This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Present: Amy Lickenfelt, Sue Bartow, Ron Betts, Mayor Tom Pickup, Mark Scribe, Clark Baird, Solicitor Jeff Miller.

Absent- none

Public Attendance - Ligonier Echo - Alexander Ashcroft, Darlene Gregorich, Carol Sisitki, and Dan Short, JR.

Meeting called to order at 7 PM by Amy.

March 2 regular Meeting Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve was made by Clark and 2nd by Ron. All approved.

March 30 – special meeting minutes were reviewed. Clark motion to accept, 2nd by Sue. All approved.

Treasurer report was reviewed. Sue motions to accept, Ron 2nd. All approved.

Solicitor Report - Jeffery stated will address items as we go through the Agenda.

Public comment. - Dan Short, no comment. Carol Sisitki no comment. Darlene Gregorich concern of chicken running loose. Possible owner of chicken (Frank Barkly) per Sue

Council commented we do have an animal ordinance but at this time we cannot locate it. The ordinance has been misplaced since we last had an officer in town.

Next item on agenda. Update on storage garage. Pat informed Council that Mr. Robson sent the paperwork off to USDA on Tuesday and we have not heard anything back on it yet. We cannot award the bid publicly until USDA has approved everything. Council still has to decide whether they will continue to go forward with the award and how they are getting the remaining funding for the project. Jeffery recommends award the bid pending on the USDA approval. Amy said she will start. Her opinion is she is happy with the bid, happy with the location. She researched the bidder and their record is spotless. Mayor still would like to see the Quonset hut fixed up instead of doing storage garage. Mayor wanted to know if council looked at the prices to repair the Quonset hut. Each council member threw their opinion out on fixing the Quonset hut but everyone also agreed the vehicles still could not be stored there because of the salt and anti-skid being stored in there.

Sue made motion to continue with the garage project with Raffle Construction contingent on the approval from USDA. Ron 2nds motion. All approved

Pat also mentioned to council that Keith Lehman sent her the paperwork to apply for a loan for the remaining cost of the garage and this be done before the next meeting. Amy asked if council needed to act upon this at tonight’s meeting. Jeffery stated to the council that they need to make the decision on where the remaining funds are coming from. What Pat is telling you all right now is that USDA is stating that council needs to complete the application for the additional funding now before the next meeting.

Update on one way street. Clark made motion to drop making 3rd street between Washington and Market Street a two way street. Sue 2nd. All approved.

Update on rain gutters. Ron said he talked to Lavern Martin, and he wants to use the Borough project as a fill in. He said it will only take a day or two at the most and he pretty tied up with major projects right now. Mr. Martin said it would not hurt anything to wait.

Police car inspection was done.

Drain line on Water and 5th. Sue said awaiting on Fire Dept to get done. Every Monday night they have a meeting and when both Ron Houck and Charlie can get together with fire department they will do as a training project.

Update on Parks and Rec. Insurance - Amy asked Jeffery to speak in terms that everyone could understand. Jeffery said Parks and Rec can obtain their own insurance or Parks and Rec can join a relationship with the council by enacting an Ordinance with them. The Ordinance will state how the members are chosen, total amount of members and their positions, and then council approves. It’s important to understand the council needs to approve the committee members. Parks & Rec committee needs to decide if this will work for them or not before council spends the money on doing an Ordinance that will not work. One other thing is the funds from Parks and Rec would have to be audited along with the Borough’s records each year. Carol questioned whether they could continue to use their checking account or if they would have to open another account and then go to Pat to have a check signed. Carol stated they do projects sometime at the spare moment and she and Darlene just sign the checks and get it done. Dan wanted to know why Park and Rec could not continue to do what they are already doing. Dan also wanted to know why Colleen, when she was on council that she put Parks and Rec on insurance. Jeffery stated if you want to think that way then if you get sued the insurance company will only cover the Borough and not Parks and Rec.

Carol stated that one insurance company advised her it would be to their benefit to be appointed by the Borough Council so they could be covered by Borough insurance.

Placed Parks and Rec on agenda again for next month. Parks and Rec needs to have a meeting to decide what to do next. Jeffery also stated that Council could create an Ordinance and setting aside a certain amount of funds to Parks and REC and be able to put into Ordinance they could use the funds at their discretion.

Update on HOP permit from PENNDOT on 3rd street drain at Fire Hall. Pat stated the Permit came in today and had already been forwarded to Bill Hughes who will be doing the work and also was forwarded to Rick Skonvensky so he could approve Liquid Fuels funds on the project. Bill will start the project as weather permits and has the parts in. He said he was going to order necessary supplies.

Update on junior council members. Pat stated she sent a letter and pamphlets off to the high schools. If the schools decide to try a junior council program then Pat has a sample Resolution council would need to enact.

New Business:

Next meeting will be held on Thursday May 4th at 7 PM

Resolution 2017-2 and Resolution 2017-3 – Destruction of Records needs to be signed off by council approving the destruction. After review by council Sue motion to accept and Mark 2nd the motion. All approved and signed off.

Firemen’s Carnival - The fire department has asked council to close several streets during the carnival in July. Amy asked who makes the decision. Mayor stated he does. Dan Short stated the council decides. The Mayor said ok, then it’s on you. In past years the council decided to approve closure of streets.

Streets involved with closing is: Third Street from Market St to Shaffer Street from Sunday July 9 to Sunday July 16.

The alley located between Market Street and Shaffer Street from Second Street to Third Street and from Third Street to the property line at the Eckel’s property and the old Simpson’s Service Station property from Thursday July 6 to Sun day July 16 2017. Clark Motions to close Sue 2nds. Pending on liability insurance for fireworks to be on file at Borough. All approved. Pat to send letter and permit approval with the stipulation on the liability insurance for fireworks.

Yard Sale and Clean Up Days. June 17 and Clean up Days June 24th Need 1 hopper for cleanup days. Any metal take to scrap yard for funds. Clark motion to have clean up days from 9 to 3 pm. Pat questioned on the pricing for vehicles. Use last year’s pricing. Sue 2nds. All approved.

Printer issue. Drum bad, cannot use scanner and paper feeder and makes noise when printing a large volume of work. Pat gave a copy of several different printers, both on sale also.

Letters – Board of assessment appeals. Appeal meeting April 20th. Legion wants to have their cemetery exempt from property taxes. Anyone can go from council if they do not agree.

Unity township foodbank in Westmoreland County wants to know if the Borough would donate funds to food bank. No action taken.

Back to printer. Sue motioned to approve a total cost of $250.00 for a new printer. Pat will use any awards from staples to decrease cost. Pat recommends getting a heavy duty printer that does double sided and color to cut down on paper usage and ink. Jeffery said send e-mail and have council print their own minutes instead of Pat printing each month. Pat will also get a 3 year warranty. Clark 2nds motion from Sue on printer. All approved.

Jeffery called an executive meeting at 7:47 PM on a legal matter issue. Meeting restarted at 7:49 PM. No action taken.

Sewage committee: nothing.

Street commissioner - Sue stated the snow plow has new bar and shoes. Boro Worker to start working on cleaning streets this upcoming Monday. Ron Betts said the skid-steer has another flat tire that needs fixed.

Mayor report – nothing to say

Parks & Rec – Carol said they are fixing benches, and swings right now as weather permits. Sue asked Carol if Nick Boring contacted her. He will volunteer his time to paint if they need it.

Pat asked on concerts for this year. Carol said nothing was scheduled yet because of the insurance.

Amy asked if anything else to discuss. No one had anything. Motion to adjourn made by Clark 2nd by Sue. Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.


Patricia Betts

Patricia Betts