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paperwork to PA

Rivers Conservation


A Resolution to Submit Application to the Pennsylvania Conservation Corp for Funding for Municipal Improvement Projects

And now, the Borough of Bolivar Council members, after due consideration and discussion, sets forth the following Resolution:

Whereas, The Borough of Bolivar owns Berkey Park and Kelly Field and the municipal building property.

Whereas, said properties are used for recreational and Borough uses

Whereas, it is in the best interests of the Borough and its citizens to file application with Pennsylvania Conservation corps for funding,

1. The Borough of Bolivar Council members shall sign the required documents to apply for the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps funding

2. The Borough of Bolivar Council members shall approve the submission of the Pennsylvania Conservation Corps Project Application.

Therefore, Bolivar Borough, during a duly advertised meeting wherein a quorum was present, did affirm this Resolution by majority vote of the council members,

This Resolution, enacted on the 4th day of December 1995, wherein said Resolution was adopted by majority vote of the council members during a proper meeting of the Council members.

Bolivar of Borough

J. Diane Robinson

President of Council


Cheryl McGinnis


Arthur Sisitki


Original Resolution on file in Vault​