Storm Water
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​​​​​​​Part 4

to, any of the following conduits and appurtenant features, canals, channels, ditches, streams,
culverts, streets and pumping stations.

Stormwater management facility - a constructed measure for detention, retention, infiltration and
water quality treatment of stormwater runoff.

Stormwater management plan - the plan for managing stormwater runoff rate, volume and water
quality as required by the Stormwater Management Act, 32 P.S
. §680.1 et seq.

Stormwater Management Performance District - an area designated by the Watershed
Stormwater Performance District Map which includes standards for stormwater rate
, volume and
water quality
. Refer to Appendix A.

Subdivision - As defined in The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, Act of July 31, 1968,
P.L. 805, No. 247, as amended.

Swale - a low-lying stretch of land which gathers or carries surface water runoff.

USDA - United States Department of Agriculture.

Watercourse - a channel or conveyance of surface water, such as a run, stream or creek, having
defined bed and banks, whether natural or artificial
, with perennial or intermittent flow.

Waters of the Commonwealth - any and all rivers, streams, creeks, rivulets, impoundments,
ditches, watercourses
, storm sewers, lakes, dammed water, wetlands, ponds, springs, and all other
bodies or channels of conveyance of surface water, or parts thereof, whether natural or artificial,
within or on the boundaries of this Commonwealth.

Watershed - the entire region or area drained by a river or other body of water whether natural or
artificial. A "designated watershed" is an area delineated by the Pennsylvania DEP and approved
by the Environmental Quality Board for which Counties are required to develop watershed
stormwater management plans.

Watershed stormwater management plan - the plan for managing storm water runoff throughout
a designated watershed as required by the Pennsylvania Stormwater Management Act (Act
32 P.S. §680.1 et seq.

Wetland - Areas that are inundated or saturated by surface or groundwater at a frequency and
duration sufficient to support, and that under normal circumstances do support
, a prevalence of
vegetation typically adapted for li
fe in saturated soil conditions, including swamps, marshes, bogs,
and similar areas

ARTICLE III  Stormwater Management Performance Standards.

§30l. Stormwater Management Performance Districts.

For purposes of stormwater management, Bolivar Borough is located in the Conemaugh River and
oyalhanna Creek Watersheds, which includes the Storm water Management Performance
District(s) shown on the map entitled "Westmoreland County Integrated Water Resource Plan
ap", which is hereby adopted as a portion of the Ordinance. For areas not covered by a
stormwater performance district, the release rate shall be 80% of the pre-development peak flow
as set by the municipality. For more information refer to www.westmorelandstormwater.org .

§302. General Requirements.

A. Preparation and implementation of a stormwater management site plan is required for all
egulated activities, unless preparation of a SWM site plan is specifically exempted.

  1. Projects that propose greater than 1 acre of earth disturbance are subject to NPDES
    Permit requirements and will require a Stormwater Management Plan.
  1. No regulated activities, unless exempted, shall commence until the municipality issues
    written approval of an SWM Site Plan, whi
    ch demonstrates compliance with the requirements of
    this O

D. Regulated Development Activities shall be as follows:



New Impervious

Disturbed Area*

Next Steps


Area for New and




Less than 1 acre

Comply with

Exemption section of

this ordinance


Up to 1,000 sffor

Less than 3,000 sf

Comply with No-

urban OR 3,000

urban OR 5,000

Harm section of this

square feet for

square feet for


suburban/rural areas

suburban/rural areas

Waiver /

Less than 1 acre,

Less than 1 acre

Comply with Waiver

Modification /

subject to municipal

/ Modification /





Equivalency section

of this ordinance

Small Proj ect (per

3,000 square feet to

5,000 square feet to

Submit Small

definition), refer to

10,000 square feet

20,000 square feet

Project Site Plan

Appendix C

complete with all



Greater than 10,000

Greater than 20,000

Consult a qualifi ed

Management Plan

square feet if Exempt

square feet


meeting the

and Small Project


criteria are not met,


or if improvements

do not meet No-Harm