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5. In the event the Municipality, pursuant to this Agreement, performs work of any nature, or expends any
funds in performance of said work for
labor, use of equipment, supplies, materials, and the like, the 
Landowner shall reimburse the Municipality for all expenses (direct and indirect) incurred within 10 days oreceipt of invoice from the Municipality.

6. The intent and purpose of this Agreement is to ensure the proper maintenance of the on-site BMPs by
the Landowner; provided, however, that this Agreement shall not be deemed to create any additional liability
of any party for damage alleged to result from or be caused by stormwater runoff

7. The Landowner, its executors, administrators, assigns, and other successors in interests, shall release
the Municipality from all damages, accidents, casualties, occurrences, or claims wh
ich might arise or be
asserted against said employees and representat
ives from the construction, presence, existence, or
maintenance of the BMP(s) by the Landowner or Municipality

8. The Municipality intends to inspect the BMPs at a minimum of once every three years to ensure their
continued functioning.

This Agreement shall be recorded at the Office of the Recorder of Deeds of Westmoreland County,
Pennsylvania, and shall consti
tute a covenant running with the Property and/or equitable servitude, and
shall be binding on the Landowner, his administrators, executors, assigns, heirs, and any other successors

in interests, in perpetuity.


WITNESS the following Signatures and seals:


For the Municipality ________________________________


For the Landowner ________________________________

Attest:_______________ (City, Borough, Township)  County of Westmoreland, Pennsylvania

I, , __________________________a Notary Public in and for the county and state aforesaid,
whose commission expires on the day __ of , 20 __ , do hereby certify that whose 
  name(s) is/are signed to the foregoing Agreement bearing date of the __ day of ___________ _ 20 __ , has acknowledged the same before me in my said county and state.

      GIVEN UNDER MY HAND THIS __ day of ______________ , 20 __ .




This small project stormwater management plan has been developed to assist those proposing
residential projects to meet the requirements of the Westmoreland County Model Stormwater
Management Ordinance
(SWO) without having to draft a formal stormwater management plan.
This small project stormwater management plan is only permitted for projects with new
impervious area between 3,000 and 10,000 square feet, or total earth disturbance between 5
and 20,000 square feet, (Section 302 Regulated Development Activity Table of the SWO) and by
sing the recommendations in this Appendix for Volume Control. Additional information can be
found in Chapter 6 of the PA SW BMP Manual 2006 or most recent version.

A. What is an applicant required to submit?

All requirements of Section 306 of the Bolivar Borough Stormwater Management Ordinance,

  • A narrative including a brief description of the proposed stormwater facilities and BMPs,
    types of materials to be used, total square footage of proposed impervious areas, volume
  • A sketch plan showing location of existing and proposed structures, driveways, or other
    paved areas with approximate surface area in square feet; location of any existing or
    proposed utilities, especially onsite septic system and/or potable water wells showing
    proximity to infiltration facilities, location and dimensions of all proposed stormwater
    facilities and BMPs;
  • Small Project Stormwater Management Worksheet;
  • Signed agreement page for installation, operation and maintenance of stormwater
    facilities and BMPs (Refer to Appendix B); and
  • Conservation District erosion and sediment control "Adequacy" letter as required by
    Municipal, County or State regulations;

B. Determination of Required Control Volume and Sizing Stormwater Facilities and BMPs
By following the simple steps outlined below in the provided example and Small Project
Stormwater Management Worksheet, an applicant can determine the runoff volume that is
required to be controlled and how
to choose the appropriate stormwater facility or BMP to
permanently remove the runoff vo
lume from the site. Impervious area calculations must include
all areas on the lot proposed to be covered by roof area or pavement which would prevent rain
from naturally percolating into the ground, includ
ing proposed impervious surfaces such as
sidewalks, driveways, parking areas, patios or swimming pools. NOTE: Sidewalks, driveways
or patios that are designed and constructed to allow for infiltration (permeable paving
systems) are not included in this calculation.

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