Support of State

Revenue Sharing

Support of State and Federal Revenue Sharing

Whereas, Boroughs, Cities, Townships, and Counties are facing a financial crises due to factors over which they have little or no control, such as compulsory arbitration pay increases for police and fireman, increased pension and fringe benefits, general inflation, interest cost of borrowing, and cut backs in federal funds, and,

Whereas, the new Federal law relating to minimum wages and over-time, and state mandated programs such as waste management and sewage facilities, impose even greater costs on local government at a time when inflation is having a much more severe impact on local government than on State government, and

Whereas, Boroughs, Cities, Townships, and Counties are forced with the alternatives of either cutting back essentials, local services or raising the local property taxes on homeowners and businesses and regressive taxes on persons who are already tax burdened , and

Whereas, Federal Revenue Sharing has already demonstrated that importance of providing financial assistance to local government as a means of easing the local tax burden and giving local officials generally unrestricted discretion for the expenditure of such funds on locally determined properties, and

Whereas, legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania Legislature which proposed to allocate to local united a portion of State personal income tax revenues which will ease the financial crunch on Boroughs, Cities, Townships, and Counties and help reduce the need for further local property and personal tax increases, and

Now therefore, be it Resolved, that the Borough of Bolivar urges the Governor and Pennsylvania Legislation to give the highest priority to the immediate enactment of legislation to provide a substantial allocation in State Revenues Sharing for Boroughs, Cities, Townships, and Counties which is an essential element in allocating the plight of Boroughs, ?Cities, Townships and Counties and in relieving the overburdened local taxes.

Dates January 14, 1975

Signed President of Council




Original on file in Ordinance Book page 194

CC: Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs