January 6, 2020

Regular Meeting

This Meeting was recorded for Accuracy

Meeting was opened by Mayor, Tom Pickup 6:30 PM

Present: Clark Baird, Ron Betts, Sue Bartow, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Lou McLaughlin, & Mayor Tom Pickup

Absent: Gladine McMaster

Public Attendance None

Newly elected Members, Ron Betts and Sue Bartow were sworn in by Mayor. Jeffery asked if anyone has filed Affidavit of Residency. Pat said she has the forms already completed. Gladine was sworn in by Notary Twania Nixon. All positions were set up thru Mayor. Summary of positions are as follows.

Position of Council President - Ron nominated Clark Baird, Sue 2nd, All in favor motion passed.
Position of Vice President - Ron nominated Sue Bartow, Clark & Lou 2nd, All in favor motion passed.
Position of Street Commissioner - Lou nominated Ron Betts, Clark 2nd, All in favor, motion passed.
Position of Asst.- Street Commissioner - Ron nominated Charlie Boring, Clark, 2nd, All in favor, motion passed.
1 position of Sewage Committee is up. Sue Bartow submitted a letter of interest again. Lou nominated Sue for position, 2nd by Clark, All in favor, motion passed.
Position of Vacancy Board - Lou nominated Jeffery Miller, Ron 2nd, All in favor motion passed.
Position of EMS - Ron nominated BJ Brett, 2nd by Sue Bartow, All in favor Motion passed.
Position of Secretary/Treasurer - Patricia Betts already in position and will continue
Position of Vacancy Board - Jeffery Miller already in position and will continue
Position of Solicitor - Jeffery Miller already in position and will continue
Bank - will continue S & T Bank
Position of Tax Collector Committee and Backup will remain the same, Jessica Betts and Patricia Betts, Clark nominated and Ron 2nd, all in favor motion passed.
Auditor - Singer Accounting from Ligonier - we have a 3 year contract effective Jan 1 2020
Insurance Company will remain FWF Insurance - out of Johnstown
Position of Engineer - will remain open

Meeting is adjourned at 6:40 PM by Mayor and turned over to Clark Baird.

Regular Meeting 

Meeting was opened by Clark Baird, Council President at 7 PM.

Present: Clark Baird, Sue Bartow, Mayor Tom Pickup, Solicitor Jeff Miller, Ron Betts, Lou McLaughlin, Gladine McMaster

Absent: None

Public Attendance: Dan Short, Jessica Betts, Amy Lickenfelt, Melissa Miller

Approval Dec regular meeting minutes. Motion to approve made by Ron 2nd by Clark. All in favor, motion carried.

Approval of Treasurer Report. Sue asked what the Tax Certification payment was. Pat explained what the certification means and fees for it. Motion to approve treasurer report made by Lou 2nd by Clark,All in favor, motion carried.

Solicitors Report. Nothing at this time. Solicitor had to leave.

Un-Paid Per Capita Taxes -Tax Collector, Jess Betts presented a list of 53 people who had not paid their Per Capita tax fee of $5.00 for 2019. She wanted to know what council would like to do with the information. Clark asked what was done last year. Jessica said nothing was done because we did not have a proper Ordinance pertaining to it. The Ordinance now states that a fine may be imposed up to $600 fine plus court cost and attorney fees for not paying the per capita tax. Jess said she sent a copy of Ordinance in March when the Per Capita bill was sent. Pat read the Ordinance to Council. Discussion was made by Council and decision was made to send a warning letter to people along with copy of bill and Ordinance and give until March 1 of this year 2020, afterwards the individuals will be taken to court for unpaid per Capita tax.

Sue at this time requested an executive session: Time is 7:08 PM. Personnel matter. 7:12 PM meeting re - started - no action taken.

Public comment: Boone wanted to know if we would send a Mr. Woods a letter for parking on the wrong side of street. Mr. Woods bought the garage on Washington Street to convert to a home for his dad. Gladine wanted to know if the street was posted as no parking. Address is next to Hollick property.
Pat to write a letter informing him of the no parking per council.

Amy - no comment on anything. She just came to get a paper from Secretary that she requested.

Melissa - has not comment.

Old Business
Update on cell phone service: Pat emailed Tillson Corp for an update. Received notice that they sent 3 emails to AT & T and was informed they were looking into the location of the existing tower position and will advise if good or not.

Update on drain issue at 2nd & McKinley St. New price from Hughes Excavating. Pat said council approved the old price of $3737.00 and now because of the larger pipe it will cost $5600. Lou said we have to do something because of the water bubbling up from the drain and running down the street. Clark motion to accept the new estimate of $5600. The pipe price is
not included in the cost. The pipe alone is an additional $1075. Gladine 2nd, Sue opposed, motion passed.

Update on Amendment to Street Opening Ordinance of 2018. Lou has the plan but left it at his brother’s house. He will bring later.

Update on ATM machine. Pat said the footer has been put in. Somerset would like to meet us in the morning at 9 AM to go over the rest of the landscaping and where we want other things moved to. They have also contacted Bill Hughes to set the machine since it will be cheaper for him to bring his machine.

Update on 2019 CDBG Funding. Have two bills from McCormick Taylor - first bill is for $2500 for filing the 2020 CDBG grant, the 2nd is the 2019 CDBG grant, we are now at 50% paid for. The invoice total this time is $1,111.77. They have submitted paperwork to County for wording on the bid notice. They
to present us in February for bid openings in March and starting of project in April or May depending on weather. The money has been release by HUD finally. Gladine being new Council member was explained what a CDBG Grant fund is and how it is being used. Pat said we also have an invoice from CME engineering for storm water project. Their cost this month is $4,036.01 for all the filing fees that have completed.

