Ordinance # 014

Authorizing the Paving

of Conemaugh Street


Authorizing and directing the paving, grading, and curbing of Conemaugh Street from the end of Lincoln St to the Fairfield Township line, including the necessary drainage thereof, and providing for the payment of the costs and expenses thereof, in the Borough of Bolivar, Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania

Section I. Be it enacted and ordained by the Town Council f the Borough of Bolivar Westmoreland County Pennsylvania and it is hereby enacted and ordained by the authority of the same, that Conemaugh Street in said Borough, between the end of Lincoln Street and the Fairfield Township line be paved , graded, and curbed and that there be build the necessary sewers, inlets to take care of surface drainage.

Section II. The President of council and the Borough Secretary be authorized to enter into a contract or contract in the name of the Borough for either the whole or any part of the said work or for materials, or labor in connection therewith, with each party or parties, and upon such terms as the Council may determine or agree upon, or if Council by motion so decide, the work or part thereof be done, under the supervision of the Street Committee.

Section III. that B. R. Hebrauk, Borough Engineer be designated as the person in charge of said work with full power to act for the Borough in all things connected with the said work, the advertising therefore and contracts there under.

Section IV. That any trees, pipes, or other materials interfering with the free and full construction of the said work are hereby declared to be nuisances, and may be removed or changed by the party or parties with which the Borough contracts or by the direction of the said engineer.

Section V. That the costs and expenses of said work shall be paid by the Borough of Bolivar and the same is hereby appropriated therefore out of the funds now or thereafter in the Treasury.

Section VI. That all Ordinances or Resolutions or parts thereof inconsistent herewith be and the same are hereby repealed.

Enacted and Ordained this 2nd day of May AD. 1927

S. W. Byers

President of Council


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

Approved this 12th day of May AD 1927

J. E Snyder

Chief Burgess


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

Original Ordinance on file in Ordinance book page 45 & 46