Incident Management


Implementing the National Incident Management system

Whereas, in Homeland Security Directive (HSPD)-5 the President directed the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to develop and administer a National Incident Management System (NIMS), which would provide a consistent nationwide approach for federal, state, local and tribal governments to work together more effectively and efficiently to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size or complexity and,

Whereas, the NIMS provides for interoperability and compatibility among Federal, State, and Local capabilities and includes a core set of concepts, principles, terminology and technologies covering the incident command system, unified command, training, management of resources and reporting, and

Whereas, In a Proclamation dated December 20, 2004 the Governor of Pennsylvania mandates that the National Incident Management System will be utilized for all incident management in the commonwealth and to be effective immediately, and

Whereas, Failure to adopt NIMS as the requisite emergency management system may preclude reimbursement to the political subdivision for costs expended during and after a declared emergency or disaster and for training and preparation for such disasters or emergencies and,

Now therefore, be it resolved that our municipality hereby adopts the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and recommends all public safety agencies, emergency responders, hazardous materials users and transporters, hospitals and school districts situated within the municipality do the same.

Duly adopted at a meeting held on the 7th day of September 2006

Clark Baird

President of Council


Kelly Lupacchini


Original on file in Vault ‚Äč