Mace Springs

Water Company

Resolution - 1953

Whereas, A special meeting was held in Council room at 7 PM on March 18 1953.
Members present were: Lemon Hogan, Peter Bonavero, Ugo Degano, Don Henderson, Frank Henderson presiding, Robert Love and James Bernabo.

Whereas, Mr. Henderson read resolution authorizing Solicitor, Gene MacDonald, to go ahead and arrange for making preliminary survey of physical assets of the Mace Springs Water Company and West Bolivar Water Company to combine both together as one.

Be it Resolved by the Borough of Bolivar in Council members voted in answer to roll call as follows:

Don Henderson - Yes
Robert Love - Yes
Ugo Degano - Yes
LemonHogan - Yes
James Bernabo - Yes
Peter Bonavero - Yes
Frank Henderson - Yes

Resolved in Council the 18 day of March A.D. 1953

Frank Henderson
Council President

Erma McCartney


J. E. Snyder

Original located in Vault