Ordinance # 098-4

Defecation on Public

and Private Property

Ordinance Defecation on Public and Private Property

No person having possession, custody or control of any domesticated animal shall knowingly or negligently permit any domesticated animal to defecate, upon any gutter, street, driveway, alley, curb or sidewalk in the Borough of Bolivar or upon the floors or stairways of any building or place or frequented by the public or used in common by tenants or upon the outside walls, walkways, driveways, alleys, curbs or stairways or any building abutting on a public street or park upon the grounds of any public park or public area or upon any private property other than the property of the owner of such domesticated animal.

For the purpose of this Section domesticated animals include: cats, dogs, pot belly pigs and ferrets.

Disposal of Feces

Any person having possession, custody or control of any domesticated animal which defecates in any area other than the private property owner of such domesticated animal, as prohibited, shall be required to immediately remove any feces from such surface and either;

a. Carry the same away for disposal in a sanitary sewer system

b. Place the same in a non leaking chemical container causing disintegration. If a chemical container is used, the ultimate disposal must be made in accordance with the Department of Environmental Resources regulations concerning solid waste disposal.


The provisions is hereof shall not apply to a guide dog accompanying any blind person or to a dog used to assist another physically handicapped person. 

Violations and Penalties

Any person, firm or corporation who shall violate any provision of this Article shall, upon conviction thereof be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than three hundred dollars ($300.00) or to be imprisoned for a term not to exceed ninety (90) days.

Ordained and enacted by the Council for the Borough of Bolivar, during a duly advertised and convened meeting, wherein at least a quorum was present and this Ordinance was voted upon and enacted on this 7th day of December 1998.

Rudolph G. Sisitki

Council President

Attest: Approved:

Juliann Huffman


Everett W. Saxton


Original Ordinance on file in Vault