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Bolivar Sewage

Authority System

An Ordinance Conveying to Bolivar Borough Authority , all Right, title and Interest of Bolivar Borough in its Sewage system.

Whereas, there has been created by the Borough of Bolivar and Authority, known as Bolivar Borough Municipal Sewage Authority , and

Whereas, it is the desire of Borough Council that said Authority or it successors acquire, hold, construct, improve, maintain, and operate the Sewage system of the Borough of Bolivar, and

Whereas to effect these purposes it is desirable that Bolivar Borough convey the existing sewage system to said Authority,

Now therefore, be it resolved that there be executed and delivered to the authority a deed conveying the following.

All Those sewers, sewer lines, interceptors and manholes as indicated on the map of the Borough of Bolivar, hereto attached made a part hereof and marked "Exhibit A." together with all easements, rights, permits, licenses, privileges, here determents, appurtenances, rights of way, whether oral or written, recorded or unrecorded whether arising from prescription or from contract, pertaining to the sanitary sewage system owned by the Borough of Bolivar.

Also the right to lay, maintain, operate, remove and renew a pipe line or lines for the transportation of sewage through and under any property now owned by the Borough of Bolivar, together with the right of said Bolivar Borough Municipal Sewage Authority to enter in, under, and upon the streets of the said Borough for the purpose of maintaining, repairing, renewing or adding to the aforementioned sanitary sewer system and appurtenances and for doing everything for the use and enjoyment of the sanitary sewer system hereby granted.

Also, all the estate, right, title interest property claim and demand whatever the Borough of Bolivar in and to the said sanitary sewer system in law, equity or otherwise , if in and to the same and every part thereof

To have and to hold the said land tenements, here diamantes, sanitary sewer system and all easements, rights, permits, licenses, privileges here diamantes, appurtenances and rights of way appertaining to said sanitary sewer system to the Bolivar Borough Municipal Sewage Authority, Grantee,

And the Borough of Bolivar warrants specially the property hereby conveyed.

Further be it resolved that the President and Secretary of Bolivar Borough Council be authorized to execute and deliver said deed and any and all other instruments necessary to convey the existing system to Bolivar Borough Sewage Authority.

Enacted this 12th day of July 1976

J. Conrad Gamble

Council President


Joan M. Lichtenfels


Approved this 12th day of July A.D. 1976

Edgar R. Dell


Original Ordinance in ordinance book page 207 and 208