This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Ron Betts, Dan Short, JR, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Mayor Tom Pickup. Absent: Art Sisitki

Public Attendance: Rob King and Tony LaScala with Gregori Construction Inc for Railroad.; Adrian Cameron, Pam St Clair, Veronica Rager, Amber Houck, Jen Doni, Sandra Boring, Sandra Harris, Jim Harris, Melissa Miller, Arch Dodson, Cecilia Sisitki, Colin McMaster, Brenda Mack.

Amy Called meeting to order 7:00 PM. All council reviewed meeting minutes from March. Dan Short JR made motion to approve minutes, Tom Pickup 2nd motion. All approved.

Treasurer Report: All council reviewed. Dan Short made motion to accept report, 2nd by Sue Bartow. All Approved.

Solicitor report: Jeffery Miller states have nothing to report at this time other than what's on the Agenda for this evening.

Mr. Tony LaScala from Gregori Construction Inc was contracted through the Railroad to do work at Arch Way at Kelly Park. He was wanting to explain what they are going to do and wanted permission to make an access road for their heavy equipment and trucks. They want to construct a road behind the Quonset hut over to the river and also have access through Kelly Park. He passed out drawings of what work was to be done along with photos. Mayor, Tom Pickup asked what kind of repairs they were going to do. He was told a concrete and steel arch liner. The whole inside of arch was to be encased in concrete. The block on the outside will still look the same but inside will be sealed up. Ron Betts questioned his concern for the main sewage line that also runs down there. Mr. LaScala made comment they were aware of it and the sewage lines were already on their plans. He stated they would have to dig a little but would not disturb the sewer. Tom questioned the large rocks on the one side and was told that would go away and would be filled in but there would still be a walk way there. Jeffery questioned what exactly would they do. He is still concerned about the access road they want to put in. It was stated the grass would be removed and suitable stone would be put down for the trucks to travel on. When they are done they would remove it and put top soil and grass seed back down. Jeffery also question access to the public? Mr. LaScala said the public will still be able to use the access road. One section will be blocked for material storage and equipment storage. Jeffery asked for what period of time and Ron asked if the public would still be able to use the basketball court? The basketball court could still be used, however, they will be working there for a period of (6) months and have a section blocked off for that time period. Jeffery commented about the public ramp for boating there and they could not block that off for such a long time. Mr. LaScala stated the public would still be able to use it. Tom wanted to know about kayaking along the river and how it would affect that? Mr. LaScala stated their permit allows them to put all the water on either side of the arch so no one would be able to go straight threw during construction. Jeffery questioned about a construction permit to do all this. It was stated a copy of the authorization permit was given to Secretary to keep on record if anyone wanted to read it. Jeffery then question council about how they felt on granting access. Amy stated she does not have any problem; Tom stated it has to be done; Jeffery stated this is why he is asking the type of questions he is, however, if council agrees they can have access then once he authorizes the "Execution of License Agreement Form" they can go ahead. Arch Dodson had a question? When they are done rather than taking out the access road would it be feasible to leave the access road in for use by the public. Mr. LaScala said that would be an option instead of restoring the grass. Arch asked Jeffery if that would be possible because of the type of grant the Borough has for the lower park. The better access road for kayaking would be more beneficial. It would be a shame to tear it out if they did not have to. Ron stated the current access road is pretty bad. It washes out every time it rains. Mr. LaScala stated it would be an improvement for the park, definitely. Amy asked Jeffery the next step. He stated council needs to approve or deny access for the construction company and if approved he will draw up the documents for council signature. Amy made motion to grant access and Sue 2nd motion. All in favor, motion granted. Pam StClair questioned the children's safety, whether a fence would be constructed or not. Jeffery stated it appears that is what they intend to do. Mr. LaScala stated he then should send the license agreement to Jeffery and council would then sign off on it. Jeffery said that the approval would be done within the next several days rather than wait until next meeting. Council already voted to approve. Amy asked if anyone in the audience had any further questions to ask while the Construction Company was still here. No other comments. So they were invited to stay or go.

