Requirement for

Sewage Treatment


Requirement by Commonwealth for a Sewage Treatment Facility

Whereas, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Health, has notified the Borough of Bolivar that the Borough does not conform to the standards of the Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania pertaining to the treatment of sewage, and

Whereas, the said Department of Health has directed the Borough of Bolivar to take immediate steps towards correction of this condition, and

Whereas, the Borough of Bolivar, through its counsel, has contacted L. Robert Kimball, consulting engineers, for the purpose of accomplishing a feasibility study towards the construction of a sanitary sewage treatment for the Borough of Bolivar, and

Whereas, the said L. Robert Kimball, consulting engineers, have prepared an agreement whereby it agrees to prepare the above listed feasibility study within a period of six months,

Now therefore, it is hereby resolved that the Borough of Bolivar should enter into a feasibility study for a sanitary sewage system in the Borough, and the President of Borough Council is hereby authorized to execute the above listed agreement on behalf of the Borough,

In witness whereof, we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 3rd day of September A.D. 1968

The Borough of Bolivar

by James F Bechtold



Erma McCartney


Approved this 3rd day of September 1968

Frank B Gibson

Original on file in Vault Mayor ‚Äč