Resolution 1948

Tax settlement   



Be it Resolved, that the Council of Bolivar Borough assembled in Special meeting called for the purpose of acting on a tax settlement of the Borough of Bolivar against the Bolivar Coal Corporation, and believing it to be in the best interest of all the tax payers of Bolivar Borough and to avoid further long drawn out costly legal proceedings agree:

To accept in full payment of all taxes entered or liened against the Bolivar Corporation, 100% of the face of the taxes as shown by the records plus a compromise of the interest and penalties that have accumulated to date.

That the Borough Attorneys W. Topper and C. Carrothers be instructed to meet with the Representatives of the proposed purchasers of Representatives of the holds of the bonds underlying the property of the above Corporation at the earliest possible date and arrange for a settlement strictly along the lines heretofore indicated in this Resolution and that the Attorney's for the Borough be instructed and are hereby authorized to accept on behalf and for the use of the Borough a cast settlement of 100% of the face of the taxes plus compromise of the penalty and interest, the exact amount to be determined by the entries that appear on the records in Greensburg standing against the property of the Bolivar Coal Corporation and in favor of the Borough of Bolivar.

The following members being present and voting "Aye" Grover McKinney, Walter France, John Featherson, Grace DuShane, Lemon Hogan

Dora S Byers

Council President

I, Erma McCartney, Secretary of Council of Bolivar Borough, certify that the above Resolution was presented by Grace DuShane seconded by Lemon Hogan and unanimously adopted. August 9th 1948


Erma McCartney

Secretary ‚Äč