Sue wanted to call an executive session concerning personnel issues. Time 7:10 PM.

Meeting restarted again7:22 PM.

Sue stated discussion was about current boro worker. Sue made motion to have Mr. Houck's hours to go to 25 hours per week at rate of $10.00 per hour effective immediately. Ron 2nd motion. All in favor and approved.

Public comments: Melissa Miller, requested permission to block the road in front of her store from 4th to 5th street. She stated she will ask her neighbors if they have any concerns on the matter. Dates involved- June 18, for an auction, July 23, for a dance, and August 13 for a car cruise. All events will be from 6 PM to 8 PM except for car cruise, no specific time as of yet.

Dan Short questioned when Bolivar Days is planned? Melissa assumed it was 1st week in August. Pat commented she thought it was August 13th. Melissa stated it was not on the same weekend. Melissa said it was always the first weekend in August. Pat commented, she thought it was changed this year. Melissa said she did not know because nothing is out there yet. Arch Dodson commented the dates were not finalized yet for all the events taking place so nothing has been posted. Pat commented she thought her vendor application stated August 13th for Brick Fest. Melissa said she does not want to interfere if the Brick fest is the same time. She will change the car cruise date. Dan stated you would have (2) two car cruises then. Melissa said she will not have hers then. She will choose another date and come back later to ask permission for it. Sue stated June 18th is the yard sale date. Amy commented Melissa is having the auction for that reason. Amy made motion to have road closed between 4th & 5th street on Washington for June 18, and July 23 from 5:15 t 8:30 PM. Sue 2nd. Dan short opposed. Everyone else approved. Melissa wanted to know why he opposed. Amy asked Jeffery if Dan had to tell Melissa why he opposed. Jeffery told her it did not matter.

Next public comment: Jim Harris wanted to know if he was being called back or to look for another job. Amy stated "look for another job".

Next public comment: Cecilia Sisitki. She stated she contacted Mayor, Tom Pickup, Charlie Boring, and Art Sisitki around Feb 23rd or 24th during last snow storm. Cecilia had given access for the Borough worker to use her driveway to turn around so they could come down the hill to plow, however they were not to use the blade until they were turned around. Her road was damaged and she just wants the Borough to fix her road before winter. She has chunks of asphalt from the road lying down the hill. Anyone can come up and look at the damage. The chucks of pavement is clear down to the medical center. Amy asked if Art knows about it. Both Tom and Cecilia said that Art came to look at it. She however, did not know if Tom and Charlie came to look at it. Tom commented he talked to Art and he said he would take care of it and that was all he know of the subject. Cecilia also stated there is a hole in the pavement where her road and the borough road meet. She said a couple years ago it was small and now it is quite large that also needs repaired. All she is asking that it be repaired before this upcoming winter. Amy said Pat is to put it on the agenda for next month so it won't be forgotten.

Next public comment: Pam St. Clair - She had spoken to Art and had photos of the water problem in her basement. She knows it is part of the plan to have fixed this year with the other drains. It seems it starts at Deemer's and comes down her way. The drains are so old and broken that when it rains hard the water comes into her basement through the cracks and fills her basement up. Amy said she spoke to Art and was suggested to get Bill Hughes to come down to look at the drain as he did up at Greg Hughes to see what could be done if everyone is ok with that. "We don't need a motion for that do we?" Jeffery commented for what. Amy said to go have Bill look at the drain at Rodney Deemer's. Jeffery said you are not spending money so no you don't need a motion. Pam said she gets at least (8) eight inches of water coming in when it rains hard. 

Next public comment- Sondra Boring said she just came to listen.

Next public comment: Arch Dodson, no not at this time.

Next public comment: Colin McMaster. Some confusion last meeting about what a Constable is to do. He to get it straight. It will cost more each year. If I get sworn in I will be working for the election bureau and not the council. I will only be here during Election Day to ensure no one is campaigning too close to the building. It's like the election bureau little yap dog. Amy said, "You aren't going to do it then". Colin said he was still going to do it because it will look good on his resume in the security field. I'm just letting everyone know what he is supposed to do because last month it seemed no-one knew what his job was.

