Ordinance # 008

Provide a new

Ordinance Book


transcribing as needed


Providing a new Ordinance Book for Bolivar Borough, directing the transcribing therein of the valid Ordinances giving of notice thereof, and authorizing and directing the Borough Secretary to do all acts and things incident thereto,

Whereas, the Ordinance Book of the Borough of Bolivar has become unserviceable and it now becomes necessary to provide a new book into which the valid Ordinances of said Borough shall be transcribed.

Now, therefore be it ordained and enacted and it is hereby ordained and enacted by and with the authority of the Council of the Borough of Bolivar, county of Westmoreland County, and state of Pennsylvania.

Section I. That a new Ordinance book be provided for the said Borough .

Section II. The Secretary of said Borough transcribe into said book all of the valid Ordinances of the said Borough making complete copies thereof including the date of enactment and approved and the names of the officers who signed the same, and after notice given and corrections made, as hereafter provided for certify each Ordinance to be a correct copy of the original.

Section III. That upon the completion of such transcribing the Secretary of the Borough shall publish once a week for four weeks in a newspaper published in said county, there being no newspaper published in said Borough a notice stating that all the valid Ordinances of the Borough have been transcribed into said new Ordinance book, and that it together with the old books and records of the borough Ordinances are open to public inspection for the purpose of verification and correction.

Section VI. Thirty days after the expiration of the date of the notice provided for in Section III here of, and after said Secretary has made all corrections necessary and has certified that said Ordinances have been compared with the Originals and that they are correct copies thereof, the Ordinances so transcribed in said new Ordinance book shall take the place of the Original record and shall become and be the valid and legal Ordinance of said Borough.

Section V. That this Ordinance shall be transcribed in said new Ordinance book immediately following the valid Ordinance of said Borough so transcribed as aforesaid.

Ordained and enacted in Council assembled this third day of November AD 1924

W. M. Robinson

President of Council


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

Examined and Approved this third day of November AD 1924

J. E Snyder

Chief Burgess


J.E. Robertson

Secretary of Council

Original Ordinance on file in Ordinance book page 42