Storm Water
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​​​​​​​Part 12

and any authorized person or agency of the Municipality involved, not less than
fifteen (15) days prior to said hearing.

D. Hearing Procedure.

  1. All testimony may be stenographically recorded and a full and complete
    record be kept of the proceedings. In the event all testimony is no
    stenographically recorded and a full and complete record of the proceedings
    is not provided by the local agency, such testimony shall be stenographically
    recorded and a full and complete record of the proceedings and shall be kept
    at the request of any party agreeing to pay the costs thereof.
  2. The Council shall not be bound by technical rules of the evidence at the
    aforesaid hearing, and all relevant evidence of reasonably probative value may
    be received
    . Reasonable examination and cross-examination shall be

E. Adjudication.

The adjudication of the Council shall be in writing, shall contain findings and the
reasons for the adjudication, and shall be served upon all parties to the Appeal or
their counsel personally, or by mail.

  1. Appeal from Adverse Adjudication.

Pursuant to 2 Pa. C.S.A. Section 751 et seq. any person aggrieved by the
adjudication of Council who has a direct interest in such adjudication shall have the
right to appeal therefrom to the Court vested with jurisdiction of such appeals by
or pursuant to Title 42 (Relating to Judiciary and Judicial Procedure).

ORDAINED AND ENACTED this 4th day of February, 2021.


;.Patricia Betts, Secretary

Bolivar Borough Council

   APPROVED _X_ VETOED ___________ _

~Charles Thomas Pickup   MAYOR   



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Appendix A Stormwater Management Performance Districts (TBD)

Appendix B Example: Operation and Maintenance Agreement [requires municipal solicitor

Appendix C Small Project Stormwater Management Site Plan
Appendix D Storm water Management Plan Checklist
[Appendix E Fees
, Financial Guarantees - TBD by municipality]

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