Ordinance # 040

Fixing Salary of


Salary of the Burgess.

Section 1. Be it enacted and ordained by the Borough of Bolivar and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the same that the yearly salary of the burgess of the said Borough is hereby fixed at $75.00 for the faithful performance of his duties and subject to conditions and requirements fixed by law or Ordinance or imposed or agreed upon at the time of the appointment.

The compensation fixed, under this Ordinance may be changed by motion in Council, but it is the intent of this Ordinance that the compensation herein designated shall be in force until council by motion or Ordinance decides otherwise.

Section 2. All Ordinance or parts of Ordinances inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed.

Ordained in Council this 3rd day of February 1942

Dora S Byers

 Council President


Erma McCartney

Secretary of Council

Approved this 3rd day of February A.D. 1942.

J. E. Snyder


Original Ordinance on file in Ordinance book page 76