April 4, 2019
Regular Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy
Meeting was opened by Clark Baird President at 7 PM

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lewis McLaughlin, Calin Gropp

Absent- Mayor Tom Pickup

Public Attendance – Amy Lickenfelt, Alex Ashcroft - Ligonier Echo, Dan Short, JR, Pam StClair, Melissa Miller

Approval of March 7th regular meeting minutes. Clark asked Ron if anything was done yet at Pat Shank’s with the road issues. Lou said the asphalt plant was open now. Ron to check out the road. After review, Sue motioned to approve, seconded by Lou. All in favor, motion passed.

Approval of March 12 Conference Call Minutes. Clark asked about the bank paying us $200 per month for a lease contract on ATM machine. Pat said the bank told her they are still working on the contract since this is the first stand- alone ATM machine and they will be putting in more of this type at other locations. They want to review and do updates to the contract before presenting to us. After review, Calin motioned to approve, 2nd by Sue. All in favor, motion passed.

Approval of March 14 special meeting minutes. After review, Sue motioned to approve, 2nd by Calin. All in favor, motion passed.

Approval of March 29 minutes on boat launch project work session. After review Ron motioned to approve 2nd by Clark. All in favor, motion passed.

Approval of Treasurer Report. Sue asked about the gas well funds. What can we use the money for? Pat explained for roads and public safety. Sue also asked about the boat ramp funding grant. We currently do not have the $40,000 that was given to us. She wanted to know how we are to pay back the $40,000 when we do not have that amount in the account. Pat explained we had to pay for the advertising for the project. We will have to make up the difference from General Fund because that was what was given. The solicitor came in and Clark asked what his opinion was on giving the funds back to the Pittsburgh Foundation and they give to Westmoreland County Conservation District for them to handle. Jeffery said he thought it was a great idea that way the Borough would not have to worry about any possible lawsuits if someone would attempt to do. Both entity’s agreed to do this way. Sue asked about the difference of the funds and wanted to know if Council had the authorization to make up the difference from General Fund. Jeffery said Council could do so if they wished. Sue made motion to pay back Pittsburgh Foundation the $40,000 and they in turn hand over the funds to Westmoreland Conservation District to proceed with the boat launch project for the Borough. Ron 2nd motion. All in favor Motion Carried.

Sue also made motion to approve Treasurer Report, 2nd by Clark. All in favor, motion passed.

Solicitor Report. Jeffery has nothing at this time.

Public Comment: Boone – has concern on the large rut at Wendy’s house on Washington Street where they pull into their yard. The rut is between the curb and sidewalk. Doesn’t want the Borough to get sued if someone falls into hole. Jeffery suggested to send a letter to homeowner advising them they need to fix the hole since they are responsible for the damage. Clark also mentioned the house above Sue’s, the homeowner has a large pile of gravel on the sidewalk blocking it. They also need to be informed to move the gravel. Pat to issue letters to both homeowners.

Pam, wanted to make the Borough aware the house on the curb she now owns is coming down very soon. Next week the roof is coming down and then the rest of the building. They will have caution tape around the area when they start. Also Chad Walsh working on the house had his construction trailer sitting on side of house. Around his trailer the ground has sunk very much. She wanted to know what was being done about the drain issue there. She wanted to know if we found the drain maps we used to have. It’s caving in and no one can find it anywhere. It is now leaching into her house through the seams. The back porch needs replaced on her house and she doesn’t want her back porch to cave in with the ground. Clark wanted to know if Bill Hughes could come down and look to see what can be done.
Discussion was made on Deemer property from that area where it was fixed before but this is now closer to her house. The issue is now going under the gas house. Jeffery wanted to know where the inlet comes from. Jeffery thought it ran over toward Dipofi’s property. Pam stated she also talked to Art Sisitki and what Jeffery was talking about was new drain area, but what Pam is talking about was before and goes under the Cemetery area. Pam says there are two drain areas, old and newer drains. The older one goes under gas house. Jeffery said if that is our drain then we are obligated to take care of it, but if not it is your responsibility. We don’t know until an engineer can look at it and camera it. Lou thought we should camera the drain first. He will talk to Art to see what he knows. Lou will also get with Ron and go down and look at it to see if we can find it and see what can be done. Clark asked Pam if she was ok with the current answer. Pam agreed.
No one else had anything to say.

Further Old Business to discuss.
Update on Comcast renewal contract. Jeffery said he still has not heard anything on this yet.

Meeting with Somerset Trust on ATM machine. Pat said she has not heard anything else on it since the last meeting with them. They are still rewriting the lease.

Update on storage garage. Pat said when Sue and she talked to Keith he was awaiting the lease agreement from bank before they could release any funds for the garage.

Update on dirt and gravel grant. Pat said after Council signed the agreement with Conservation district last month she hasn’t heard anything back yet other than they are still awaiting the funds to be released from the state. Pat to find out by next meeting.

Update on suit- kote for street cleaning. Scheduled for April 8th. Lou wanted to know if we are posting the streets to remind people. Pat said everyone got a notice delivered to their houses.

New Business.

Fire Dept. letter requested street closure for carnival and parade in July. Fire Dept. requested the following:
a) 3rd street from Market to Shaffer from Sunday July 7 to Sunday July 14.
b.) Alley located between Market and Shaffer St from 2nf to 3rd.
c.) 3rd Street to the property line at Eckel’s property and the Old Simpson Service Station property from Thursday July 4 to Sunday July 14.
Also permission to have Borough Police Car lead the Fireman’s Parade on July 11th if someone is there to do at that time. Lou asked if we have coverage on police car to drive around. Clark stated we have liability ins on car.  Allow the fireworks display to close out carnival on Saturday July 13 to be shot from old third base line and tennis court area on Kelly field at 11 PM.
Fireworks Permit will be granted after Borough receives proof of Liability Insurance and proper credentials from the Fireworks Company putting off the event. Sue made motion to approve and Clark 2nd. All in favor, motion passed.

Liability Ins. for Brick-Fest to have beer tent. Pat said it would cost $271.00 and that the parks will pay for the insurance. If council finalizes the approval for the insurance then Pat will apply for the special occasion permit. Sue wanted to know who was changing the Ordinance. Pat said the Ordinance was already changed. Pat Short when she was council president already had the ordinance changed to allow alcohol in the parks with Council approval. Sue said she has been asking on the street about this and everyone says we are going to have a zoo up there with drinkers and we should have a special meeting with the public on this and get their opinion. Melissa said we have meetings every month and no one comes. Sue told the people not to come and we have an alternative meeting date every month and she told the people they could come then. She said she was asked by 3 people just today and she told them not to come tonight. She thought the public should be able to voice their opinion. Clark already said they are having a tent roped off, someone checking id’s before entering the tent and no one under 21 is allowed in. His opinion is we vote on it tonight. Clark made motion to go ahead and have beer tent. Lou approves, Calin approves, Ron approves, Sue opposes. Motion carried to allow beer tent.

Police car – Clark was notified by New Florence Mayor who wants to purchase the police car for New Florence. Clark wanted to know if we even wanted to sell the car. Ron’s vote is no, Sue said letting it sit in Jeffery’s garage will only devalue the price. Sue was checking on the current cost value. Lou said he doesn’t think we could find an officer who would work for us with our funds we would offer. Calin also said it would just waste away sitting in the garage. Clark is asking for an individual vote, Calin, yes, Ron, no, Sue, yes, Lou wanted to know the cost value, Clark said no. Sue will make motion to contact new Florence and find out what they are willing to offer. Ron and Clark both said no, Calin, Lou and Sue said yes to sell. Lou then asked if this was to look into the possible sell and Clark said yes. He will check with New Florence Mayor. Retail value is $3,050 and with equipment installed would take it to $6,000. Clark will get information for next meeting.

Yard sale and clean up days. Sue got a call from John Speidel and said they were doing on June 22 and 29nd. Clark wanted to know what they had to do with the events. It was stated that Heidi and Val always took care of the date. It is usually the week after Idlewild school picnic. John states it is always the 3rd full week in June. So we will go with June 22 and 29th. Lou wanted to know the prices for clean- up days? Pat will have the cost list for next meeting.

Clean up day for parks. Pat said it will be May 18 for both parks. She said parks will feed and provide drinks for everyone who helps out. Next day we will have our first concert.

Clark asked if anyone has anything else to bring up. Pat said she contacted PA Municipal on the Per Capita Ordinance. She was told by PA Municipal that the $10. fee the school charges in the fall, $5 goes toward Per Capita under Act 511, and $5 comes from Act 679 for school per capita fee. So they are not charging the full $10 where we assumed they were charging under Act 511.

Sewage Report. Ron said we are still working on getting the road fixed. He was also hoping we would have the camera by now but the wrong one was brought in for demonstration. When we do get it the camera will be for rent but the person will have to be trained on it first.

Mayor report – nothing was given.

Street Commissioner Report. Ron has an estimate from Bill Hughes on 2nd street problem. The estimate says to excavate at 2nd and McKinley St to locate drain plug at intersection, back fill with 2A stone and cleanup disturbed area for total $1600.  Fuel usage- Greg put 120 miles on truck this past month. Now that Asphalt Company has opened again Greg will start to fill pot holes.

Awaiting the gas company remaining fee’s for permit to open Lear Street. They only sent $50 and not the total amount of an additional $1290.

Parks & Rec. Melissa and I got together and did a letter for sponsors for the events. She sent out 67 letters for events. We are hoping to have 2 movies, 5 bands, and petting zoo for park and Brickfest to help defray the costs.

Clark asked is any other business for Borough to discuss? Ron made motion to close meeting, 2nd by Lou. All approved, motion carried. Meeting closed 8 PM

Patricia Betts