gave Pat the packaging for water balloons.
Beth volunteered to do the Sloppy Joes. Pat to get the hamburger and hot dog buns.

Small bouncy house – age group 0 – 5 years.
Cheerleading tent – Beth in charge
Update on IRMC booth – have not heard back from them
Main table area – put beside of concession stand.
Definite time for DJ – 12 to 4 PM
Finalize food – and pricing
Hot dogs - $1.50 with sloppy joe $2.00
Nachos & cheese $2.50
Chips $0.50
Small crock sauerkraut with HD - $2.00
Huluski $2.00 2 roasters
Sloppy joes. $2.00
Soda $0.50
Water $1.00
Push pops $0.50

Hug Jugs $0.50
Also purchase cans of ice tea
Add slice of pie $2.00

Decision was made to not do pizza this time.
We will do popcorn for movie.

We are assigning Ben's daughter Kayla to run the Dunking Booth. Ben and Cathy will be there around 11AM. Cathy to do pot stickers. She needs to write down recipe so people know what ingredients are in them. No problems then with people who cannot have them. Decision to sell 3 for $1.00

Time to set up Friday evening 6:30 PM to meet at Park
Saturday morning 6:30 AM to meet vendors and start food
Dunking booth noon - 5 pm

Beth, Teresa, Tom, Clark, Abby, Logan - 3 tries for $1.00

Brick-toss 10 AM Gary Baird and Lane Gamble
Corn hole contest 1 pm – Beth and Billy?
Sack Races 11:30 AM - Melissa
Pie judging event 2 pm - Boone, Jim Gregorich, John Speidel, Jeffery Miller  Boone in charge
Balloon toss noon- Melissa
Water-melon seed spitting 3 pm- Pam measure for distance
Hula-hoop contest 3:30- 4:00 Pam has 30- she has little and big ones.
Basket drawing 4 pm All of us
Concert 5-7 pm
Movie starting at dusk
Possible music chairs games was brought up. We need at least 10 chairs, Get from Legion.
Craft vendors 9-5 pm

Various food & drink all day
Face painting all day Cheerleaders
Bouncy houses all day – need someone to sit and regulate.

Ben wanted to know if his wife made pot stickers for the Brick-fest. She brought up the subject and said she would like to do it. Everyone agreed for her to do this.
Chocolate pretzels - Pam to bring up rest of them and whatever doesn't get sold Melissa will sell at store for us.
Pat asked Pam if we could do a running tab on the ice. She to come down on Friday and get ice. Pat will also have someone walk around the park selling bottles of water with a cooler on wheels. Beth to get 10 pounds of Hamburg from Lamantia store also.
Plans for Friday night. Set up tents, mark lines for vendors, set up tables and do as much as possible.
Discussion was made on dunking booth. Need to put back by the hill because of balls.
Melissa brought up the discussion of asking Chris Yeager to sing. He did the song about Bolivar. Would love to hear it.

Pat asked about start up funds. She said she kept out the start up funds of $85.00 from the concert in July. It was agreed to get $200 in 1 $200 in 5. $100. in $10 totaling $500 extra

Meeting adjourned 8:00


Patricia Betts