This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Clark Baird, Mark Scribe and

Solicitor Jeff Miller, Mayor Tom Pickup.

Absent- none.

Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Dan Short, JR, John Kovac, Melissa Miller, and Pat Skavang and Paul Hall

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

June 6 Regular Meeting Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by Clark and 2nd by Mark. All approved.

June Treasurer report was reviewed. Sue questioned the funds turned in for clean up days. Pat stated $71.50 was turned in for deposit and $11.50 was spent on food for workers. Sue wanted to know if anyone else turned in funds. Pat said she received another $5.00 this evening from Clark for his usage, however it will go on next month’s treasurer report and not this months.

Sue motions to accept, Clark 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery stated he will answer whatever comes up as we go along.

Public comment. - John Kovac, has a packet to present for a Banner to go over RT 259 for events in September at the Legion. He notified state requesting permission and was sent documents to give to council for this process. John has on flash drive a sample Resolution request that needs to be done. Jeffery will review while council continues with other public comments.

Pat Skavang says she walking from Carrie Dean Clawson house at 849 McKinley St to Paul Hall’s house at 709 Lincoln St twice a day. (2) Two Pit bull dogs came out on the road at her running real fast and barking at her. Lucky I had my walking stick to wave it at them or they would have bit me because I froze. I then ran to Kathy Griffith House at 847 and she drove me home. The people with the dogs are Aaron Bouch at 826 McKinley Street. When she went to go home the guy came out and yelled at the dogs. The fence is a very small fence and dogs stand up as tall as the fence. I take care of Carrie Dean Clawson twice a day so have to go up and down there. Council decided that Mark should stop by and speak to Aaron concerning animal complaint. A letter of concern needs to be sent to Aaron on this also.

Dan wants to know about the building that is supposed to be built. He also wanted to know about the chickens. He gave us a month. He also complaining about the scooter. He said he is going to call the cops. Disruption between Sue and Dan began, Amy stepped in and said to notify police if it happens and quit threating to call. Just do it. End of discussion.

Melissa, playground program will start on Monday. YMCA Ligonier has certificate of insurance set up and faxing. They have asked for $1000. It covers  two girls for 3 hours per day, 3 days, per week for 6 weeks. YMCA is loaning equipment for this year to see how it goes and we will purchase next year. Amy wanted to know if it was advertised. Melissa said she will go around to where the kids all live and ensure they have a flyer on it. She has been handing out flyers to everyone that come into store. Motion made to pay $1000.00 to YMCA for playground program, Sue motions and Ron 2nds. All approved.

Amy asked Melissa if she was interested in or knows anyone who is interested in being on Parks and Rec. Melissa thought we already had people.

John mentioned this weekend he has people coming to help clean up streets and requesting someone from Boro to be able to use the Boro truck to pick the piles of dirt and anti-skid from edges of road. He got PENNDOT to come and sweep the street but they just pushed the dirt to the side. John wants to get Borough support to use the truck. Amy said just basically parking the vehicle and having volunteers loading the truck. Amy said Ron will be contact for this.

Back to banner request. Jeffery said the Resolution is ok. Everyone needs to understand that each time a request is made a separate Resolution needs to be done. Clark made motion to approve, Mark 2nd, Ron Abstains. Motion approved. Jeff said also the Resolution needs to be on file with PENNDOT so we need to make sure the Borough seal is also on the copy going to PENNDOT. Ron is on Legion board so must abstain from vote. John wanted to know who will contact him when Resolution is done. Pat will get to John.

Update on Police coverage with New Florence contract. Amy asked if everyone had a chance to look over this. Sue asked about the coverage if officer is called to another locality. Jeffery said this was not really discussed. Jeffery discussed different situations that may arise and adjustments will be made for those times. Tom commented the police officer will present the 911 call report to show additional time. Bolivar will pay the 16 hours and New Florence will make up the difference. New Florence agreed to this per Tom. Jeffery said it is on him now to write up an agreement they both will agree upon. Let’s plan on next meeting to have something finalized for signatures.

Ron requesting additional approval of $45.31 on electric supplies for building. Amy motioned Sue 2nd. Additional money approved.

Waste Management update. Pat presented Amy with the minutes from November 2016 where Arch Dodson stated and council agreed to have Waste Management to use small trucks on all streets. Pat read the minutes to all council. Jeffery said we really cannot enforce the Ordinance without an officer. Amy wants to know how council can keep one company out and not the other. Both trash truck companies use their large trucks. Amy presented council with the question. What does council want to do? Clark suggested just to drop the matter. Mark, Sue and Clark and Amy all agreed to drop matter.

BCS Construction Update on 2016 road project. Pat stated on July 3rd Rick Skovensky received an email from Randy Bracken saying he already did the measurements from the project without council and PENNDOT. Rick was not pleased with the fact that Randy did the measurements without anyone else. Pat then received an email from Patty Bracken on July 3rd saying they had their measurements done and was ready to present their findings for the July 6th meeting and wanted to compare our figures with Randy’s figures. She was told by Randy that Rick’s figures were not done yet and now they are waiting on him so they can compare. The agreement was that BCS Construction, Rick Skovensky, and Sue and Ron were to all get together to do the measurements so everyone is in agreement on the measurements. Everyone was issued a copy of minutes from meeting and agreement was made to measure together to fix inconsistencies otherwise Borough will have to pay Liquid Fuels back.