Update on EMS backup service. Tom said they decided to let the ambulance companies themselves to divide the service, plus there is no back up service.

Update on Stump Farm Harvesting: Pat said we got our first check from the harvesting company of $24,000. Will receive another $24,000 1st of February, 1st of April and 1st of June when half way done. Pat also set up separate sub -account for lumber money.

Update on dirt and gravel project. Pat said Mr. Crounour inspected the site last week and said "looks good". Said Chelsa would be reviewing the close out report and issuing the last half of check within a couple weeks.
Sue wanted to know if we were able to do any other dirt and gravel project. Pat said will have to wait until next year and resubmit one of the other two jobs. Tom mentioned about the area by Nathan Howe's house. Pat said that does not meet the requirements for Dirt and Gravel. The water comes from the natural spring at the mines but not meeting the requirements for this particular grant.

No other old business at this time.

New Business: Next meeting will be held February 6th ad 7 PM

2018 Edition of the Borough Code is available for $12.00. If anyone interested in purchasing please see Pat and give $12.00 for your book.

PSAB flyer informing bidding thresholds have increased. Effective Jan 1 2020: purchases and contracts below $11,300 require no formal bidding or written/telephonic quote. Contracts between $11,300 and $21,000 require three written/telephonic quotes, and purchases and contract over $21,000 require formal bidding.

CD rates: We have 3 cd's that have matured. Pat wanted to know what council wanted to do with all the CD’s?  S & T bank rates are 24 months @ 1.73%. Current rates are .44 % If nothing is done will drop to .44%
Somerset Trust has 12 month special - minimum $5,000 1.75%. 
Motion to go with Somerset Trust made by Sue 2nd by Lou, all in favor to go with Somerset Trust and combine 2 of our CD's to make $5,000, make a 2nd CD for $5,000. Sue and Pat to close CD's in the morning. Sue brought up the proposal of taking $5000 from the logging fund and getting another CD. Gladine 2nd the motion, Ron opposed. Motion passed.

Transfer to payroll $12,000 from the approved $33780 needed for year.
Motion made by Lou 2nd by Clark, all in favor motion passed.

Transfer to parks $2500 per Ordinance. Motion to approve by Gladine, 2nd by Ron all in favor motion passed.

Approval of wage increase for Boro worker from $11 to $12 per hour and Secretary/Treasurer from $400 to $450 per pay period. Motion to approve made by Clark, 2nd by Lou all in favor, motion passed.

Transfer funds to engineer account: Motion to approve transfer of $8,604.62 made by Sue, 2nd by Lou all in favor, motion passed.

Municipal lien against 738 Lincoln and 547 Market St. Jeffery to send out notice and give 30 days before we place a lien against the property for work that was done by Boro worker per Ordinance.

Resolution proposal for Reimagining Westmoreland County - Pat said a Resolution is requested by county for us to be able to apply for grants for parks, or streets we need to have a Resolution for this.  Pat read the Resolution proposal to Council for approval. Lou wanted to know what the cost will be. Pat said no cost since the Resolution was pre-done by County. Motion made by Lou, 2nd by Clark to sign Resolution. All in favor, motion passed.

Singer Accounting - our town auditor's documents need to be signed for audit this upcoming Monday.  Cost is $3300 this year for audit.

Peoples Gas letter wanted to know what projects we were doing this year so they can work around their repairs to gas lines. They also need a copy of the Ordinance for resurfacing.

No other business.

Sewage Report: Ron said meeting is on Wednesday

Mayor report: Nothing to report other than Mayor to attend the Fireman's Banquet this upcoming week.

Street Commissioner Report. Ron reported 109.4 miles and 78 gallons gas used on truck. Tires needed for skid steer $356.40 cost of two tires. Sue motion to get 2 tires for skid steer, Low 2nd all in favor motion passed.

Need heater for Skid steer and propane tank for skid steer to get it started. Cost is $150 at Tractor Supply.  Clark motion to approve $150 Gladine 2nd, all in favor motion passed.
Ron also said that most of us did not know about a ditch being cut along the street by Nathan Howe's place. Charlie and Greg did this. Ron said need #3 gravel for up there. Approx 60 feet long and 3 inches deep. Pat said the cost comes from General Fund. This is not repairs for the street, so cannot use Liquid Fuel Fund. Ron to check at Harper and Derry Stone and Lime for cost. Whichever way is cheaper, either use the Boro truck or have gravel delivered if not too expensive. Sue made motion to approve up to $500, 2nd by Lou, all in favor motion passed.

Parks & Rec. - Pat said Santa project was just completed, had sleigh ride, Santa, and hot chocolate. We are working on upcoming events for this year. Melissa working on grant for playground. Pat applied for Grant through Westmoreland County for the electric upgrades at both parks. Upper park is $9300 and lower park is $9400. This includes lights, and cameras for lower park area.

Our new fund raiser is the Home Town Hero program for town, and also sending out sponsorship letters for businesses to defray cost of concerts and movies for this upcoming year. Pat to check with Banner Company to see if they could put  several photos on a flag and / or what if no photo can be found.

No other business to discuss, motion to adjourn made by Ron, Clark 2nd, all in favor motion passed to close out meeting at 8:05 PM


Patricia Betts