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Bldg from Taxes

A Resolution Exempting Parcels, Map No. 05-01-15-0-006, and 05-01-15-0-001, from Borough Taxes and Granting a Waiver of Borough Taxes Due on Said Properties for Tax Years 1993 and 1994

And now, the Borough of Bolivar Council members, after due consideration and discussion, sets forth the following Resolution:

Whereas, The Borough of Bolivar owns parcels, map no. 05-01-15-0-006 and 05-01-15- 0-001.

Whereas, said properties are used for recreational and Borough uses

Whereas, it is in the best interests of the Borough and its citizens, the Borough of Bolivar Council members:

1. Exempt parcels, map no 05-01-15-0-006 and 05-01-15-0-001, from Borough taxes.

2. Grant a waiver of Borough taxes on parcels, map no 05-01-15-0-006 and 05-01-15-0-001 for tax years 1993 and 1994.

Therefore, Bolivar Borough, during a duly advertised meeting wherein a quorum was present, did affirm this Resolution by majority vote of the council members,

This Resolution, enacted on the 6th day of March 1995, wherein said Resolution was adopted by majority vote of the council members during a proper meeting of the Council members.

Bolivar of Borough

J. Diane Robinson

President of Council


Cheryl McGinnis


Arthur Sisitki


Original Resolution on file in Vault ‚Äč