Next public comment: - Adrien Cameron- You council members were voted into your seats to be the voice of the people but despite the fact a special meeting where the vast majority of everyone attended said "NO" they did not want this (3) three bay storage facility . Three council members voted yes on a bid at last month's meeting. I took it upon myself, not my mother to go around town with a petition getting signatures of everyone who was against this decision. I am now the voice of the people since you three members who voted "yes" cannot seem to be. I currently have 156 signatures on this petition of citizens who disagree with this storage facility and I know that despite the fact that you Art, Boone and Ron voted yes to this, you all are having doubts about this now. If Amy would not have spoken up and told you three that someone needed to do something we would all still be setting at that very same meeting waiting to see what would happen. None of you three men jumped on the chance to accept the bid for this project despite the fact that you all said "yes" you are for it. Boone I heard Pat tell you during the meeting to make a motion and you just sat there and never said a word. Art when you finally did muster up the courage to make one, we all saw how hesitant you were because I think you were just like the rest of us you were still suffering from the price sticker shock. And Ron, when questioned by Lois Salyards after the last meeting as to why you went against the public and said yes, you told her very sincerely you were so sorry. You three men know that this decision to put out this large sum of money for this facility is not the best option for this town. No one is disputing that we need some place to store our equipment, however, we all know this is not the way we should be doing it, and furthermore I looked at the estimate from Scott Builders that was given to build this facility, that estimate $46,900 was an estimate to attach the facility to this current borough building. Everyone at the special meeting told me it would cost way too much money to put it here at this location because this building is too old. I'm calling BS on your story as the paper is proving that is not the case. It is sitting here in the grant paperwork folder. That estimate specifically states and I quote" tie in with end wall of borough building. The new building will be adjacent to and share an end wall with the existing building". So please tell me again why we are not looking into putting this building right here at this location despite the fact we have an estimate to do so for around $46,000 as opposed to the over $72,000 bid you three accepted to put it at Burkey Park. 

Amy stated she cannot answer. Boone said no comment. Ron said it has already been done. Adrien commented "NO" it’s not really water under the bridge. We have a petition. Ron commented he did not care, it has already been done. It has already been voted on. Adrien commented again "No" please let me finish. Ron stated no I'm sorry. Boone commented your (5) five minutes are up. Again Adrien stated "NO". I want 40 more seconds. Amy stated she can finish. I sat down and looked at the Grant paper work. There is a lot of inconsistencies in that grant paperwork and I think council needs to revisit that issue because there were some un- truths put in that paperwork that I don't think USDA is aware of and needs to be. Dan spoke up and said he had been hearing things about this petition that you had been telling older people that we are going to spend over $72,000. We got a Grant for over half that, so why are you lying to the people? The total cost of the project is over $72,000. Dan stated again we got a grant for over half that. Adrien stated she did specify that yes we had a grant for that, but the other half is coming in the form of a loan. Like I just said there are inconstancies on the paperwork. That paperwork states the Borough never owned a building to put their equipment in, that’s not true. We did own and still own a building to put the equipment in. The Quonset hut. What was the reason for the Quonset hut to be put down there before the salt had to be moved in? That was to store our property, was it not? Yes, that is a flat out lie right there. Another thing that was stated was we rented from the fire Hall for their space. We did not pay the fire hall no money. We never paid a monthly fee to put our stuff there. That's another lie.

Amy asked if Adrien had anything else to comment on. Adrien stated NO.

Next Public comment - Arch Dodson. Arch started to talk about the Grant being written by Decoplan. Amy stopped the conversation. She just wanted to hear public comment for the time being. Arch decided not to have any public comment at this time.

Next Public comment. Amber Houck none at this time

Next Public Comment. - Veronica Rager. No comment.

Next Public comment Jen Dodi said she did not want an eyesore at the park.

Next public comment. - Bob Wyland. He wanted to know if this was going to be a Borough building at the park or a storage shed. Amy stated a storage facility. Mr. Wyland said he had a problem with it being at the park and it could be a hazard to the children. Amy stated you are about a month late. He said he did not know about it until the petition came around. Amy asked if she missed anyone for public comment. Pam St. Clair spoke up and said she loved the street lights. Just wanted to say "Thank you."

