This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Mark Scribe, Clark Baird, Solicitor Jeff Miller,

Absent: Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance: Arch Dodson

Meeting called to order 7 PM by Amy Lichenfelt.

Jeffery opened the one bid that was received. Jeffery stated Bid # 1 was from BCS Construction Inc, from Altoona.

Total bid for all projects $114,165.00


Alternate A- $52,428.00 - Walnut Street paving and drainage 2nd to 5th street

Alternate B - $22,001.00 7th Street Paving - from Crabapple Lane to McKinley St

Alternate C - $9,286.00 South West Corner McKinley & 5th St - Storm Sewer

Alternate D - $10,651.00 North East Corner Washington & 7th Street Storm Sewer

Alternate E - $9,753.00 South West Corner McKinley & 7th Street Storm Sewer

Alternate F $10,046.00 North East Corner Lincoln & 7th Street Storm Sewer

Amy asked what our total grant was for. Arch stated $91,000.00

Sue questioned what the alternates were. Arch stated they each were different sites. Arch stated there were (7) seven people who inquired on the project. Sue asked if the council could reject the bid. Jeffery stated the council could do so if they wished. Sue stated Vesco & Associates were out of Johnstown.

Jeffery stated for the record that BCS Construction is in compliance with all requirements.

Shawn will be picking up the documents tomorrow and reviewing and then forwarded onto Terry for Review. Everything can be finalized by Thursday if everything is compliant. Arch will speak with Terry tomorrow and request possible funding of total project.

Jeffery said an option would be for the county to kick in a few additional dollars and cover the entire project. Sue asked what funds were in Liquid Fuels. Pat explained we have approx $24,000 minus the $10,000 for McCormick & Taylor for the road project.

Jeffery was asked if we reject the bid what would be the time frame if this project were re-bid. Jeffery said we would be talking about end of Sept first part of Oct., right at the end of the season. If we push it back for another month, going late in the season the asphalt does not bond properly. Sue asked if we could carry any of the project over until spring. Arch stated there is a stipulation in the contract that the project has to be done this season.

Sue said we do have a new CDBG grant for years 2017-2018-2019 period that we can apply for if we have to for additional road projects.

Motion to adjourn by Amy, Sue 2nd. All in favor Council adjourned 7:30 PM.


Patricia Betts

Secretary/Treasurer ‚Äč