Social Security

Program Participation

Social Security Program Participation

A Resolution authorizing participation in the Federal Social Security Program of Bolivar Borough.

Whereas, the Social Security Act has been so amended by the Congress of the United States as to permit political subdivisions of the several states to extend to their employees and officers the benefits of Social Security.

And whereas, under the Act of 1951, PL 1833, as amended, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has enacted enabling legislation authorizing political subdivisions of the commonwealth to enter into agreement with the State Agency to provide Social Security coverage to its employees and officers.

And, whereas, it is the opinion of the Governing Body of the above - captioned political subdivision that extension of Social Security coverage will be of great benefit not only to the employees by likewise to this political subdivision, by attracting to it and enabling it to retain the lest of personnel, thereby, increasing the efficiency of its government, and it is further opened that the payment by this political subdivision of its portion of the cost of said coverage is a payment for the benefit of this Political Subdivision.

Now therefore, be it resolved by the Government body that the Political Subdivision become a participant in the Social Security Program and that the benefits of Social Security be extended to its employees and officers.

Be it further Resolved, that the proper officers be authorized to execute and deliver to the State Agency the plan and agreement required under the provisions of the Social Security Act and said enabling act to extent coverage to the employees and officers of this Political Subdivision,

Be it further resolved that the treasurer of this Political subdivision be authorized and he is hereby authorized to make all required payments into the contribution fund established by said Enabling Act and to establish such system of payroll deductions from wages of employees and officers as may be necessary to their coverage under the Social Security Program,

Be it further resolved, that the Governing Body of this political subdivision hereby appropriate from the proper fund or funds of the Political Subdivision the amounts necessary to pay into the Contribution Fund as provided in the Enabling Act and in accordance with the plan and agreement.

Be it further resolved that the proper officers of this Political Subdivision do all things necessary to the continued employment of said social Security Program in accordance with the procession contained in the Plan and agreement and the said laws,

Be it further Resolved that participation in Social Security Program by this Political Subdivision commence as of the 1st day of April 1974

Dated this 7th day of October 1974.

Bolivar Borough Mayor




Original on file in Ordinance Book page 189 & 190