Old Business - Storage facility resolution and loan documents. Everyone has a folder for loan payments. Amy was setback by the $647.45 per month loan payment when 5 months ago it was going to be (2) two something. Amy's comment was "Wow, Wow."

Sue spoke up and wanted to step back for a moment and go back to what her daughter had said , stating to Arch about the narratives to USDA that were written by Decoplan Associates. Sue, insisted that Arch worked on it after he got onto council. Arch insisted he had nothing to do with it. Sue then stated to Arch that none of the paperwork was gone over by council before it was sent in to USDA. Sue read the document that clearly states the Borough had never owned a building, like her daughter said. It also stated that the Borough rented space from the Fire Department and we did not. It again says the facility would be located next to the park so it would make the facility convenient for park storage. It also stated that the Borough would have to raise taxes by 22 mills to undertake such a project. This is the document that says the garage. Now the other one says storage facility. Now why are they different? Bob Wyland stated that was his question also. Is it a storage shed or is it a building? Sue said the second document is a little better. It states we do not have a storage facility which is true. In the past we leased a building until it was sold and the new owner had plans for its use. That is an inconsistency. We never paid the fire company any kind of money. Arch spoke up and said he never saw that document. Arch is saying Decoplan did this and not me. Arch said he went to Decoplan for almost a year afterwards asking for the original documents. He said the application was sent to USDA. Prior to that he saw none of this. Sue said when she was on council prior to Arch there was nothing here. She said this was in the file left here at last month's meeting. Arch wanted to know who contacted Decoplan Associates prior to me getting on the council. Sue said we talked about doing it but nothing was ever done with it. It also says it will be located next to the park which would make it convenient for park maintenance equipment as well. It clearly states in our minutes which Adrien brought up, that the park was going to use it for storage and was told absolutely not. Arch said that came out after the USDA stipulated that it cannot be used for anything but Borough business. Arch told Sue to talk to Decoplan Associates. Sue said she talked to Decoplan, PSAB and a few others. Like the lower ball-field, if we do something wrong with these gentlemen, they can come back and say ok we are taking this grant back and you are responsible. Sue said she fully believes that something needs to be amended proposal wise to USDA to say this because we are putting this documentation together and sending to USDA and they come back and say we lied that we currently do have a facility. Each and every one of us are going to be responsible. Does anyone here have the money to pay the additional $36,000? Ok here is where we come in. We are getting a $37,000 loan, we have a $36,000 grant. We have $80,000. Excuse me but where in the "Blank" are we going to get this money?

Jeffery has a question? This council has already awarded a bid for this project. Unless we breach the contract, you or someone on the council needs to contact USDA, inform them of the problem and see if it makes a difference. It does not make a difference to the contract we have made with M & J Construction. You awarded their bid and have a contract with them. They are building it, you are paying for it whether there is a grant or not.

Arch said he would not be against that. Quite honestly Keith Layman has talked to me and talked to Jeffery numerous times and has never brought up anything about inconsistencies. Anything told by us has been totally upfront. Jeffery said again, call USDA and ask them. If they consider it to be a material part of the grant and they withdraw the grant funding then we will just have to deal with the rest of the funding. Sue commented after the last meeting that Jeffery said if anyone had any change of mind then they could make changes to the contract. Jeffery stated you can. There are consequences to the changes. Sue said we awarded a bid, but if there is no money there and we don't have it, we as tax papers are going to be responsible for an additional $36,000 we are not going to get. So just because the contract was awarded does that mean we have to follow through with it? If the funding is not there? Jeffery said you can breach it and suffer the consequences of the breach. Sue questioned the consequences of the breach. Jeffery does not know at this time. He is guessing at least M & J would ask for their lost profit. She wanted to know where would get that from? Jeffery does not want to speculate. Sue still believes when the documents were submitted it should have been read by council.

Amy questioned if it truly was indeed sent to USDA and asked if Arch knew where it came from.

Sue said after Arch left the material here, she and her daughter came over and went through it and found this. Adrien stated there are a few other papers that go with that one and is numbered 1, 2, & 3. There were (3) three questions that had to be answered along with submitting other paperwork to USDA and that was in with that group of documents.

Sue said, like Jeffery said to contact USDA send them an amendment to the proposal and table until next month until we see what is going to happen.

Mr. Wyland, stated you just said it was a done deal. Amy thought it was a done deal. Boone spoke up and said it was a done deal.

Jeffery said, as a council the options as of right now, council can choose to go forward as you already have voted. A member of council is saying she believes the submission to USDA was falsified. Jeffery feels it is wise to contact USDA, ask them if this document was part of their consideration of their application and let them know we believe there are errors in it and ask if there is any change in our grant status. Amy appoints Sue to contact USDA since she has not seen those papers before. Tom brought up the contract. Jeffery said the contract was awarded based on the bid. Jeffery said this is after the fact. It seems we want to give away our funding because someone thinks we lied. This is like unheard of. If that is the allegation you cannot just ignore it. Oh and by the way you still have a contract with M & J so figure what you are going to do about that. Whether you get your funding or not is only half the problem. You have still committed yourself to the project. So if you go forward whether you get the funding or not you still owe the money. If you don't go forward you have to deal with the legal consequences of having entered into a contract and then backing out of it.

Boone said he wants to make the motion to go forward. "He states he has the balls" Jeffery said no motion has to be made because that is where we are. You do have to address the issue with USDA. Sue to call USDA. Jeffery said the second thing is, what is the council going to do with M. & J.? Do you want to call them and let them know of the issue with funding and want to put them on hold, possible get an extension to the contract? So in fact they were just notified they were awarded the contract and a contract was not signed yet by any council member. 

Tom questioned Jeffery, about Decoplan writing the grant for us and they put the information in incorrectly. He wanted to know if we could go after them.

When Sue was on council before nothing was submitted. The document she has says dear Mr. Dobson, meaning you Arch. This was dated December 2014. The document says USDA has previewed your application for this facility Bla, Bla, Bla, the $48,500 has been completed and your organization is eligible for communities’ facility funding in our fiscal allocation program. Arch again stated those documents went directly from Decoplan Associates to USDA. Amy stated that is where we stand right now. What do you all think?

Sue said she will have to go through all the documents and put them in date order to figure out

where to go.

Jeffery stated he did not know what anyone on council was doing at this point. What are you going to do about the contract? What are you going to do with M & J? So the borough is stating they do not have a binding contract with M & J? Sue states, correct. Nothing has been officially signed. This problem needs to be resolved first.

Arch spoke up and said he is tired of his name being drug in the mud and he just wants this over with, if they pull the funds they pull it. Amy stepped in and said no one is dragging your name in the mud. Jeffery stated let's just deal with it. Arch says, let the money go back to USDA and start over again. Jeffery stated, two members of the council and the majority do not want that. Council needs to make a decision.

Amy questioned each council member asking their opinion. Ron said we should notify USDA about the errors. Amy said she hadn't seen the papers. Boone just wants to go forward.

Amy said that three council members said to contact USDA to see what this is about. Now we are back to the contract with M & J. Can we write them a letter and say, "Can you hold on until we get a clear answer?" Jeffery stated that we can if that is what you decide this evening, or you can move forward if that is what you decide.

Sue made motion to contact USDA to find out what is going on. Ron 2nds motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Sue made motion for Pat to write a letter to M & J asking them to be put on hold until we find out about the inconsistencies that have been found with the USDA grant. Jeffery said to notify him in the morning to find out what to put in the letter to M & J. Motion 2nd by Ron. All in favor, motion passed.

Amy stated, when she leaves here tonight she does not want to hear other people's names. She wants everyone to keep it professional. Amy wants no one to talk about each other, she is "so- so" sick of hearing it. It's ridiculous. I can't make any one shut up but do it anyway. 