Parks & Rec. Amy said Melissa is interested. Lenore is interested and Pat you are interested. Pat stepped in and said Lenore is not interested and I have too many other projects to do. I can help when available but can’t be doing Parks also.

Sue has questioned the Diane Gropp property. It is a safety issue and she wants to know what exactly can be done with it. In the past she has been sent a letter on this and again this year. This needs to be addressed. Sue was told from the last meeting that Diane was getting bids for fill for the property. What has been done with this? Jeffery said if the Borough wants to enforce it they would have to file a complaint with Denise Thiel’s office. Jeffery says each property issue needs to be dealt with individually. Either commit to doing something about it or not. Amy again after lengthy discussion wanted to know what council wanted to do about Diane Gropp property issue. Clark said he would stop up and talk to her and get a final answer. End of discussion.

Mayor received a call from 110 Shaffer St property. Mr. Echels who rents the property wants to know who to pay the charges to. Pat to get the mailing address of Mr. Eckels and send bill.

Next meeting, August 3 at 7 PM.

Resolution # 5 and # 6 destruction of records. Sue motions to approve both Resolutions #5 and # 6. 2nd  Mark. All approved.

Resolution # 5

Publication Notices – 10 year retention

2003 - Street Sweeper cleaning ad April 11 2003

Clean Up Days Ad May 3 2003

Hiring of Boro Worker May 16 2003

Hire Boro Worker June 20 2003

Change Borough meeting date Aug 29 2003

Interest in Council Seat Aug 29 2003

Adopt 2004 budget November 2 2003

2002 - Bid for 4 wheel drive dump bed March 8 2002

Clean Up day Ad May 24

Sale of 98 7350 Dump Truck & Spreader July 12 2002

Cancel of meeting lack of quorum August 16 2002

Audit complete for 2001 Sept 2 2002

Bid to sale 8 ft plow Sept 27 2002

Cancel of meeting lack of quorum Nov 8 2002

Tentative adoption of 2003 budget Nov 22 2002

Ad for police officer Dec 4 2002

Ad for tax millage Dec 6 2002

Ad for sunshine notice for 2003 Dec 6 2002

Faxes 5 year retention - 2005 year destroyed

Statement of Financial Interest 5 year retention

1998 - 2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007

Amy Lickenfelt _

Amy Lickenfelt, Council President


_Patricia Betts___

Patricia Betts, Secretary

Resolution # 6

Bank Statements 7 year retention

Both General Account and State Account

Years 2001 - 2002 - 2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008

Bills 7 year retention period

Years 2004- 2005- 2006- 2007

Check registers 7 year retention

2001- 2002 2006 and 2007

Cancelled checks 7 year retention

2001 and 2002

Qtr. Tax Returns 4 year retention

2nd qtr. 2003

2nd qtr. 2001

Employee separation / termination documents - 5 year retention


Real Estate Transfer Records – recorder of deeds 5 year retention

2005 and 2006

Payroll Records 4 year retention

2005 2006 and 2007

Amy Lickenfelt,

Amy Lickenfelt, Council President


Patricia Betts_,

_Patricia Betts, Secretary

Voter registration question request by Amy, for Clark on police officer. Apparently this is not allowed.

Parks & Rec Permit request. Beacon Independent Baptist Church wants to use the park August 2nd for their bible school project. They also would like to use the electric at concession stand.

Pat said the power needs to be turned back on. Need council approval to contact Penelec to have the electric turned back on. Clark made motion Sue 2nd all approved. Council approved for Pat to sign off on permit requests.

Boro Worker Resignation – After council read letter Sue motioned to accept and Mark 2nds. All approved. Advertise for a new worker. Place on bulletin board and Borough office. Clark motions to give two weeks’ notice from this meeting so council can advertise for a special meeting and go over applications before next meeting. Sue 2nds. All approved.

Ron and Sue talked about drain on 5th street. Found a camera person from Dean’s Drain Service. He came down and measured. His rate is $250.00 for 1 hour and $75.00 for each additional hour. He also fixes the drains. Ron made motion to pay up to $325.00 and Sue 2nd. All approved.


Westmoreland County Election Board wants to consolidate jurisdictions and letting us know this may be a possibility.

Federal Surplus program letter- we have been approved for the program.

Sewage committee: next week

Mayor Report. None

Street commissioner report. Sue has receipt for $6.18 for padlock and swivel hasp that needs to be reimbursed to Ron Houck for the purchase. Ron motions Sue 2nds all approved.

Ron also wants permission to run the zero turn mower. Jeffery suggests to get Myers or Charles Miller to train you. Amy agrees to this.

Parks & Rec. Sue, John and Charlie installed flags on poles and will remain up until September. Flags were donated by Mayor. Melissa is also trying to get a concert set up for this year.

Ron also needs to get additional cement for put up two more flags out front. John said to hold off, he can have the extra cement from the Legion.

Anything else on agenda. Sue Motions to adjourn, Mark 2nd. Time 8:30 PM.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts