Blight Elimination


Blight Elimination Program

At the regular monthly meeting of the Bolivar Borough Council held on July 7, 1980 the following Resolution was adopted.

Resolved, Borough of Bolivar approved a Blight Elimination Application, in connection with damage caused by the Flood of July 19, 1977 and authorizing Execution of a Corporation Agreement with the Re-development Authority of Westmoreland County.

Whereas, the flood of July 19, 1977 caused severe damage, warranting the declaration of a disaster with special financial assistance to flood victims, and whereas, a Blight Prevention Application has been prepared for Grant Assistance, from the Department of Community Affairs by the Re-development Authority of the County of Westmoreland, and said agreements have been reviewed by the Governing Body's.

Whereas, the Westmoreland County Planning Department has certified in accordance with applicable State Law, the areas where dwelling units were totally destroyed.

Whereas, A Corporation Agreement has been presented and reviewed. Now, Therefore be it resolved and is hereby resolved:

     1. That a Blight Prevention Application has been prepared in the amount of $260,673.00

     2. That the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland is urged to submit the same to the Development of Community Affairs and obtain approval of said application to promptly render assistance to flood victims.

     3. The Corporation Agreement is hereby approved and the proper officials are to execute same.

Adopted and approved this 7th day of July 1980


Florance Bella


Original on file in Ordinance Book page 218 ‚Äč