Next item on agenda. DCED Consulting firm, Tom. They will be here Tuesday evening April 12th at 6PM if anyone wants to be here. Anyone can be here, it's open to the public. Westmoreland Community Action is also coming in.

Amy questioned Arch if there are any other Grants he is working on at this time? The only other one is the CDBG grant and nothing has been received back on that one yet. Jeffery said the final decision is to be made in May. He also questioned if the engineer was in line yet for the project. Arch contacted McCormick Taylor who was going to draw up the plans like what was done the last time and forward on.

Window and door repairs, (Ron) they are done. It makes a big difference in here. He spent $113. 73 on supplies to fix doors and windows. Amy commented, "Good thing you did because the furnace broke. Ron commented to Jeffery, now it is your turn to finish painting the building.

Street Lights. Amy asked if all the lights were up now. They do look very nice. So that is complete.

Amy asked about the window grant. Sue commented she had not heard back from Cambria Glass as of yet. She also was to hear from Mark Fritz but did not get a chance to meet up with him yet. She said she wanted to try to include the doorway since it is not handicap accessible and hopefully that will help fulfill the grant.

Westmoreland County Outreach Program. Ron spoke up and said the Legion is sponsoring the event to be held June 18th

A/c unit. Amy said we need a new furnace. Everyone got copies of estimates and they should have been reviewed by now.

Estimates from Peters HVAC - Total cost $6,000 using all Air Temp equipment. If he installed the Trane unit total cost is $7,500.00, JD Penrose, Inc total cost $6,929.62 using Air Ease equipment. Mullen Refrigeration total cost: $7177.00 using Amana equipment, and Shirley Heating and A/C total cost $11,703.00 using all Trane equipment. We received 4 proposals, and had more than enough time to look over all of them. Ron's opinion is to recommend Mullen because they have everything that we need done here listed other than Shirley. Amy stated price is not too bad either. Sue commented she contacted the old bank manager to find out where the storm sewer is because of the condensate pump that needs to be installed. Price is also included with the pump. Being in the basement the existing draining is going directly into a large space in the ground that was dug out because they could not find the storm sewer. This location is all mud because existing draining is going into the hole. Jeffery questioned why we did not take any cheaper bids? Sue and Ron both stated that each vendor was given the same spec's however, several chose to not list even the BTU output size of furnace or a/c and did not list what all was to be replaced. Jeffery was satisfied with explanation.

Sue motioned to award bid to Mullen's Refrigeration for $7,177.00. Ron 2nds motion. All in favor. Motion passed. Pat gave Amy contract to sign and Mullen's will be notified in the morning.

New business: Bids for bank loan for storage facility. On hold until next month

Items found during cleaning, -- What to do with sponsored clothing (baseball league uniforms from 2003) also old alarm equipment. Pants, Socks, and Shirts. Gary Baird knows of someone who was going back to India and looking for items. Amy says to look and see if we find someone local. Shirts, are going to have to end up in Goodwill. Pants can be used by someone else.

Sue made motion to donate to anyone who can use the clothing and value at zero dollars. Amy 2nd motion. All in favor. Pat also mentioned a large box of old alarm equipment. Can it be scrapped? Sue made motion for Pat to get rid of during clean up days for scrap. Value at zero dollars. Ron 2nds. All in favor. Pat brought up the old computer equipment we have. Pat knows the drive has to be erased and come out and destroyed. What about the rest of the computer equipment? We have several old monitors, 3 old printers that do not work and several upright units. Jeffery said about the Westmoreland County site at Bady Crossroads, behind the Tag Store on Rt 30 that will take the computer equipment, drop off free of charge. Zero value also.

Sue motion to take to Bady Crossroads for disposal after drives are removed. 2nd by Amy all in favor. Motion passed.

Pat also has the destruction of records resolutions to be signed.

Resolution # 2016-001 deals with shredding of Sewage receipts stubs from Bolivar Sewage Authority for years 1976 thru 1987. Also bank statements and copies of cancelled checks from same time period. Municipal Records Manual dated December 16, 2008 amended July 23, 2009 states those records may be destroyed after (7) seven years. Records were shredded February 25, 2016

Resolution 2016-002 - Bank statements and cancelled checks from January 1967 through December 1969 were shredded March 17th 2016.

Resolution 2016-003 - Bolivar sewage receipts from1992, deposit slips from 1986, 89 and 1990. Bank statements from 1965, 1989, 90, 91, and 1992, and monthly Treasurer Reports from 1991.

Borough monthly bills from 1965, 67, and 1985. Cancelled checks from 1960 and 1965 and check stubs from 1965, 1989, 1990. Monthly tax record receipts from 1965, 1966, and 1967. Page | 11

Were eligible to be destroyed after (7) seven year period. Those were destroyed March 29, 2016. All council members required to sign.

Sue made motion to pass Resolution's 1, 2, & 3 of 2016 for the destruction of records. Dan Short 2nds. All in favor. Motion passed.

Memorial Day parade. May 30th starting at 9AM. Legion needs approval to close roads from 8 Am to 11 AM. 3rd and Market & Washington, and alley between Legion and Lamantia's store and between old fire dept and vacant lot. Amy made motion to close roads in that area Sue 2nds motion. All in favor. Motion passed. Pat stated the permit for closing state hwy 259 are to be issued this month. They have been approved.

Bolivar yard sales and clean up days. Yard sales June 18th, Clean up days to follow June 25th.

Sue made motion for clean up days to be June 25th from 9AM to 3PM. Order 1 hopper at possible rate of $450.00 from McClintock Sanitation and to haul scrap metal over to scrap yard.

Charges same as last year. $5 per car, $10 per small 1/2 ton pickup and small trailers, $15 per dump truck and large trailers.

No paints, tires, refrigerators, air conditioners, TV's or computers will be accepted. Nothing containing Freon! Ron 2nd's. Mayor Tom vetoes at this time the destruction of old records. Feels we should keep them all.

Lights around boro building- Ron said he needs to purchase some wiring to get the lights to work around building. Someone cut the wire in front of building. Amy asked if Ron was going to work on that, and he said "yes."

Next Borough meeting May 5th 7PM

Letter from Fire Company requesting approval to close streets during the fireman's parade July 7th thru 17th and to have fireworks display on the 16th at 11PM. Streets to close 3rd and Market to Shaffer St, alley behind 3rd and Market and Shaffer Street. Also to have Fireworks display on July 16th at 11PM at close of carnival at Kelly Park.

Sue made motion for street closure. Ron 2nds all passed. Sue made motion to have fireworks display on July 16th. Dan 2nds motion all passed. Amy said she will sign paper when we get copy of Liability Insurance in case of accident. Jeffery said he would issue permit for fireworks.

Amy has an e-mail from CoStars on fuel purchases if anyone wants to look at it.

Boro worker left list of items needed. Brooms, shovels, bolts, weed eater, blower. Lawn mower is currently in Jim Harris's garage that needs to be moved. Where to store. Sue said we have $532.00 in tool account. Approval is needed to purchase a new weed eater and blower from 

Andrews Sales and Service as well as purchase other items from Lowes. Take funds from tool account. The other items can be purchased from Lowes. Dan said he was no longer on Lowes account. Pat said she would check on it. The grinder and grinder wheels estimate was from of Harbor Freight. Amy said just get it from Lowes and get a warranty also. Motion not to spend more than $100 from Lowes. Jeffery questioned where are the posts for the signs? Pat commented the posts were gotten from the street sign booklet.

Sue stated the Bolivar Cemetery transfer has been rescinded because the Legion is now going to take it over.

Sewage Committee - Ron said they are starting the project up again to find out where the water problem is coming into system and figure how to fix it. Jeffery said the flow meters will tell them where the water is coming from.

Street Commissioner Report - Art is sick.

Amy says, Jim Gregorich is getting a new roof and wants to put a Hopper in the street. No motion is needed for this.

Mayor report - nothing.

Parks and Recreation: Art not there - nothing.

Nothing else to discuss. Amy makes motion to adjourn. Dan 2nds. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM.


Patricia Betts