Legal action against

Mace Springs Water


Legal Action Against Mace Springs Water Company

Whereas, it appears that a hazardous condition exists at the corner of Second Street and Market Street in the Borough of Bolivar, resulting in a leak from the lines of Mace Springs Water Company, and

Whereas, said leak is causing damage to the streets maintained by this Borough, and

Whereas, said company has refused to comply with all notices to repair the same.

Now Therefore, be it resolved by the Council of Bolivar Borough in council assembled, and it is hereby resolved by authority of the same

     1. That the President, or Burgess and Secretary be and are hereby directed to take any and all necessary steps and to execute any and all necessary papers on behalf of the Borough of Bolivar to obtain appropriate legal relief through Courts of Equity or other Courts of Westmoreland County, to compel said Mace Springs Water Company to repair said line, said section to be through the office of the Solicitor.

     2. That all necessary expenses, Court costs and legal fees are hereby authorized to be paid in connection with such appropriate action.

Resolved in Council on this 4th day of February A.D 1957

Donald Henderson



Erma M. McCartney


page # 111 of original Ordinance Book and In Vault drawer ‚Äč