Tax Collection



Tax Collection Committee Appointment

A Resolution of the Borough of Bolivar, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania appointing the Voting Delegate and Alternate Delegates to the Tax Collection Committee (TCC) pursuant to Section 505 (b) of the Local Tax Enabling Act

Whereas, Section 505 (b) of the Local Tax Enabling Act required Boroughs that impose an earned income tax to appoint one voting delegate and one or more alternate delegates to serve as its Tax Collection Committee (TCC) representatives, and

Whereas, this Resolution is enacted pursuant to the Borough Code and the Local Tax Enabling Act as amended by Act 32 of 2008.

Now Therefore, be it resolved and it is hereby resolved that:

1. This Resolution shall be known as the TCC Voting Delegate Appointment Resolution

2. The following individuals are appointed as TCC delegates.

a. Primary Voting Delegate: Jeffrey W. Miller

b. First Alternate Voting Delegate: Betsy Cramer

3. If the primary voting delegate cannot be present for a TCC meeting, the first alternate voting delegate shall be the representative at the TCC meeting.

4. These appointments are effective immediately and shall continue until successors are appointed. All delegates shall serve at the pleasure of this governing body and may be removed at any time at its discretion upon official action.

Resolved and Adopted into law this 3rd day of September 2009

Clark Baird

President of Council


Kelly Lupacchini_

Secretary Original on file in Vault ‚Äč